what will you release?

“I am willing to release the need to be unworthy. I am worthy of the very best in life, and I now lovingly allow myself to accept it”― Louise L. Hay

What Are You Willing to Release Today?

river-queenToday I drew the River Queen Oracle Card  from the Wisdom of The Hidden Realms oracle cards. it tied in magically with today’s video for Willing Wednesday on releasing and letting go. I loved the synchronicty. The message from the card was about ~flow, letting go, natural movement,

The River Queen flows into your life as an Ally to remind you about the concept of allowing and the Law of Nonattachment.  Remember that all rivers come from the mountains and run to the sea to be absorbed by the larger body of water.  There the liquid evaporates into clouds that rain on the mountains to continue an endless cycle of fluidity.

The River Queen requires you to be fluid and to let go of rigidity and perfectionism.  You will travel far as long as you  let go and let flow, even manuevering around the greatest blockages like water streams around big boulders.  No obstacle can hold you back now if you are willing to surrender to the natural flow of events.  

You  may be surprised where the river takes you.”

I made the video below at Kirra beach this morning which is 4 minutes drive from my home. The beach for me is the perfect place to release and allow flow. It is what the sea does daily as it ebbs and flows and the tide comes in and out..

My friend Peggy Nolan responded on my Facebook page with : “I’m releasing the illusion that everything on my plate needs to get done right this second” 

This resonated for me and I replied : I have just discarded lots that’s on my plate as it was stopping me moving forward and learning to say no.

“If we can just let go and trust that things will work out they way they’re supposed to, without trying to control the outcome, then we can begin to enjoy the moment more fully. The joy of the freedom it brings becomes more pleasurable than the experience itself.” ― Goldie Hawn

What care you willing to release today that will empower you to shine?

with love and gratitude

from my ♡ to yours ♡

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22 Responses

  1. Hi loved your video, the sound of the waves is very calming. Letting go and moving forward is always the best thing to do. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Suzie, I loved your video blog on letting go to move forward. We carry so much baggage that is not even ours. We don’t realize it because we usually love the people for whom we are carrying it. Your are so right. there is so much freedom in letting go. I did my keynote at the Cape Cod’s First Conference for Women on letting go “and not picking it back up!”

  3. I love the ocean in the background of your video. I live near a river and mountains. All beautiful but nothing like the ocean for allowing you to release and breathe deeply. A few weeks ago I learned to let go of my self imposed deadline to publish my next book in order to visit my mom for 2 and half weeks. Now just figuring out when to do it!

    1. Hi Diane, love seeing you smiling face here. Ah the mountains are great places to breathe deeply too, that is such clean air.

      Enjoy your visit with you Mom, always cherish that time. I know I was always glad of the time I was able to spend with both my parents in their later years
      The book will get published- ask you body or your guides for some answers:)

  4. Loved your video and your post, love the sound of the waves and I too love the beach… I will ask that question of myself today though can’t go to the beach as its bucketing down !! thanks Suzie

    1. Welcome Helen
      Thank you, visualise the sun shining and you walking on the beach or even visualise walking on the beach in the rain and the rain releasing what no longer serves you 🙂

  5. Being in Nature helps me release… And Lucky for me – the weather has gotten better and I have been getting outside the last few days. Just getting out there … and feeling my body relax – I am aware I am releasing … and I don’t always know what exactly has been released … I just feel it – feel lighter. 😉

    1. Hi Ellie, yes nature is a blessing and love your comment that you feel lighter, I think the sun and warmer weather bring a lightness, maybe for you a release of winter 🙂

  6. The ocean does it for me too Suzie! That is where I release what I need to release and let the ocean carry it away for me. Releasing the thought that no one wants to listen to what I have to say…whoa…biggie for me.

    1. Welcome Line, yes the sea is my happy place and a great place for releasing. Wow that is a biggie as you say. I know that feeling- I shared this post in an authors group I am in and noone came to comment! When we move beyond …… we grow xx

  7. Sometimes, I envy those of you who live close to a beach. I do love my mountains though. 🙂

    The art today speaks to me. Thank you.

  8. Very important message and as a recovering perfectionist and classic “Type A” personality it’s something I have to be mindful of every single day. Definitely worth the effort though, so thanks for this insightful reminder Suzie!

    1. Thank you Marty for your comment today, happy it was a reminder for you- yes the recovering perfectionist I am too, I know that it is step by step as as you say always worthwhile xx

  9. Letting go is SO important. I want to let go of rushing and feeling like I need to get there NOW. I want to drop my need to feel “popular” and to feel like I need to be productive all the time. It’s funny how letting go has to be a constant process…I feel like I need to do it everyday! Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Welcome Daniela,
      yes that is a wonderful release to aim for, I find stepping back, sitting in stillness and often journaling and asking my higher self for guidance. Thanks for sharing you thoughts xx

  10. I seem to be a releasing machine! I’m releasing self-imposed deadlines. I’m releasing the habit of comforting myself with food that doesn’t serve me. I’m releasing, I’m releasing!

    1. Love it Sue, the idea of being a releasing machine appeals to me, Just envisioning my body as a that machine and maybe I can see my computer doing the same 🙂 Thank you for making this wonderful contribution to the conversation xx

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