It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is powerAlan Cohen

Alex Blackwell from The Bridegmaker has inspired today’s Heart Whisper and this post. Alex’s post  A Simple Path to Cutting Yourself Free touched a chord in me. The opening quote reminded my that holding on can stop one and I thought initially of an instance where I have done this recently. So I decided to take action.

“Free yourself from the burden of  feeling the need to hold on to anything.” ~ Steve Maraboli

The first area (yes there is more than one!) that surfaced for me and that I needed to unblock or cut free  was on the financial front. I had been putting off completing the last year’s accounts. I knew I had put my head in the sand where the accounts and budgeting were concerned. Some wishing and hoping that magically a miracle would take care of everything. No that didn’t happen, the magic fairy with the wand did not appear nor has the lotto win. 🙂

I was recording all our expenses monthly, adding them all up and then doing no analysis or monthly reconciliation. I have been meaning to revise the budget too! I know I have been using my kidney failure, the osteoporosis , my crush fractures and healing journey as the excuse.  My being out of action has limited the cash flow and put strain on the budget. I have still been using my challenges as an excuse.. So there was avoidance at play BIG TIME. This avoidance is costing me in other areas of my life too I have realized as I have been writing this blog post. Back to the accounts 🙂

Well I did take action and cut that block, the accounts are done, at the accountants and I discovered that we had done better than I had thought – that was happy dance time. I then took my journal down to the river and the words for this week’s Heart Whisper just flowed.

weekly Heart Whisper #26

Now I have the accounts unblocked and a plan in place to keep this financial area flowing, I am now looking at other areas that I see myself holding onto  and the first one that came to mind was my book Lucky To Be Alive: My Year of Living Positively which got put on the shelf  during the Love Challenge and I need your help: I have  entered a contest to win a book promotion package Best Seller and Social Media Services and Coaching this would be a real gift to me:  Plus 1st Prize includes our VIP Best Seller Launch and Social Media Promotions for your book. Just what I need to get my message and my book out to the world so it can help others with life threatening and/or near-death experiences regain their health and the joy in their life.  

I would love your vote. just click on the book cover below and click the 5 ☆☆☆☆☆ when you get to the voting page.


The reason I have included my book is because it does costs me in so many ways. Last week my friend Heather from The Happiness Garden told me that I still wasn’t seeing my story as being huge. She reminded me that Des, my previous local doctor and Heather herself have been trying to impress on me for at least the past year that my story is extraordinary. I continually underestimated what I been through, so part of me was questioning whether I really had a story to tell. Like a little voice saying ” what’s the big deal?”. Yet when I tell people about it they make it clear that this is a story that needs to shared and it is a big deal. Here is what Dana Dunn said:

My dear sweet friend Suzie has an amazing story to share with the world. Please join me in voting for her! This is a beautiful story of love and healing! I’ve always called her my Suzie Sunshine because she shines so brightly! Love ya girl!

Vote Here, thank you

Is there an area of you life you could make some cuts or unblock that would free you?


namaste, be love

Suzie Cheel

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  1. Ooh, love the ‘heart whisper’! Yeah, I recognise the ‘not noticing my story is big’ thing too. The thing is, I lived it, so I know it’s not that big a deal, right? Only, if anyone else was telling my story, I’d be thinking ‘wow, that’s awesome’. Hmm. 😀 Some work to do methinks! lol. x

    1. Welcome Donna,
      wow that is so insightful- yes I lived it and it didn’t seem such a big deal is so true. We could do a very interesting interview 🙂 I know when I am telling my story to someone new I wish I was recording it as It sounds amazing x

  2. I was happy to add my vote, Suzie – I think you have a great, important story to tell. And I love your Heart Whispers 🙂

  3. Hello Suzie,

    I have just voted for you. I wish you best of luck and success 🙂

    Interesting! Just last week, I was doing my accounts for income tax filing. I realized that I had made certain decisions that have prevented me from aligning with my potential and that have impacted my business. Well, I am reviewing my plan for the year and have decided to make some changes. I have family responsibilities that need to be fulfilled, but I hope to stretch myself as much as I can.

    Let’s continue to support and encourage each other! Woo-hoo!!

    1. Evelyn,
      Thank you Amazing how the financial choices we make for me have been so out of alignment with my potential too. I am excited now as I map out the year ahead.
      I love that we are so in alignment and yes I think supporting and encouraging one another will speed our progress to our potential.
      Namaste 🙂

  4. Loved your post as I sit working on finishing mine up so I can get it to my accountant. I love your weekly Heart Whispers and what an inspiration you are to the world! God Bless!

  5. Suzie, it definitely looks like you need to share this book with the world – you will give so many people hope and inspiration, and I’ve added my vote!
    I’m trying to unblock and get over some hurdles in front of me which it’s easy to hide behind, so I’d like to say well done for the financial one you’ve accomplished 🙂


    1. Welcome Jacs,
      Yes I know I need to share it and finally accepting that it is big and I know it is helping people already.
      Thank you for voting and for your encouraging comment. Yes hiding is so often easier we think until we decide to honour and trust ourselves. 🙂

  6. You know …. I am so looking forward to this book! I’ve watched much of your journey … You always amaze and inspire me!

    Big Hugs & Love 😀

    The link is working and I voted! 😉

  7. Suzie, I totally relate to having friends and business acquaintances tell me what I am doing is big, and being challenged to see it the same way! I encourage you to continue to enlarge your thinking about how positive your impact is, and will be! This is exactly the message that must get out. Good for you for putting it in a book as well.

    1. Welcome Arla,
      Yes it can be a challenge when you just don’t see the Hugeness as my friend Heather call it. I wrote the chapter this morning on what’s the big deal- interesting to see what is surfacing. I know this is a story that has to written and shared.

  8. Hi, Suzie! Inspirational!….Separately, I’m also getting an error when clicking the book cover, please double-check what’s going on. All the best with this project; I’m sure lots and lots of people will be happy you decided to share this with the world.

    All the best!

  9. Awesome 🙂 I have been doing some unblocking myself lately and I LOVE the heart whisper! But I went to vote and the link was broken 🙁

    1. links all fixed, hope you can vote now. thanks for your comment on the heart whisper- I do these each Monday and planning a set of oracle cards from them.

  10. Suzie, you have a GIANT story to tell!! I believe this SO much that I want to vote for your book – but, when I click on the book cover I’m getting an error message – I’m blocked!!

    Pls fix so I can vote for you and your big beautiful story.

  11. This is such a brave testimonial Suzie. We torture ourselves with these kind of thought sand yet we often continue to procrastinate about doing something about it. You are awesome for putting out there in the universe and show how determined you are in getting better on so many levels.

    Great share and awesome reminder…Thank you

    1. Thanks Nathalie, I really appreciate your comments, I have decoded that I have to share the challenges more as everyone seems to think i am so positive and life must be all rosy- the book will tell more. Yes I am getting better on so many levels.
      all my love

  12. I wanted to vote, but clicking on your cover didn’t work.
    I just made a video about shoulda, woulda, coulda. Amazing how we let things slow us down and even stop us completely. So glad to see you are getting inspired to take action.

  13. Great and brave testimonial Suzie. I’m working on unblocking my finances too. I have identified my block and now I’m implementing steps to let money flow into my life. I resonate so much with you you said! Thank you for shaing your experience.

    Voted for your book too!


    1. Thanks Paola- wonderful to meet you and welcome. I so happy to read that this resonated for you- yes we often have blocks that we allow ourselves to sometimes cripple us financially. Good luck with you unblocking

  14. I also need to unblock our accounts and do our taxes. It’s nice to see that you had done better than you thought you did.

    Voted for your book.


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