Are You in The Flow? The Love Of Allowing

Love of allowing

Being in Synch Some days do you feel like the Universe is in sync with your passion, your dreams and  your desires. Today was one of those days. Today I woke up with the vision of a mind map for my Passion Plan. I then meditated and received messages  that reinforced my vision. i then […]

Making Your Passion Vision Board

Vison Board

Are You Keeping Your Vision In Front Of You Making a Vision Board is the next step in realizing your passion.This is my passion Board that I hang above my computer so it is at the forefront of my vision. As I look at it as I write this I can see that I still […]

Making Your Passion Plan

Passion test-card

Moving Forward With The Passion Test Last week I shared with you my approach to The Passion Test. I took the passion test Established my 5 top passions Made my Passion cards and today I am making my passion steps:(markers) I have looked at these 5 passions and I have decided to make for now […]

Does Fear Stop You Growing?

what we release frees us

Fear is Just Energy When I opened igoogle * this morning these words caught my attention: Fear is Only Energy. I have been following David  and Kristin Morelli on the Enwaken blog. David uses his intuition daily to make decision in his life that have enabled him to become very successful. I love the free […]