How Soul Art Day Brought Me A Priceless Gift

Rainbow-freedom-soul -art

  The Final Cut  I knew that Soul Art Day would be special for me, as it had been in the past 3 years. What I didn’t know realise was that it would bring me a priceless gift. The gift, simple as it may seem, was the value of taking imperfect action. This is my 4th Soul Art […]

Suzie’s 365 Painting Challenge


The Daily Heart Painting of 100 Becomes 365! Am I Crazy? Maybe just a slightly wild idea 🙂  Back in January I embarked on a 12 day painting journey for 10 minutes a day and I started to feed my creative spirit again. After 10 days I kept going  for 2 more days and then declared to The Big […]

21 Tips To Follow Your Dreams


Are you following or chasing your dreams? Yatin Khulbe from Buddytation ~Untraditional Self Improvement Blog  asked yours truly plus 40 Self-Development experts to share their 3 tips to follow a dream life?”and then he put them all into a great blog post: How to follow your dreams? 41 Experts sharing the SECRET This morning  I drew the Dream Walker Card from Collette […]