Listening To My Body

Do you have days when you have days when you are on a high, life seems to be unfolding as you have visualized. You have finally got out of your own way. You have just taken the passion test and were planning to make a video to share with everyone and then it seems the universe has other plans.

I had day of passion  yesterday, flying high or even you might say Traveling at the Speed of Love. We went and enjoyed the color, nostalgia and music of the Wintersun Festival. I was ready to rock and roll. Today my  body has decided to give me a dose of body pain and fever.  I just drew one of Doreen’s godess cards and it said sensitivity…………stay away from noise and crowds. LOL Yesterday we were dancing in the streets, milling about with the throngs of passionate people and this morning went to the rock church service when the twinges started.

I was then reminded of my poem Emergings a mediation on the emotion of change and the word and pictures. This page immediately cam to mind.


The pain that’s created
when what is
happening now
is avoided.

The pain that arises
as we try to hold on
to known systems
and beliefs.

The aching back,
right side pain
numb and feeling dead.

The heart torn apart
as I fight
with all my might.

Signing off now and heading for some self care, meditation and asking  my guides have to share with me. Trusting my intuition

Have a deliciously abundant day

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2 Responses

  1. Love to see your smiling face here, I love that-our lives become truly magical! I so often forget that. Yes you can add this to GVU- I still haven't got to join in there- maybe in July

  2. I love this, Suzie. It's so true – life has its ups and downs. It's when we are able to appreciate that very fact that our lives become truly magical!
    By the way – I might copy this to the Good Vibe University if you don't beat me to it!

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