The Secrets to Self-Loving

It‘s Self-Love Day Today has so many love instances for me. As I am on my own self-love journey as part of my current healing, I was excited. I have been struggling with my own journey and have been building my own tools and resources. So when: I drew this wonderful love balloon card from  […]

12 Blessing Quotes Open The Doors To Gratitude


A to Z of Gratitude: B for Blessings Have You Counted Your Blessings Today? I just said to a friend today when they asked how I was  I replied that each day I count my blessing as I am surrounded by abundance in so many ways, mother nature gives me so many ways to raise […]

Self-Love Prescription #2


Heart Spring 1 This is the second in the Self-Love prescription series and was done the next day after Heart Spring. I had gone back and listened to the visualization that Anne Aleckson  had taken us through.In the  guided visualization you were asked to see a magnetic coil coming  out from the center of our […]

Self-Love Prescription #1

The Self- Love Prescription Painting Series I started painting again in August and I was planning to continue with the Color Prescription Series I had started in June. I have yet to post the Color Green and The Heart Chakra that was the last in this series I painted before my health adventure. I decided […]