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The Final Cut

 I knew that Soul Art Day would be special for me, as it had been in the past 3 years. What I didn’t know realise was that it would bring me a priceless gift.

The gift, simple as it may seem, was the value of taking imperfect action.

This is my 4th Soul Art Journey and a gift I give to myself. I love the process Laura takes us through as each time I get clarity. This time I think it is big!

It was fun and I was in the flow from the time I started with my preparation. The night before I decided that this year I was going to use some of my chakra and rainbow paintings and some stitching. I got prepared, put everything into a basket, gathered the painting and set up in the garden in the sun. Luckily it was not windy.

I then started on the Soul Art Day Guided Journey which involves:

As I worked through the intention section, the transformation that I desired was Financial Freedom and my Soul Art Intention was:

I am open to receiving guidance on creating financial freedom

Then it was time to bodymap and this year I was guided to map my feet and hands so I chose rainbow paintings and two pages from my book Emergings: A meditation on the emotions of change.

Next came Creative Expression, which I nearly skipped:) what was wonderful about this was the 2 minute story, that had to include the 5 bolded words .


The Color of nature inspires me daily, gives me time to reflect and wonder at the choice I have in my life. Each color has it’s own individual character and brings joy. The colors of our chakras bring passion to my heart.

This stream of consciousness story really guided my work.

This delighted me, given that had chosen a range of my rainbow and chakra paintings to work with. Having chosen one of my FREEDOM (see above) and one of my ABUNDANCE paintings to be the background.

I had kept it very simple, I cut out the feet and hands and arranged them, the heart in the centre was Heart Whisper 115 that I accidental printed out after I scanned it in. Synchronicity. I asked for clarity and guidance from my soul and I got it. I decided to rearrange the pieces and left them to be pasted in the morning.

Here come the gift!

I set up again outside this morning and rearranged the pieces and then I thought it needed something added! So I spent 30 minutes or so making a flower from the rainbow offcuts.


 and attached it. Ah that’s it, complete I thought.

Back to step 4 of the journey: INSIGHT

I wrote about how the work had flowed, was freeing, colorful, joyful and clarifying. It was fun.

The first insight I got was keep it simple and as I looked at the completed piece I knew that the flower need to be removed and a circle of completion added. I removed the flower and cut it into a circle.

The light bulb went on! This is what I do in my life and why I have so many uncompleted projects! I allow myself either to get distracted and walk down a new path or I add another element that slows down getting the task at hand finished.

Then there’s the it’s not……..good enough so the perfection streak drops in! Then these words flowed onto the paper:

Change this and your life and your  business will fly. Allow the colors of the chakra to lead you. 

Embrace the color and the rainbows you have  in your life, share your gifts with the world. Go color your world in order to color others! There is a pot of gold at the end of your rainbow.

That color and the rainbow is my way  forward, in my business, in telling my story and in creating change. PLUS I must learn to take imperfect action. I feel so much freer. Thank you Laura Hollick for your gift of the soul art journey.

This is big awakening for me. It requires me to make small changes imperfectly and get back to completing one task at a time. Priding myself on multitasking is no longer.

I them took the photo and completed the Gallery submission, thinking I had completed the journey. NO I had missed the Spirit Action. One more message to stay on task.

So I am now sharing my spirit action and happy for some accountability here 🙂

I,  Suzie Cheel am selling my artwork daily, coloring my world and delighting my tribe by June 7th

That means doing what I say I will do and have the new shop set up, with paintings for sale daily. Wow that is just a bit scary. It is also something that has been on my to do list for TOO LONG!

NOTE TO SELF: Let go the perfection and let your rainbow shine through.

Have you mastered the gift of imperfection?

Share in the comments, I would love to hear from you.:)


with love and gratitude

from my ♡ to yours ♡

Listening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More FUN ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥

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23 Responses

  1. Ah, so beautiful, thank you. Your gift is a gift I”m in the process of receiving too. I have been moving away from multitasking and basking in the gift of presence. Thank you for documenting your journey, I appreciate it!

  2. Love the flower! Love this post. My art supplies have been untouched for a couple of weeks now. Partly because of the feeling of overwhelm around having to move; partly because something I envisioned didn’t work; partly because my acrylic ground for pastels jars just won’t open.

    I feel grounded underneath all those thoughts now, and feel much more connected. Thanks!

    1. Yes Sue i loved the flower too and I will make another one, it was just the reminder I need to stop embellishing and employ KISS.

      I just heard paint your future, I am going to do a post on this and a meditation to go with it. Thanks for the reminder. Good that you are feeling grounded. Seeing your move proceeding smoothly Love Suzie xx

    1. Thanks Natasha,
      Simplicity is such a gift that I know is a blessing and I often wonder why many odf us make it complicated . Love to you Suzie xx

  3. I love that you are embracing the imperfect Suzie and that it will help you to fly ~ what a lovely message for us all. One of my mentors use to say “Done is better than perfect” and that stuck with me. Can’t wait to see how the year unfolds for you lovely lady xxx

    1. Thank you Heather,
      As you know you often remind me to keep it simple. Love Done is better than perfect think I need that on a large sticky above my computer. It is exciting to see where we will both be in 2016 xxx

  4. Ohhh love this Suzie “It requires me to make small changes imperfectly.” so need that today 🙂 Thanks so much for your inspiring post… Keeping it simple 🙂

  5. Hi Suzie! Your artwork is beautiful, and I appreciated reading about your entire process participating in Soul Art Day. I have friends who do it too, and it was really interesting to read about all the steps and preparation you put into it–something I might consider next year! <3

  6. Suzie, as always I love your inspiration. Curious about the Body Mapping step and what’s the purpose/focus. I love how you worded – imperfect action. I get stuck there too. Always doing a little more internet research. Sometimes I need to close all my browsers and just get to work,

    1. Thanks Diane Love your comments and like you I too need close those browsers. The exercise in body mapping is part of the whole journey. The past 2 years i have mapped my whole body as i felt I needed to be reminded that i was strong, powerful etc. This year i was guided that i need to walk a different path with trust , completion and support. The body mapping provides a framework for your art. xx

  7. Suzie, your rainbow flower and the process is wonderful! I love color, too, as you know, and love to help students explore playing with it! I am excited to get a whole new bunch of students started for the summer semester! Keep those colors flying, Suzie! <3 Love to you!


    1. Hi Jean, Interesting that I took the flower off and cut the circle from it . The colors will keep flying after this journey add more color here for sure. Wish we lived closer think we could have some real joint color explosions
      love and hugs Suzie xx

  8. I always value your heartfelt inspiration Suzie, and you know how I love quotations – so gotta tell you this one, “Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both ends” is marvelous! I immediately added it to my collection. Stunning colors and images as always. 😉

    1. Hi Linda and welcome. I like how you have phrased that as i too can see ways that i can expand presenting change more through creativity and for me with color xx

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