21 Tips To Follow Your Dreams

Are you following or chasing your dreams?

 from Buddytation ~Untraditional Self Improvement Blog  asked yours truly plus 40 Self-Development experts to share their 3 tips to follow a dream life?”and then he put them all into a great blog post: How to follow your dreams? 41 Experts sharing the SECRET

dream-walker-oracle -cardThis morning  I drew the Dream Walker Card from Collette Baron-Reid Wisdom of the Hidden Realities.and I thought there was some synchronicty there. Also I got the message that I too could put some time into reviewing my dreams for 2015.  I have had a few stops and starts over the past two months. I’ll share more of that in my Heart Whisper  next week.

I have shared  the tips that spoke to my heart and I thought you would find inspiring. Some also were triggers for me to add to my daily to love list.


1. Stay in one place and deal with who you are. You take your problems with you wherever you go.- Penelope Trunk  This spoke to me as last year I was thinking a big move would solve a few challenges I was experiencing, till I realised that inside me still had some work to do. Like the saying : Wherever you go, there you are 🙂

2. Never ever ever ever give up or settle for second best.Steve Aitchison. How often do you maybe find yourself doing this?

3.Know yourself – your strengths and your weaknesses. ~ Sandra Pawula

4. Surround yourself with passionate, like-minded people who inspire you. ~ Barrie Davenport


5. Listen, Ask, Act Chris Guillebeau  probably the most succinct and simple way to follow your dreams.

6. Believe you are enough in all areas of your life and create a daily self love routine. – Suzie Cheel

clarity7.Clarity+Desire+Belief is an ultimate recipe of success. ~ Brendon Baker

8Know what you really want and re-evaluate that constantly. – Jessica Sweet

9. If you want a dream life, you must possess the “3 F’s,” — Focus, Faith and Fervor. ~ Mr Self Development

10. Take care of other people. Be of service to others. The real source of all the good you’ll experience in life comes from other people. Cherish that source. Take good care of it so it will never, ever dry out. – Dragos Roua


11. Create an unstoppable mindset, whereby virtually anything becomes possible – Morty Lefkoe  Although i have done lots of work in this area I know I do need to more to strengthen my prosperity mindset.

12. It’s absolutely mandatory that you surround yourself with people who want to help you see your goals through.- Kael Ranschaert   Maybe not all your family and friends are always those people.



14. Know there are people that will show up to help you if you can ‘let go’ of the idea that you must do it ALL yourself. – Anne Periera

15. Expect to feel fear – it’s a good thing – Steven Bloom


16. Take action. Lingering in the theoretical will get you nowhere. Though it’s scary, taking the plunge even if it’s a baby step will take you miles towards achieving happiness.- Erin Falconer

17You see, there are really three stages: Dream, Plan, and Take Action. – Mary Jaksch

18Identify your top 3 values. In order to live your amazing life, you must live your own authentic life. – Paige Burkes


19. Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. You’ll be surprised to see that there’s  something far far better than you ever imagined. – Vidya Sury

20. Know why you’re chasing your dreams, and tie that reason to freeing yourself. – Ryan Biddulph

21. Stop Listening to Toxic People & Change your Habits Di RiseBorough 


Yatin has done a great summary and you can read that and the other 102 tips at Buddytation.

What tip would or do you use to follow your dream? 

with love and gratitude

from my ♡ to yours ♡

Listening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More FUN ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥

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28 thoughts on “21 Tips To Follow Your Dreams”

  1. I’ve always been a believer in “Believe in yourself and GO for it!” As always I love your paintings behind your words. Thanks for being so generous in letting me use a few in my latest post.

  2. These are all wonderful insights Suzie and as always you present them in such a beautiful and inspirational way. My own personal mantra for life is – Embrace the power within you to create your own life experience.

  3. My favorite is #21 (toxic people) today, and tomorrow it might be #15 (fear). It’s affirming to find myself in your memes, as every day more and more rises from deep within, like newly sprouted seeds seeking the light for growth and nourishment.
    Thank you Suzie.

  4. Hi Suzie
    I am in love with your posters. They are decorated with pure heart and dedication.
    I really enjoyed the whole process of interacting with lovely bloggers. The post was nothing without the love from bloggers like you. I gained a lot from the wisdom of all the experts.
    To me, patience is the key to achieving a dream life. In the beginning, a dream is like a small stream which screams due to the fear of failure.
    If we are sticking to our plans, then our dream turns into supreme cream where we can lick all the extreme pleasure.
    Thanks a lot for the lovely creation. Lots of love

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