How to Open The Pathway To Abundance With Passion

The Energies of December The Heart Whisper Card Reading for December was for me both powerful and in so in sync with  my Focus on Abundance challenge that starts this week.  Here is the reading on the cards and the energy as I felt the energies, Here is a meditation for you to help anchor in the energies […]

How to Stay Positive When Your Life Is Going Pear Shaped


Some days I find it easy to be positive.  I wake up full of gratitude, I meditate, draw an oracle card, write in my journal and all’s well. I have planned my day the night before and I am full of smiles. The world looks bright, my vibes are high and the day goes well. I […]

How To Really Focus on Abundance for 2017


Let’s Make 2017 Your Most Abundant Year Yet! Here we are coming up to the end of another year and the beginning of a new one. Thinking about that a couple of weeks ago I realised I wanted to do everything I could to make 2017 truly a year of abundance, especially for my business. […]