Goals Or Dreams? One or Both?

Goals-or dreams

ARE DARING TO DREAM? What is your  goal or dream? These were the words I wrote at the top of my journal page this morning. I crossed out the words goal or! I have decided to substitute the word DREAM for GOAL I have connotations to the word goal and too often I fear failure in […]

One Word For 2013: Did You Choose From Your Head Or Your Heart?


Are You Satisfied You Choose The Right Word For You? If so great! Or you maybe like me and have had second thoughts already. My word for 2013 was to be FOCUS and yes you can see it sitting up in the top right-hand corner of the card I made for the New Year.  I […]

Does a Deadline Excite You or Almost Make You Cry?


Do You Like  A Deadline? Deadlines are boundaries that help us to adjust and monitor our motivation. Des and I were talking about this on one of our beach walks recently. I am not partial to goals and Des reminded me how I respond to a deadline. When I had my textile art business, I […]