Trust in the Divine Process

Have FAITH  in those whispers

The Daily Whisper for today comes with a very powerful message from the heart
Calm comes when you let go of the struggle, listen to and trust the whispers of your heart.
Trust all the answers are within
When I stop trusting in me I get into overwhelm, struggle, look outside for the perfect solution………
Today my mentor asked me to journal on……….
What would I be doing if I was acting from absolute faith?
These were the words that flowed onto the pages of my journal
I am painting daily and creating new products.
Showing people how to open their hearts through the Oracle cards, to heal and live in abundance.
I have 10 Best selling books
I speak on podcasts, on video shows, on TV and on stage around the world
I sell my original artwork online, through print on demand. Tee-shirts,cards, phone covers, wallets, cushions mugs, prints, jewelry, scarves leggings and more
I have created 10 decks of Oracle cards, including one for children
I have an income of $10K a month and increasing
All this has come about because i am in the flow 
My art opens hearts each day as well as the opening my heart.
There would be classes on painting/creativity into gratitude and abundance
These come from my daily journalling and from my  paintings
So today card of trust puts this idea right on the plate.
As I get more into flow have more faith and let go the ideas for flow as well the programs and products
There will be a mastermind called opening your heart to flow into abundance that will be $99 a month. This will have weekly live calls, a meditation and Heart Whisper Oracle card readings. Plus VIPs who will explore their magic through the HeartScape process. 
Now go start and have you daily work and your website reflect this. Get you art online! No more hiding……..
That blew my mind as I keep putting my art on the back burner. Time to pick up the paint brushed maybe start a 7 day painting from the heart challenge to get back in the creative flow.
Are you trusting in YOU? 
Open your heart to love: LISTEN, HEAL, PROSPER
Suzie xxx
Ready to find the magic that will give you the faith to shine your light Message me here on Facebook  and see if the HeartScape process is for you. Or book a chat here
What one client said after her Heartscape journey :That HeartScape is my journey it’s like a dream, discovering my purpose and learning to love ME fully and know I am worthy. Through your selfless gifts You have coached me to be my Heart’s Whispers and The HeartScape painting is the Rainbow after the Storm. You uncovered so many layers through your painting and your intuitive channeled messages, thank you~ Namaste ~Gala

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18 Responses

  1. Trust has been a big word for me in 2016 and working on trusting myself and the universe has been a wonderful journey.

  2. This totally resonates with me, Suzie! Although I say I trust the divine process, I still have moments where I want a sneak peek of the future to see that all my patience and trust is manifesting what my heart desires are. 🙂 Life doesn’t quite work that way though, does it? I love your list and wouldn’t it be incredible if your renewed spark for painting is the catalyst that brings these things to fruition in your life! Having just done a week long ‘finding spirit in contemporary art’ workshop, I see how powerful creating art can be for mobilizing and freeing any stuck places we are experiencing. Enjoy painting! xo

    1. Beverley this sounds awesome: finding spirit in contemporary art. I am rereading my journals from my healing time which is where the Heart Whispers emerged from and the work I do now. I still then was being whispered to to sell my art and still I haven’t.
      I know how you feel about peeking into the future- the more I listen the more i know I will write into my reality. I have a renewed energy which is wonderful. xxx

  3. I love this Suzie and can’t wait to see all you will do when you trust and listen to the whispers of your heart! Beautiful reminder to open the infinite possibilities that surround us and are waiting to be expressed!

    1. Thanks Kelley, my daily journaling questions will be my guide. I am having a challenge letting go of some ways of being that have been part of my life for many years . So you I will keep you posted xxx

  4. As always, your posts are rich with ideas and color, Suzie! Your reply to the question about what would you do if you were acting from faith was INSPIRING! I am seeing it all DONE! for you in ways that delight and surprise you.
    I’m going to take that same question to the page tomorrow morning in my practice of Divine Dialogue Writing and see what appears.
    Thanks. xo

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