Being Vulnerable ~ Being Brave, Showing Up And Being Seen


Vulnerability is  having the courage to show up and be seen. Baring your souls without any guarantees- Brené Brown Last Tuesday I invested almost 2 hours listening to Dr Brené Brown author of  Daring Greatly  talking on Oprah’s Life Class on Vulnerability. I was hooked I took pages of notes, tweeted out the many gems that […]

Color Prescription 4: Green and The Heart Chakra

Heart chakra

Working with The Color Green and The Heart  Chakra Green is the color of energy and abundance, of nature, of apples and pears, of limes, of broccoli, kale, spinach, peas and beans, of balance and harmony, of growth and money, of jade and malachite  Green presents in so many shades and hews. As I look out […]

Does Your Heart Dance With Joy Each Day?


“My heart dances with joy”- Suzie Cheel Letting My Creativity Out To Play One of my intentions for August was to paint each day. This week I realised this still wasn’t happening for me! On Wednesday I decided to head into the studio. It was time to start a NEW Intuitive Heart Series. I had painted […]

Be Positive: 7 Ways To Raise Your Vibes

Be Positive

Today I choose to be positive in who I be, how I am and what I say. and I feel my inner critic fall away as my heart opens to love ~ Suzie Cheel Some days it is easy to be positive,  I wake up full of gratitude I meditate  draw an oracle card, journal, […]