The old “FUD Factor” (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) can hit any of us at any time. Here’s a way to deal with that.
Today take time to LISTEN deeply to the whispers of your heart. They have a message for you that will guide you to true PROSPERITY in whatever area or areas of your life you truly desire .
Take time today to IMAGINE your life and make a list of everything you desire.
Currently I am in a 60 day mentoring group to fast track my business to 6 figures.
Yesterday’s task was to create an abundance list
I have just completed mine and will share the process with you
To get started
Use your journal or computer – whichever feels good for you = and write this statement at the top of the page
I give myself permission to have everything I desire.
Then start your list with
I give myself permission to …….
(Hint: don’t allow your imagination to be blocked with this exercise – dream BIG. then BIGGER all the things you have always wished for but felt were out of your reach or that your couldn’t even hope to have)
I can already hear you wondering: can I really have it all?
YES you can.
You have to believe first. Fully embrace what your heart is whispering and then imagine yourself in the picture.
I know your old “friend” FUD might have dropped in for a visit, reminding you you are not good enough, you don’t want to change, and the excuses go on. I know I have hard on my mindset work to overcome that Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.
Here is my abundance list:
I give myself permission to
live in our dream spacious skyhome near the beach
to own our own home again
to be a vip in all that I do
to travel biz/first class always
to inspire and empower my tribe of thousands daily to be the change I wish to see in the world
to openly create ripples of love that flow into rivers of abundance bringing freedom to all I share the gift of G and FT with and those who catch the vision
to get my nails done
to get my hair blow dried weekly
to colour my hair and be outrageous when I feel like it
to remove all limitations on how I be
to go on retreats when my heart whispers be kind to you
to buy clothes, designer handbags and shoes without looking at the price tag
to have a cleaner weekly
be republish Emergings: a meditation on the emotions of change
to finish writing Lucky to be Alive and hire Emily to edit, publish and promote it
to delegate before I am ready to a VA as this will fast track our business
to have a PA who looks after my Heart Whisper empire
To have weekly dinner dates with Des
travel every month or 2- Bali, Peru, Costa Rica, Greece, Spain, Scotland, Ireland, NZ, Japan, USA , Broome, Kakadu
to go on a painting retreat in New Mexico
to have a state of the art kitchen
host lunches and dinners with my heart centred family and friends
I will probably keep adding to it 🙂
Please share yours in the comments.
I am excited to read your abundance list.
If you want to know more about how you can live your abundant life, I am here to support you. Just PM me or comment abundant life below.
The question that sparked the post from my card reading today was:
What Did My Heart Want Me To Know Today?

Then shuffled and I drew 3 cards from my Heart Whisper Daily Guidance Oracle Deck.








Wishing you a magically abundant day in all ways
With love
Suzie xxx
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25 Responses

  1. I am inspired by your abundance list, Suzie! Personally, I prefer to live a simple life. I don’t need or want to go big. But there are some things I would like and you’ve inspired me to make my own list. Thanks!

  2. Love this Suzie. We have ongoing concepts of our ideal life and involve ourselves in them every day…inspiring our subconscious to go to work and produce them in our world. 🙂

  3. I love your amazing list Suzie – you have inspired me to add a few to mine! I change mine from time to time, but with a new life ahead – my list is growing! Cheers xo

  4. I enjoy the brightness of your posts and I think the joy that is attached to you is an important factor in your financial wealth. I’m excited to hear more about your seminar.

  5. I love this. I had never heard of “FUD factor.” Fear, uncertainty, and doubt are definitely some of my biggies. Thanks for the boost of positivity and inspiration today! 🙂

  6. Suzie, just reading the FUD Factor brought a big smile to my face. Creating an unconditional abundance list is truly the first step in acquiring what your heart desires, because if you don’t know you want, how can the Universe set it up for you. Great blog!

  7. Love the word FUD, Suzie. It reminds me of Elmer Fudd (I’m already making associations 🙂 ). I’m game to try creating the brainstorming journal the way you’ve described it Suzie and find out what my heart truly desires. And thank you for the reading. I think its spot on for quite a few of us this week.

  8. Just this week was the first time I can remember hearing the word FUD. I love this post Suzie. I’ll be making my list this morning!

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