How To Do A 12 Month Oracle Card Reading


Using The Heart Whisper Oracle Cards For My 2016 Reading.

Last Saturday it was raining and I treated myself to some self care and had breakfast in bed. Yummy mango and passionfruit followed by chia, quinoa, macca with organic homemade coconut yoghurt. Such a treat


Then I decided to get out my 2016 planner and start some serious planning for the year, something I have been avoiding. I know I must take some action here as my whispers keep telling me this is not a year for winging it. 🙂

I decided to do my annual oracle card reading first. This is an exercise in Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Life and Biz Planners.


I have been surprised in the past when I look back how accurate my readings have been. I admit that some months have gone by where I haven’t checked in. This year each one is in my Shining Biz and Life diary to remind me at the start and finish of each month

How to do your own oracle card reading.

  • Choose a deck of cards, naturally this year I am using my own Heart Whisper Oracle Cards.  In the past I have used either Doreen Virtue, Colette Baron-Reid or Sonia Choquette decks. Don’t have a deck of cards? There are are many apps for your phone. Or you can book a session with me.


  • Have a journal, maybe you will have a special one for 2016 where you reflect each month. I light a candle, get some crystals out and create an abundant, loving atmosphere to work in.  I like to do a meditation first to get quiet and still and ask my guides to bring forth what is for my highest good for 2016.


  • Next set your intention. I asked for guidance first, for the year and then for each month. The first card I drew was to set the focus for the year. My words for 2016 are BOLD FOCUS. So drawing the prosperity card delighted me and the message was in alignment .


  • Then you can either draw 12 cards for the year: that is what i have done in the past. This year I drew a card for each month, asked my heart whispers to guide me as well as reading the message. This was more powerful for me. The first card I drew was Dream Big. It is easy to stay small in your actions and thinking, often others want you to stay there too! This is my year for stepping out and up and playing a bigger game so I can create change for me, my life and ripple this out to the world.


  • When you have completed the reading, allow your heart to guide you and you might journal and/or put each message into you diary, to remind you to look at your planner or journal each month.

Work With Suzie

On Thursday I was asked by a client if I could do a 12 month reading for them with my new cards.

I used the process that I have outlined above and they were delighted:

 “Thank you so very much for my gorgeous Heart Whisper reading for 2016 Suzie. Just love your beautiful cards and was really touched by the extra insight your heart whispered to me. I’m so glad you’re sharing your wisdom and words with the world and your beautiful art just raises the vibration of the message, so powerful.”

I then decided to add this offering in for all my community. You can book your reading here

How this works: 

This is a 13 oracle card reading where I draw your focus card and then each month individually, so you have time to reflect on each month and allow my heart whispers to come through.
We meet on skype,  you will get a recording of the session and image of your focus card and the 12 individual Heart Whisper oracle cards with their messages.


Once you have purchased your session I will email you with confirmation and a link to schedule your session.  I am looking forward to working with you.

Any questions please contact me. (Also for Australians if you want to pay by direct deposit or for the Australian Link- )

all my love

suzie-cheelListening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More FUN ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥ Vibrant HEALTH 


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Hi! I'm Suzie Cheel. I am an intuitive artist,, speaker, healer and creator of the Heart Whisper Oracle Cards- The Entrepreneurs Essential Tool Kit. I love to cook, walk on the beach, and passionate about making love go viral
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34 thoughts on “How To Do A 12 Month Oracle Card Reading”

  1. Wow Suzie what a lovely introduction to your blog and to your heart centered healing practice

    I went and pulled 3 cards and they certainly seem to fit. I think I’ll pull a card a day and live into that for that day.

    I look forward to learning more albeit slowly as i am learning so much on so many fronts.

    May 2016 be the year of your dreams.


    1. Wonderful to meet you Mary and thank you for you praise , makes my heart sing. I love that my post inspired you to pull a card daily. Thank you planning for 2016 to be the year where my dreams are fulfilled and the same to you with love Suzie xxoo
      Suzie Cheel recently posted…My 3 Words for 2016My Profile

  2. Love the vibrancy of your cards and the idea of working with your angels and guides through them to set an intention for each month. Dream big resonates with me, too. I’ll get on that right away 🙂

  3. I did a 12-month Oracle card reading for Leonie’s workbook too. I don’t own any cards, so I used the Archangel Gabriel cards available on Doreen Virtue’s website. It was such a lovely experience. I printed out the images and glued them to my workbook. Lovely blog post – thank you! =)

  4. What a wonderful idea to do a reading for the year and then reflect on the wisdom and insight as it unfolds. I do readings each morning as part of my self-nurturing practice and love the idea of looking more systemically at the year. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  5. Elsie Hickey-Wilson

    Hi, Suzie! Lovely process! I am a Leonie Dawson fan, too! Used her planners in a download version for several years and love them. But this year I treated myself to the print version of the Workbook and the planner! So encouraging and so effective! After being a teacher for 43 years, I was so used to planning yearly, for semesters, monthly and daily. Student teachers, that I worked with, were so amazed that I planned so much as my teaching style seemed so open and responsive to the children. I would tell them that once I had plans, I was free to open myself to exactly what walked in the classroom door each morning and could easily respond. The first year after retirement (from teaching…not from life! LOL) I had difficulty finding my way each day. This lead me to Steven Covey’s planner. But that lacked to “juicy energy” I required! Along came the miracle spirit of Leonie! Love her so much! Love your card process! Will use it! Thank you sweet spirit!

    1. Yes Elsie, it is a lovely process, I too have been using Leonie’s planner for a couple of years. I have gone back to the dowloaded version this year as i couldn’t face filling in 2 books. This year is my year for biz planning and I am adding in the pages I want from the life version. Yes Leonie does have juicy energy. Love Suzie xxoo
      Suzie Cheel recently posted…I Am EnoughMy Profile

  6. I love everything you do and everything you stand for Suzie. You know that. This card deck and this process is just beautiful.
    I’m going to need to talk to you face to face to learn this better(thats my excuse to get you on skype 😉 )
    Lots of love,

  7. This is a lovely process, Suzie, and it sounds like it sets someone up so they do have a clear overview of the upcoming year. Personally I’m working with the intentions of ease, clarity and fruition for 2016.

    Love the idea of choosing a monthly card and then reflecting how the month unfolded in relation to it. I’m in a one year program that has a similar process as well. Each month we have a theme and set intentions to create an environment for miracles to happen. May your year be filled with Bold Focus and all the things you wish for yourself coming to fruition too!
    Beverley Golden recently posted…The Power of Pets to Heal UsMy Profile

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