Your Powerful Yes:Living Your Inspired Life.

inspire me

Do you Live with Passion? Join Here Imagine it’s the last day of your life. Your life flashes before you. What will you see? Will the vision you see be one of a well-lived vibrant life filled with passion, love, prosperity, inspiration, excitement, peace…… Say YES to the life you were born to and register […]

Are You Ready To Take Action?


Or Do You Hold Yourself Back? Do you sometimes have a task to do that you know will both empower you and move you forward? Today I took action on a exercise that will create space, clear the clutter and give me and the space I live and work in more energy. I have been […]

Do You Travel At The Speed Of Love Or The Speed Of Fear?

Travelling at the speed of love

Are You Flying First Class In Your Life? I mentioned in the video on Attracting Abundance that I completed a 30 day program Traveling at The Speed of Love with Sonia Choquette the author of the book “Traveling at The Speed of Love” and that I would review the book and share some of the […]

30 Day Blog Challenge: Celebrate Your Success

30 Day Blog Challenge

Are You Empowered By a Challenge? 2 days ago I was awarded the gold trophy for having written 30 blog posts in 30 days. It was a great way to launch this blog. So will I keep going? Yes maybe not with daily posts I am looking at 4 to 5 blog posts a week. […]