Does Your Passion Light Up Your Life?

Passion testScanning my email the other day I noticed that there was an email from Janet and Chris Attwood- the authors of The Passion Test: The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose. I had first bought this book back in 2006 when it was first on Amazon. I took the test and the other day I moved it from one bookshelf to the other, thinking i must reread this book.

Yesterday afternoon I went down to my favorite place the beach and started to reread the book. When I opened the book   4 x 6 card fell out. I had written out my Passion Test and with the exception on being a Millionaire- I am working on that plan right now. I have the vision board, now to complete the mindmap. I have achieved the other things. The last one that is written yellow I couldn’t read at the beach. Enjoying everything I do- well that one still needs a little work in the name of outsourcing- realizing I can do it all.

 Passion Test ExerciseYou can take the Passion Test and discover if you are living your passion. I was reading in the book how revisiting this every 6 months is a great idea. Well I am off to take the  Passion Test and will be back tomorrow  with a video on where my passion is at.

This video is a great one to get you in the flow and those passionate cells moving.

Have a deliciously abundant day

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Passion test

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8 Responses

  1. Don't you love opening a book and finding a list or other kind of note. It's a bit like a time capsule! I love that you rediscovered your passion list, and can see how far you've come. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Terrie,
    Thanks for your wonderful encouragement. so happy to have started you day in that way. Now I have the next top five passions to work on. It is interesting as I have been doing so much work on me i do now need to seriously work on the millionaire side on the $ flow
    Yes I do believe in many aspecyts of my life I am a millionaire

  3. Great post and terrific idea to put the picture of your card. That definitely serves as proof! I love this song too so it's great to be writing this comment while playing your video and listening to the powerful words as I get ready for work! You've started off my day in a fantastic manner!

    Congratulations on having achieved 99% of your passions – I bet you are a millionaire in other aspects of your life.


  4. HI Lauren
    your story is true of so many if us- doing what we thought we should or what would please other. You are so right – amazing how when one finds inner peace we radiate happiness

  5. Great post Suzie, we all need to strive to fulfil our own passions and pass on the resulting happiness to those around us.

    best wishes

    Rob H

  6. Hi Suzie,

    Great post & video. Took me so long to realize my main passion as I was always doing what others wanted me to do, trying to make everyone else happy, but myself. Follow our passions is our abundance course of success and happiness in life & doing that seems to naturally have a positive affect on those around us because we are so happy. Thanks again.

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