Couch To Marathon In 12 Months

Couch -to -marathon

You Can’t Tell Anyone! Heather trusted me with her secret back in January and asked me to be her health accountability partner. She knew I would be honest with her. After all we have over the past 5 years supported one another on our healing journeys. In the video above Heather shares her journey and why she […]

Rebooting My Book Project


Making My Story A Reality After a day of feeling a degree of overwhelm, I realised I need to do some fresh prioritising or this book would never be finished In stepped my beach coach, Des. We were walking on the beach and I was sharing my current lack of progress. Des came up with the […]

What Is Your Heart Whispering This Week?

Weekly Heart Whisper Reading October 24th This weeks’ Heart Whisper reading brings a message of love, allowing and hope, In the video I explain how I drew the cards and how the message flows from my heart. ( 7 mins ) Here are the words from my journal this morning. When we smile we raise our vibes, our […]

Discover Your True Passion: Listen To The Whispers Of Your Heart

Are you following your passion? I mean really, really following your passion. not what you feel you should be doing, or what your colleagues, coach or mentor tells you, you are good at. What really makes you come alive? What makes your heart sing? Gets you up with joy in your heart each morning. Creating […]