Do You Have Your Life In Perspective?

Today I am grateful for being present with what is, knowing how blessed I am to be alive. from today on I will appreciate each moment with delight. Yesterday was the monthly visit time to the Renal Specialist – good results on the kidney function now at 68% and my blood levels good and I […]

7 days, 7 hearts, 7 Chakras


The Intuitive Heart Week One: The Chakras On November 1 I decided to make a commitment to paint daily as part of my self-love journey and was inspired to do this through a 45 day challenge at The Boundless Living Challenge. back in 2008 I had participated in the first BLC set up by Bob […]

The Intuitive Heart: Self-Love Healing

Intuitive Heart #1 I have started to use some new cards from Erika Brosigs’ Balloon Inspirational Cards and I have been sharing these on Facebook. Yesterday I drew the balloon of understanding. I then sit in stillness and ask my higher self a question which I then record in my journal. The question I asked […]