One Word For 2013: Did You Choose From Your Head Or Your Heart?


Are You Satisfied You Choose The Right Word For You?

If so great! Or you maybe like me and have had second thoughts already. My word for 2013 was to be FOCUS and yes you can see it sitting up in the top right-hand corner of the card I made for the New Year.  I have shared it in a couple of facebook groups, with my friends and this morning I shared it in a comment on Mari Smith’s blog post New Year 2013: One-Word Theme of ABUNDANCE and then I was on Nicoles Cody’s post What’s Your Power Word for 2013.

I was sharing my blog reading and my thought on my word FOCUS with Des as we walked on the beach this morning and he stopped me and said this doesn’t seem to be coming from your heart. We had established that I relate focus to work and that wasn’t my preferred mode of being. I want joy.

Des said: Focus doesn’t expand your vision or expand your sense of what’s possible, it closes you in. It is only speaking to your puritan mind that feels it need to be responsible, not speaking to your heart that wants to be extraordinary. It’s a brain word, Focus. You transmute what other people call work into  joyful activity and this becomes a business through alchemy and amazing transmutation.

I then tossed around the following words shine (playing a bigger game), bold and the word that keeps calling me is abundance: financial abundance, time abundance, health abundance, creative abundance and community abundance. My heart knows what I want, you can see it has a prime position on the card above. My head chose focus because I have a tendency to be distracted by BSOS- Bright Shiny Object Syndrome and I know to shine in 2013 I do need to be focused. Now I am thinking Focus though for me is a FUD  based word, (fear, uncertainty and doubt). As Des said:

Focus without passion is useless, it might get you through a day or a week, not through a year

I need a heart word, a word that sets me free to soar. Abundance is that word, it is empowering, it makes heart sing, I can focus on it , meditate on it , write and paint about it and  I can reflect upon it in my daily life. I can now use my word, abundance to plan my year both personally and professionally for 2013. It feels good. Feeling good, having high vibes helps us become deliberate attractors and we then attract our desires.

abundanceWhat is your word or phrase for 2013? 

Will this word transform your life?

Does it make your heart sing?

Please share your word and your thoughts in the comments.

Happy New Year: Dream Big

With gratitude and in abundance always


Resources for finding your word for 2013

Des Walsh’s blog post  One Word Alternative to New Years Resolutions . He shares his story of how he chose his word Exceptional for 2013.

Nicole Cody: What’s Your Power Word for 2013. Nicole shares 3 exercises where she asks the question: What’s the one key area of your life, that if you put purpose, passion and action to, would move you to a better place by the year’s end? Nicole’s word is Health.

Mari Smith’s blog post New Year 2013: One-Word Theme of ABUNDANCE Mari shares her words for the past 5 years and outlines how her word Abundance for 2013 will play out for her and the world.

Karen Brooks shared with me that her word was Goals and she was enthusiastic about the book One Word that will Change Your Life she had just read.

Carole Fogarty  has detailed how she will use her word Connect at One Word Mantra For 2013

PS: If you would like help getting clear on you word or theme check out my clarity coaching. PLUS this month you get a free Angel Card reading included.

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0 thoughts on “One Word For 2013: Did You Choose From Your Head Or Your Heart?”

  1. My word is “Stride”. I thought about “write”, “entrepreneur”, and “lead”. But that picture of walking with a purpose and walking in a certain direction, stayed with me. I want to be more purposeful and more energetic this year. “Stride” also has a second meaning for me. “Taking it in stride” implies handling problems and challenges with acceptance and calm. I want to be able to do that, too.
    Susan Ekins recently posted…Better Than a New YearMy Profile

  2. Love it Suzie! The first time I spoke about my word for 2013 “focus” was what I went with as well. Then before I know it, I was doing my journaling about my intention for 2013 and out came “respect”. And while that particular words seems to rub some folks the wrong way (they tend to see it in the ‘show me some respect’ light), it piggybacks so nicely on my 2012 word “expand”. Last year I was about growing and expanding (thought it would be about my business, but it turned out to be about my life – LOL). This year is all about taking that expansion and becoming a well-respected authority and leader.

    Here’s to 2013 and a year of abundance and respect!!
    Katy Tafoya recently posted…A Modern Day Feminine Leader [video]My Profile

  3. Louise Edington

    The one word thing is becoming quite the thing 🙂 I actually have three that came from a fun thing on Facebook and they have stuck with me which is not usual for me so they really resonate. The three words are love, success and fun. I am still trying to feel my way into which is the one or whether to stick with all three 🙂
    Louise Edington recently posted…There Is Always Choice: What Do You Choose?My Profile

  4. This makes so much sense!! And I so relate … Tell my cuz Des he did real good! 😉
    This used to be so typical of both you & I (Notice I said used to be … as I am changing that story!). We can let our heads, our puritan minds, tell us what we “should” be doing!! And then we block out what our hearts are calling for!!

    My word – AUTHENTICATE – Me being Me … Here I am world – I’m not going to worry about what you think I “should” be … I am going to be true to voice within me … and Be Me!!

    Thanks for this post …. it opened up my eyes … or better said – it opened up my spirit!! 😀

    Big Hugs!
    Ellie Walsh recently posted…2013 Will It Be Different?My Profile

  5. LOVE your new word Suzie!!!
    I too have been struggling with my word and FOCUS was one that came up a couple of times for me. I think we’ve been thinking too much lol. When I really let go and go inside and sit in the stillness the word that I’m given from my heart is: ACCEPT.
    This year is the year I accept all the abundance coming my way. I accept my gifts and share them with the world. I accept that I can do this. I accept all the magnificence the Universe is sending my way. By allowing myself to accept I’m telling myself that I’m worthy of the most wondrous offerings. It’s time we both stood in our spotlight lovely lady and claim our birthright. Much love to you and Des for the most amazing year yet xxx
    Heather Bestel recently posted…The January Challenge is here! ~ Transform Your LifeMy Profile

  6. How interesting, Suzie. We can get the wrong word sometimes, can’t we?. I’m so glad you had the support, clarity, and confidence to change to a word that truly resonates for you. My 2013 word is “nying je” – a Tibetan word that could be translated as “compassion” but actually is a whole mix of love, compassion, gentleness, tolerance, forgiveness, and all that kind of good stuff. Compassion is the way to slowly eradicate our self-cherishing and self-clinging, which, in my opinion, is the source of our suffering. So that’s where I’m headed in 2013!
    Sandra / Always Well Within recently posted…Start FreshMy Profile

    1. Yes Sandra,
      I know I need to focus and today since changing my word i am more focused with a day planned out. I love your word- I read that on your blog. yes compassion is so important and i now my compassion meter has risen over the past 18 months- enforced healing has so many positive benefits
      Suzie Cheel recently posted…Is There An Upside To Procrastination?My Profile

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