Abundance Defined……


This week I have been focusing on abundance so I thought today I would look at the word Abundance.

There are many definitions and the word can be used in many ways.
The wiktionary: defines abundance as: noun
An overflowing fullness; ample sufficiency; great plenty; profusion; copious superfluity; wealth: A lack of scarcity.

And from one of my favorite references Roget’s Thesaurus the words:
SYNONYMS:” Affluence. Ampleness, bounty, copiousness, fortune, opulence, plentitude, plenty, profusion, prosperity, prosperousness, riches, wealth.”
ANTONYMS: dearth, scarcity, scarceness, paucity.

The words themselves conjure for me a variety of different images and feelings:

What does abundance mean for you?

Have a deliciously abundant day

Suzie……….. videos will return tomorrow, slight technical glitch today- sound not recording

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10 Responses

  1. Hi Ellie,
    love your take on abundance, yes abundance is have a worldwide network of like minded friends , I give thanks for that every day
    the challenge I am enjoying so I am in the flow

  2. I love it, more than enough is a great meaning and how true is that when we restrict ourselves the energy stops flowing. Thanks for dropping in and sharing your wisdom,

  3. Hi Terri,
    Interesting you use prosperity, I have a domain properity Train, which I no longer use, Abundance as you say is about the richness, the wealth of all that we have in all areas of our lives, thanks for the feedback I appreciate you

  4. I love your comment Guillemette, so true about feeling love in your heart making you feel abundant and I feel blessed to have met you too. You give my life abundance.:)

  5. Hi Suzie,

    Great question! I always think of abundance as “more than enough” — of whatever. The idea that there are reserves of something I want (or value) gives me such a sense of expansiveness. I measure my sense of abundance by how much joy I feel — and whether or not I am breathing deeply and aware of what's around me.

    If I'm not, I notice where the “restricting” energies are coming from — and do something about them.

    But then, that's just me. Not sure it works that way for everyone.


  6. Another post right up my alley, Suzie (ooh that rhymes) – I just talked about abundance yesterday in my teleseminar – however since i'm pretty abundant myself and i really do believe in the power of the word, I just use prosperity – a word that's mistreated and abused frequently – prosperity is wealth in every area of your life – or abundance in every area of your life – neither abundance or prosperity solely mean money – we must remember that – keep spreading the word, girl! Great job.

  7. Hi Suzie….
    Love the new blog! Abundance for me is the knowing that all is well not matter what things look like. Abundance also is having friends across the world! πŸ˜‰
    Congratulations on your 30 day challenge!
    Big Hugs

  8. dear Suzie, I feel really abundant when I feel love in my heart. and the love bring me joy!thank you Suzie for your nice posts which allows me to keep connected to my true self ;-)I feel abundant to have you in my life πŸ˜‰

  9. Well abundance for me means a wealth of memories, love and spritual peace. Thanks for making me think before I retire for the evening. Great stuff.
    Hey, could be a great anthology
    awesome picture also, wow

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