Being in Synch

Love of allowingSome days do you feel like the Universe is in sync with your passion, your dreams and  your desires. Today was one of those days.

Today I woke up with the vision of a mind map for my Passion Plan. I then meditated and received messages  that reinforced my vision. i then drew 3 cards from 3 separate decks and recorded these in my journal. This is a regular morning ritual for me. After I draw the cards I record in my journal and then write – this flows from the cards.

The first card I drew today was Astara; The message on the card read:”You deserve the best! Reach for the stars with your dreams and desires, and don’t compromise” from Doreen Virtue’s 1561709069

The second card was Bravado: “the message for this is about rebellion, liberation, courage and resistance- standing up for yourself and what’s important to you” from Sonia Choquette’s 140190324X oracle cards.
The third card Entrepreneur; with the message: Working for yourself allows you to follow your intuition and divine guidance.  Fully commit to succeed. let go of any self doubt,  from Doreen Virtue’s1401907725
Then I wrote ( my pen did this- like channeling)  in my journal: Yes it is time to stop settling, you are powerful, your message is powerful and it is time to step up and live your vision. As you allow the love and trust your intuition, living from your heart with joyful intention your life will be full of love, abundance and wealth. You roller coaster ride is on the rise upwards, reach for the stars, live with love, live from the heart and see yourself succeeding. We love you.” It was interesting as this was the last page in an Angel Journal I started 8 months ago and have written in almost every day. Today was the day I had decided to move forward with my Passion Plan and step outside my comfort zone.

I then opened my email message from Dyan from Voice of The Angels: Sometimes, we just need to jump in and do or say what we need to do or say. Today’s energy points to the fact that we cannot avoid the inevitable and no amount of procrastinating is going to stop the inevitable from happening. So clearly state your intention. Clarify your plans. Say your truth even if it’s just to yourself. Write a letter and rip it up if you must. But say or do what is presented to you to say or do. Putting it off is really what the inevitable is, not the thing that you think is inevitable. Make sense? If not, that’s part of my point. It’s a confusing day and you’re best off by being true to yourself.

I love days when I know I am in the flow.

The Love of Allowing or Allow the Love?

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4 Responses

  1. My mind always say that no matter how hard the problem that will come in your way go with the flow don't let these problems bring you down. I love myself for that spirit LOL!!!

  2. I believe in unfolding…most days the Universe and I are in sync..the days we are not it's because I've decided to let my *self* have a say in my direction, or I clearly know the way yet take an easier not quite right path…All of the other days..definitely in sync..make life most *magical* indeed!

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