What is your  goal or dream?

These were the words I wrote at the top of my journal page this morning. I crossed out the words goal or!

I have decided to substitute the word DREAM for GOAL I have connotations to the word goal and too often I fear failure in relation to goals. Too many unachieved goals

A dream gives me hope and fills my  heart with smiles, allowing my Inner child to play.

So what is your true dream right now in this very moment?

This is mine:

To be financially free. Then I know that I will be fully loving me and sharing my message with the world and changing lives by spreading love each day.

Awakening you and whoever is listening and reading, to the power of love to heal and add color in so many areas. Creating ripples of love  every day through sharing my message:

Through my art, #lovestreams on Facebook, (read livestreams), my books, blog posts, my oracle cards, readings, daily love bombs, daily love whispers and more.

What is your take on dreams and goals ?

What works for you? 

Open your heart to LOVE: DARE to DREAM again!

all my love

Suzie xxx 

Need clarity on your dreams



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9 Responses

  1. Dear Suzi,
    I have a student who has been with me for 22 years. She has spinal fractures after kidney problems, very similar to you. Her name is Jacqueline. Would you please help her by sharing the program and tips I gave her with her?
    Donovan More

  2. When I had to stop and think about it, it’s “dreams” when I was younger and “goals” as I got older.Once, I accomplished the career goals, it was back to dreaming about the future. Now, it’s goals about building an online business. So, I guess it’s an alternative function for me.

  3. Your blog made me really think Suzi. I am both goal and dream oriented but then wondered, which came first, the goals or the dreams.; the chicken or the egg- and came to the conclusion that my goals come from my dreams. If I can’t dream it I find it very difficult to accomplish it. Thanks for a great blog!

    1. Love your comment Kathleen, yes if you can’t dream it, can you achieve it, do I really want it was just arose for me. thank you for adding to the conversation and you praise xxx:)

  4. Loved reading your perspective on dreams and goals, Suzie. I’m more of a hands on active person and get my work done through the mechanism of goals but when it comes to achieving something outside of my immediate present or near future, I find dream is a better word because it allows my creative self to emerge and then the goals come in to manifest the dream.

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