Do You Say Yes To Your Miraculous You?

Don't not no zapper

Or Do You Sometimes SAY NO? “Keep Charging Ahead and don’t take NO for an answer. Expect miraculous solutions to appear.” When I drew this card from Doreen Virtue’e Healing With The Angels Oracle cards and meditated on the message. The following words tumbled onto the pages of my journal. “Have you been saying no to […]

Suzie’s Healing Journey

Be in The Flow

Attract Healing  Using The Power of Positive Thinking and Law of Attraction. Yesterday I drew the In the flow card and decided to come out of hiding and start to shine my light back on the world. I had made this video last week but held off from uploading it thinking I would redo it. […]

Are You in The Flow? The Love Of Allowing

Love of allowing

Being in Synch Some days do you feel like the Universe is in sync with your passion, your dreams and  your desires. Today was one of those days. Today I woke up with the vision of a mind map for my Passion Plan. I then meditated and received messages  that reinforced my vision. i then […]