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The June Abundance Heart Whisper Reading

The Heart Whisper Oracle card reading sets the focus for June. Starting with the Play card that keeps coming up for me. This is both about taking timeout to play and also bringing the love of play into out life and businesses. This can lead to being and feeling and having more  abundance and joy in you life.  

Watch the video and ask yourself what abundance you want to manifest into your life this month. See what arises for you as you watch and listen to the reading. (7 mins)

The second card  Bold asks us to step up and allow our brilliance to shine, to share out gift/s and leave all the shame behind.


The third card is about allowing the flow, release the struggle and watch you life transform

Then we come to the “fly” card that jumped out of the deck as I started to shuffle. If you look back to the May reading you will see this was the third card in May. This cardit oversees the daily activities reminding us to keep our dreams in front of us, to step uo and shine and share so you too can be the change that creates ripples of change.

My friend Elsie left this comment after I shared the reading in the Abundance Attractors  Mastermin facebook group.

Oh, Play is so important! Suzie Cheel and I are both former Early Childhood educators and we know that play is the most important growth work of the growing child! But its vital necessity does not stop with childhood. Sadly, we are educated out of play and think we are “too old to”! It does take a Bold adult to step forth and Play and to once again Flow with this new growth! Thank you so much, Suzie, for this lovely reading!

Share in the comments how these cards touched you, inspired you ? I would love to hearfrom you on the comments.

all my lovesuzie-cheelListening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥MoreCOLOR ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥  AND TRANSFORMS YOUR LIFE. 

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Suzie’s Oracle Cards are my daily inspiration for living my dream life!  Each month I pick a card, then re-affirm the word and message daily.  I ponder on what this means to me. I am amazed how I can focus on the word and then live it throughout each day! ~ Karen Brooks

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20 Responses

  1. Having fun in life…or play just feels so awesomely good Suzie. I’ve noticed taking a bit more time away from my computer and having some fun with my love energizes me and makes whatever project I’m working on seem so much more effortless. Lovely joyful post! 🙂

    1. Thanks Elle- yes stepping away from the computer often opens new opportunities I find too- had one of those flashes today. Amazing how we allow ourselves to get stuck behind the screen. You always brighten my day with your comments xx

  2. I definitely can use a little more play generally, but I’ve also resolved to work hard this week, so flow’s going to serve me well in that space.

    1. Yes Sandra even thought creativity can be playful we do sometimes to be able to step away and play, as you say mix it up Thanks for contributing to the conversation xxoo

  3. Suzie, The energy of these weeks before the Summer Solstice (yup I’m in that other hemisphere) is just so amazing to me. So much light! So much joy in the long days. Thanks for your take on this turn of the wheel.

    Blessed be.

    1. Hi Sue, Yes we are coming up to Winter Solstice, although still here in summer clothes and barefooted. We have shorter days and less light and it still feels good energy right now
      Love Suzie xx

  4. I related to the June reading at a deeper level, Suzie, and love the message to embrace Play. Sometimes when we are focused on our goals, we forget that we need to stop and smell the flowers and allow ourselves to enjoy our journey instead of worrying that we’ll ‘miss the boat’.

    My favorite card in the reading was Flow. Its a message for me to accept that I’ve done my work and now its time to let the Universe work its magic without my resisting it.

    1. Vatsala you have my heart singing- Love what you wrote about flow resonates for me. Removing the resistance is important. Yes so often we forget to play- my intention is to make my work play xx

  5. All of these resonated with me in different ways, Suzie! Yes to play…whatever that means for each of us. Dreaming big is something that is very aligned with me. Sometimes I wonder if I dream too big and abundance is an ongoing one for me too. Bold is a fabulous one for me this month, as I feel like I am stepping outside of my comfort zone more and more as the weather becomes warmer and my desire to be “out” in the world is stronger. One of my miracle intentions for this year is “flow” and ease of fruition, so again, this is ongoing. It seems like you pulled these cards just for me! Here’s to a wonderful June for us all. xo

    1. Beverley I am so full of joy and love reading your comment. I love that when the reading speaks directly to you. Watching to see the bold move you are about to make, so exciting when we step up and even out into who we are to be , thank you <3

  6. Inspiring, as always Suzie. I agree play is important, and this is definitely the time of year for it. Personally, I’m a bit more focused on the need to be “Bold” this month, but I appreciate the reminder to keep things balanced.

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