Rebooting My Book Project

Making My Story A Reality

After a day of feeling a degree of overwhelm, I realised I need to do some fresh prioritising or this book would never be finished

In stepped my beach coach, Des. We were walking on the beach and I was sharing my current lack of progress. Des came up with the plan for me to be accountable on a weekly basis.

There is part of me that doubts  the value of my journey for others. Des reminded me:

You overcame this, if you hadn’t had that positive attitude and total belief that you were going to be healed, it might have overcome you. I said I might still be on dialysis. Des said I might not be here 🙂

That was my wake up moment. I so often forget the seriousness of the kidney failure I had. It takes Des and my freinds to remind me. I often think that what I did was no big thing!

It was very quickly clear to me that completing and publishing my book, Lucky to Be Alive: How I used the Power of Self Love to Safe my Life, had to be high on my list of priorities.

Maybe even the top priority.

I realise that regular readers of this blog might think, “Haven’t we read this before?”, and while I can’t think of a specific blog post to that effect, the reaction would be understandable.

But now I’m putting it out there that this time my commitment is quite serious.

I’m reviewing my plan for completing the writing and scheduling the editing, publication, and marketing elements of the plan.

Being accountable

I’m taking some steps to hold myself accountable to get this done.

One of those steps is to post a weekly update on progress with the book, and I’ll do that even if in my own mind, or in fact, I haven’t made great progress in a specific week.

One idea I am playing with is that in those weekly posts I want to include some excerpts from the book as I’m writing. I’m not sure if that will work, but I want to try it.

Being supported


So many people have asked me when the book will be available and some of my friends have urged me to just get on with it! I’m very clear that I will soon be able to share with them and the world a realistic timeframe for that.

What would help would be for you, dear reader, and other readers of this blog, to share your comments and any questions or ideas, as I post my weekly updates.

If you want to be part of the journey and get the weekly updates Plus opportunity to get a review copy join in here: ( you will only get updates  from me about the book, unless you are on my Heart Whisper Ezine list.)

Give Me Advance Notice for Lucky to be Alive + Opportunity for a review copy

What’s the burning question you have for me? 

I look forward to reading your comments .

All my love

 Live with love, smile often and be forever grateful
Please Share this article on your favorite social networks and with your community. This can help others heal and transform their lives. Thank you!”♥♥

Give Me Advance Notice for Lucky to be Alive + Opportunity for a review copy


36 thoughts on “Rebooting My Book Project”

  1. Beautiful and important blog Suzie. I had no idea that you had such a serious health crisis and I love that you are being encouraging and supportive in your process of finishing your book. I love your wisdom, “The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” That is my growing edge for sure. I look forward to witnessing your journey unfold! Thank you!

  2. Suzie,

    I also am struggling with getting started and making any real progress on a book. While I don’t believe I’ll post weekly updates :), your post has inspired me. I also saw anther article which said to give yourself a daily quoata of words to write – 100? 200? – then, it doesn’t seem so daunting. I like that idea also.

  3. Hi Suzie…great news. Your story could be exactly what someone needs to hear about. Funnily enough I too am writing about healing myself, for that very reason…it could support someone else dealing with the same thing. I’ve already got my book cover done and it’s a great motivator…love the look of yours. Wrap that cover around a book and shine your sweet light on the world. Can’t wait. 🙂

  4. Suzie, writing and publishing a book is like getting pregnant and then giving birth. First comes the fun part-getting pregnant with the book idea, then comes the growth process of writing the book and watching the number of pages and parts grow, followed by the painful part that is a mixture of joy, blood, sweat and tears, the birth of the book. Sometimes we must rest between pushes to regain our strength and see if there is something else we can do to “get it out” easier. LOL! Keep pushing between rests. Stay focused on the end result- the joy of a new book (baby). You will get there. I love the idea of the accountability.

  5. Boy, do I hear you! I’m working on more than one book right now and need to settle down and focus. I was inspired from reading, “How to Blog a Book.” I plan to use several of my blogs in the book with some changes and then add more pertinent chapters that haven’t been published yet. If I ever finish it, I’ll let you know how it goes. But girl, continue on your journey, set yourself small goals along the way, and you’ll finish that book. I wish you much success!

  6. I agree you need to get on with it Suzie because your story will help people! Now, here’s my two cents on posting updates … I know there are people who make a good living out of coaching writers to blog their books, personally, I believe it’s a distraction.

    When you add posting excerpts to the writing process you start focusing on editing as you go and that is like trying to move forward with a ball and chain connected to your ankle. The worst part is that has the potential to block your creativity. Say you publish half a dozen excerpts and looking back over them you see things you want to change or parts you want to take in a new direction, but it’s out there now, what do you do? Do you go back and rewrite the excerpt or keep explaining to your readers it’s a work in progress?

    I’m not trying to be a debbie-downer, but this is something I’ve thought a lot about because I’m working on a rewrite for my original book for the 5th anniversary. The process always takes longer than you think it will, but in my humble opinion, the only way to finish it is to commit to writing every single day, no excuses.
    Marquita Herald recently posted…Understanding Our Need For ControlMy Profile

    1. Thanks Marty, my plan is to write every day, I like your no excuses as that is what i have ben making and why it stalled. Not planning to blog the whole book just provide tasters and maybe some pictures as i find the ones i will have in the book. I get the ball and chain concept. Thanks I appreciate you input xxx
      Suzie Cheel recently posted…Do You Find it Easy To Receive Love?My Profile

  7. Just love that you are holding yourself accountable like this and sharing each step of the journey with us. Can’t wait to read your story lovely. It needs telling. People need to read it. Your book will have its own healing properties. The world is ready. GO YOU!!!! <3 x

  8. Suzie you are a amazing spirit.You help so many and your art is so touching in many ways. If you will listen to Joanna Garzilli Big Miracles
    I was inspired to share. Along with you and Joanna have come to me on my journey. Wow what a self caring trip. I’m a better person in so many ways Im learning who and what I am. The youtube is a little long but worth the time you’ll invest.Namaste

  9. Write your book. I imagine seeing it on the shelf at Barnes and Nobles. I hold this in my mind’s eye for you.

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