One Word For 2013: Did You Choose From Your Head Or Your Heart?


Are You Satisfied You Choose The Right Word For You? If so great! Or you maybe like me and have had second thoughts already. My word for 2013 was to be FOCUS and yes you can see it sitting up in the top right-hand corner of the card I made for the New Year.  I […]

The Intuitive Heart: Self-Love Healing

Intuitive Heart #1 I have started to use some new cards from Erika Brosigs’ Balloon Inspirational Cards and I have been sharing these on Facebook. Yesterday I drew the balloon of understanding. I then sit in stillness and ask my higher self a question which I then record in my journal. The question I asked […]

Are You Shining Your Light? Prescription 3

How do you shine your light? Do you remember, claim and express what you love about yourself? Yesterday I spent some time doing a totally reorganization of the room that is my studio- it had become a junk room. In cleaning up the room I found some treasures and this exercise was one of them […]