Daily Whisper_Courage
The word courage originally comes from the Latin cor-of the heart
Courage in this case is to face your fear, any nagging doubts that stop you shining your light
Courage is about facing your DEMONS.
It’s about being BRAVE. How can you be brave today?
Letting go of who you think you should be to become the real YOU


Today ask how can I step into my courage?


What actions will I take that my heart will whisper YES that’s the way!.
  • Today the actions I will take to be brave and step into my courage, open my heart to what being courageous truly means, to  become for me right at this time more is to be more vulnerable.
  • Really listening to what my heart wants me to know. What is the inner wisdom that I can share today that will impact, inspire, maybe even transform.

What is that next step?

How do I find what that next step is?
I find that by sitting quietly, picking up my pen and asking. Asking my heart to guide me.
My heart whispered……..
Remember to move forward, to face your fear, your Demons, that which stops you, you must really listen and allow what’s inside to flow outwardly.
So often I know I am trying to do something because I’ve been told its the right way to do it, in some case the only way to do it.
That’s all changing for me.
 I’m going to be guided each day to be in flow by listening to and following the whispers of my heart.
Yes I do this each day.
I don’t think I have missed a day.
My question to myself is? Am I truly emracing the message each day or do I allow other stuff to overtake my heart whispers?
I am working on this
Today  they are saying LET GO we know that’s not easy but as you do it each day you will recover time you didn’t know you had and this creates the space that you need to really step up and shine.
So keep clearing. keep letting go.
The more you let go of what no longer serves you the more space there is to receive the new and for those new messages from your heart, the ones that are uplifting that you will share with your tribe, to emerge with ease and grace.
Look at the time you saved today by totally clearing your email box. Your heart smiled when you finished your day with an empty inbox . Inspired by my simple new daily list that is coming from flow not a sense of must. Thanks Kat I love that I am stepping back into ME. letting go of the others ways of doing and being.

This is courage.

It takes courage to really let go. It takes courage to feel the feelings that come up when you take a decisive step and face your fears. It takes courage to commit to what really matters.
How will you take courage today really let go?  What’s your first step?
Open Your Heart: Listen, Heal and Prosper
love Suzie xxx
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