Some days I find it easy to be positive. 

I wake up full of gratitude, I meditate, draw an oracle card, write in my journal and all’s well. I have planned my day the night before and I am full of smiles. The world looks bright, my vibes are high and the day goes well.

I know my friends and others see me as a very positive person. 

That’s some days.

There are other days when I start out feeling overwhelmed with everything I have to do, worried about one thing or another, and feel like just going back to bed and pulling the covers over.

Or the day starts well and then goes pear-shaped.

Even for very positive people, life is rarely smooth all the way, all the time.

As the old song made famous by the divine Ella Fitzgerald goes, “into each life some rain must fall”.  

How can we be expected to stay positive at times like that?

I believe we have a choice, to either let the trials and setbacks get us down and keep us down, or to deal with them consciously and deliberately so we keep them in perspective.

Remembering that, as Ella Fitzgerald sings in that song, “some day the sun’s gonna shine”.

The trick is to stay positive till that day when the sun shines.

But before we can stay positive, we have to get positive.

As Tony Robbins says, we have to change our state. He also says we can do that, if we want to, “in a heartbeat”.

We need to decide that telling ourselves we are too sad, too worried, too overwhelmed to change straight away is not an option.

Let’s make being positive, and grateful, and happy, our natural state.

So what can we do to raise our vibes  and stay positive through the tough times?

And what’s this about being able to do that in a heartbeat?

Here is a simple, 5 step process.

Step 1: Say aloud (maybe not so loud if you are in a public place!)  I know I have the power to change my state now: in the face of all my challenges I choose to be positive.

Step 2: Ask yourself “What don’t I want in my life right now?” and list the things you don’t’ want (for example, financial stress, unhappy relationship, illness…).

Step 3: Ask yourself “So What DO I want?” and alongside each thing you don’t like,  list what you do want (for example, financial freedom, happy relationship, abundant good health…).

Step 4: Focus on the list of what you do want (Step 3), decide that’s where you want your attention to be, and press your Reset button.


Step 5: Then do or plan something you know will keep your positive vibes up – call a cheerful friend, treat yourself to a long bath, write in your journal about all the things you are grateful for in your life.

And whenever you feel your positive vibes are dropping and you are heading into negative vibe territory, reach for that Reset button and change your state – in a heartbeat!

In the Focus on Abundance Free 5 Day Challenge I will be expanding on what I have shared here and going to more detail about how to create and maintain positive vibe.

Then how you use that to create more abundance.

So come and Join us

focua on abundance


All my love

suzie-cheelLive with love, smile often and be forever grateful
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32 Responses

  1. Hi, Suzie

    You are right indeed. Nobody can stay positive all the time.
    I believe that we have a choice. We choose positive whenever the negative thought touch us. In addition, we can also “let the uncomfortable thought or emotion go” i.e. just drop it and set them free.

    Can’t wait for your challenge to begin.

    Stella Chiu.

    1. Stella love reading that you agree we have a choice- not everyone does . yes just drop it and set them free. Thank you looking forward to sharing the challenge with you xx

  2. Aargh, your system ate my comment, I hate that!

    I added a url to the song that your words “pear-shaped” brought to mind. Sadly I can’t share that. I can tell you it’s “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” sung by Marilyn Monroe.

    Much has been coming my way that you could call pear-shaped. And I’ve been taking my fear and uncertainty out on others — especially my housemate. I’ve surrendered and am adding graciousness and generosity to my active practices, along with self-care, tai chi, meditation, and gratitude. On good day, rainy days, and unbelievably upended pear-shaped days.

    1. Sue I am sorry my blog is eating your comments I will look at my settings thanks for sharing the songs- I did go and listen 🙂 You have me smiling as i read you comment. I love you have surrendered, all you active practices will be uplifting. If you like me with your challenge I can understand some pear shapes coming in- my eye went pear shaped n Friday, not a good look when i am going live each day- i am still smiling though and it will all work out for the highest good of all XX:)

  3. Gratitude has gotten me through some pretty suck stuff over the years. Having reset buttons are super important. For me its doing things I love like going for a walk, reading my devotional, just making a cup of coffee or sitting down to color with my kids (yes I am 43 and still love to color). Great post lady!

  4. I normally find it easy to stay positive, Suzie, yet I do have those days. 🙂 I love your 5 step approach. Normally I do a self pep-talk and play with Miss Coco. Mercifully things work out.

  5. Great reminder Suzie of what we focus on is what we get ~ so raise our vibes and focus on what we do want, not what we don’t. This year has really challenged me in this way and I’m so grateful to have you in my life, supporting me in keeping my vibrations high. Big hugs xx

  6. Funny, I just experienced a dip in my positive meter after reading the morning news. I rarely have a problem staying positive about myself or my own circumstances even when I have challenges to deal with. On the other hand, I do occasionally fall into a brief funk when I see someone else suffering or being treated unfairly and it seems there’s more than enough of that to go around these days. Thanks for the uplifting message Suzie!

    1. Love that this was uplifting for you Marty and was timely- I understand about the news- rarely read the papers, and tend to switch off the negative stories and I do know what you mean about that state of things today- I believe that maybe it is in these times we must be even more focused on being positive xx

  7. A very practical approach. One way I work with emotional states is to simply be aware of them, rather than reject them. They’re impermanent and through awareness they tend to soften and disappear.

    1. Hi Sandra, hope you are having a great holiday/retreat time. I like your way to and we all have different ways that work for us- releasing is the main thing to move the vibes back into a positive state xx

  8. I love the saying Wayne Dyer used to share: “Even in nature, no storm lasts forever.” As long as I remember that, and that whatever it is will pass as it always does, I can stay grounded and positive.

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