Or Do You Sometimes SAY NO?
“Keep Charging Ahead and don’t take NO for an answer. Expect miraculous solutions to appear.”

When I drew this card from Doreen Virtue’e Healing With The Angels Oracle cards and meditated on the message. The following words tumbled onto the pages of my journal.

“Have you been saying no to you recently? Have you been resisting the light and love that is within you and holding yourself back from the world?”  My guide Lily was asking.

The following words:

♡    Don’t………..

♡   Not  yet

♡   No way can I…....

♡    I am not ready

♡   What if…… I…… they…….

♡    Will I, Can I…….

I immediately hear the question my Law of Attraction mentor Michael Losier asks :So what do you want?” I knew that even though I thought I was watching the words I use , seems my subconscious had not got the message. I bit of zapping needed here 🙂

Don't not no zapper

I then asked myself what had brought this thinking that then brings in negative vibes- It’s positive vibes I have been attracting or so I thought 🙁

I decided to read the more detailed words from the booklet that comes with the oracle cards:

” You are on the right path! Although it might seem to take a lot of time and effort, keep up the good work. You are definitely making progress toward your intended outcome. Sometimes flexibility is is called for when you are working towards an aim. But, in this instance, you need to stay firm in your conviction. Compromise will only water down the Divine plan that you’re manifesting.

Resist the urge to bend, or to please others. In the end these individuals will be pleased by the outcome. You are following a Divine course, and others may not be privy to the same vision that you are following. Do you best to explain this to others that are involved, but don’t feel the need to defend your actions. Look at my picture. I am coming our of the darkness and into the light. So are you! You know what you are doing. and we in heaven are here to back you up fully!”

So how did this relate to me and my current state of being? The words “but don’t feel the need to defend your actions”  stood out!. Last week I decided to pull out of a challenge I had entered and have delayed in letting the person who invited me to join and the person running it that this wasn’t a match for me .

The light bulb came on! I was thinking about them and how they might feel, react etc. Wow some of that self- doubt had sneaked it’s way back in and I had allowed the FUD factor back into my life. Now Fear, Doubt and Uncertainty are not friends of success or helpful when It is time to step up into your own light.

It is time to step back and do some reflection and  go inside, listen and TRUST!

What do you do when the FUD factor comes to visit?

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Be Love, Namaste


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25 Responses

  1. Hi Susie, love the title of this post and I definitely want to say yes to my miraculous me and I will expect miraculous solution is to appear. No FUD for me!

  2. FUD hits me sometimes. I really have to correct my thoughts when these negative ones come. Thanks for a great post Suzie!

  3. This is the second blog post I’ve read in about fifteen minutes that has to do with being afraid/reluctant/hesitant to say no … interesting.

    I loved the message on the card. It rang true in several ways and a particular instance came to mind. I really hadn’t noticed the self-diminishing that was underlying it.

    I think I need to get those cards …

    Bliss-ings and thanks for the insight, ms Suzie
    the goddess known as Jacqui

    1. hi Jacqui,
      Welcome back- there must be something in the planets ?
      Messages from Your Angels was the second set of cards I bought and so often i go back to them and recently I started to reread the book.
      my pleasure

  4. Great post Suzie. When FUD threaten to cloud my day, I reassure myself that I am on the right path for the things I do fulfill me and feel good. I let it pass and know the good vibes come back stronger as I continue to see results in my community and in my own life.

    1. Thanks for your praise Nathalie- glad you liked it and thanks for sharing. Like how you deal with FUD- yes when we look forward and acknowledge ourselves for the good we are doing that creates a shift- I have a daily accountability log that I share in my mentoring group and that is helping too.

  5. Hi Suzie,

    Woah, such a beautiful message and affirmation! (And I love the way you presented it with the pictures and colors) 🙂


  6. Like attracts like.
    Don’t feel the need to defend your actions.”
    I experienced this in two very powerful ways in the last two days.
    I like the feeling of being so sure, so in love with myself, that I don’t need to explain my moves.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Geri,
      That is wonderful that you have moved into those feelings of love that you are one with you and the confidence that comes with that
      Thanks for sharing you

  7. FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) are always knocking at my door. I used to let them in freely. I now can feel them coming and snipe them before they get to the door.

  8. I have had my share of that FUD (great acronym!) but I’m so happy that right now I’m in the flow that comes when we move past it. I was feeling very stuck for a long time but just recently had some breakthroughs. That’s the way it is – we move ahead, retreat, struggle, find our way, and repeat it all over and over! I always have a store of self-doubt that can rear up, but once I trust myself, I move past it.

    1. Hi judy,
      Love that you are in the flow- and it is wonderful when thr breakthroughs come, it builds confidence and self worth as well as a knowing that we are maybe following our true north.

  9. Great post Suzie,
    I think you have hit the button for many, and like a reader above it was around what I was toying with for a blog post.

    And I to think I am watching my language patterns…how those old deeply embedded ones pop up when you least expect them.

    I find daily work helps to keep me in a better place to handle the FUD’s…a work in progress.

    Cheers Di xx

    1. Hi Di,
      Welcome, Yes as you say it is daily work that creates the positive vibes that help us in so many ways. We are continually a work in progress

  10. Awesome post Suzie! And so right on time. I’ve been going through something similar. Not so much in defending myself, but I set my intentions based on some business goals, yet my subconscious mind was canceling out anything my conscious self believed. Just earlier today I was looking into some techniques to handle that.

    Looking forward to reading more from you 🙂

    1. Hi Apple
      Great that this was timely for you. I know that feeling where the inner and the outer do not match.
      You might have inspired a new blog post- thanks

  11. Oh Suzie, I almost fell off my chair when I read about FUD…love that concept. And I know what you mean about it sneaking up on you. There are days, dear friend, there are days….’nuff said. 🙂

  12. Interestingly enough,your post kinda of goes along with my train of thought behind my post for today even though my words didn’t come out as well as yours (or even in that same type of language.) I have been letting the “FUD” syndrome stand in my way for to long.

    Back when I wrote about my thoughts and feelings, I actually had a strong following. I decided it is worth it for me to come out of my crab shell and risk getting hurt. I am glad we’re on this challenge together. Maybe we can keep each other from being bothered or held back by the “FUD” issue.

  13. A great post. I need to watch the thoughts I have. I’m all too familiar with the negative version of words!

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