Does your business need a BLOG?

I have a number of friends in business who know I blog but don’t seem to be interested in having a blog. I know many do not see the value of blogging and I often hear them comment: “That’s just an online diary isn’t it?”

I then usually go on to outline the benefits of having a blog for your business, your brand, etc

  1. KLT: Know, like and trust factor. People get to know who you are , what you stand for. This makes it easier for them if and when they decide to do business with you
  2. A well executed blog is more interactive and dynamic  than your static website. This helps you with SEO and gives your site Google juice.
  3. Your blog/website is the hub of your online presence. This is the place where your followers, your potential clients and customers come to find out more about you and your business. You link back to your blog/website from Twitter,  link   Facebook, LinkedIn, You Tube, etc- your social web. This graphic from Jennie Armato from Web Business Academy illustrates th this. This shows how your blog is like the mothership of you business.Jennie Armato
  4. You own your blog if it is self-hosted as this one is on wordpress. Having a self-hosted blog on your own domain is like owning your own home compared to eg: having a blogger (blogspot) or blog that is like renting a home. The house usually appreciates, the rental property can be taken away from you.
  5. Blog technology gives you a much greater capacity to get your message out to the world

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I got this blog up and running with a 30 Day blog challenge  (#blog30) in June run by Dr. Jeanette Cates. So when I heard about the “Ultimate Blog Challenge” that is being run by Michele Scism and Michelle Shaeffer I decided to join as my blogging has slipped as I have been looking to consolidate my brand under one blog. Yes I still have 3  and I am working to bring them all under one websiteThis is great way to get into the blogging habit. Join at You can follow along at Hashtag is #blogboost

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10 Responses

  1. Thanks for your wise words Kathy. I wrote this post after I saw a friend in trouble after relying on a VA to update etc and a so called marketing pro put up a blogger blog. I have seen people lose their blogs and currently there are people just relying on Facebook forgetting that like blogger, owned by Google, Facebook “owns” what you have and if they close you down all that you have up there vanishes.

  2. The blog is certainly the hub of the wheel for all online business. The reason it's so powerful is that the owner of the blog can disseminate information quickly and is in full control. No waiting for a webmaster to change content for you. And like you said, anyone who is serious about their online business must own their blog, and hosting.

  3. Thanks Michelle,
    yes I have found having 3 blogs split my focus. I like your analogy to the octopus. Yes having one hub will be easier to tie all the other arms in

  4. Hi Daphne,
    I like your reason for having a blog.
    thanks for dropping by. I have just followed you on twitter and will check out you rblog too. Love your twitter handle oh what fun 🙂

  5. Great post Suzie. It makes everything else so much easier, when your blog is your online hub. I think of mine as being the head of the octopus with tentacles reaching out everywhere (social networks, search engines, etc as shown so well in the illustration you included). And thanks for mentioning the blog challenge!

  6. So true, Suzie. Having a blog is the easiest way to demonstrate your expertise and overcome objections for doing business with you. I think a blog is a must have if you have a business. Good luck with the challenge and I look forward reading your posts.

  7. Suzie

    I agree that a blog is the center of your business. When I started mine last year people looked at me like I was crazy. Most still dont see the value. I am amazed at the wonderful people I meet blogging. When I check out a company I always look and see if they have a blog. It is a great way to get to know more about them.

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