Prescripton #17

Rainbow Lines

Prescription 17

This drawing reminded me of the poem I used in in Prescription 14: Beyond Our Lines I looked at my box of watercolor crayons and reorganized then into the lines in the picture and I was reminded of that poem and then was inspired to just lay down lines of color which I then watercolored. I showed this to my friend Stephanie Rainbow Bell and she is now going to use this as the cover for her e-book.

Yesterday morning we set out for the beach and after about 10 minutes the rain poured down so we left and we were then treated to a double rainbow and then a full rainbow, such a blessing. I felt very special.

Double Rainbow

What do rainbows mean for you?

Live in abundance, be the change and make a difference TODAY!

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  1. Hi Suzie,

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful drawing and describing the lovely moment at the beach with your friend and the rainbows. I have so enjoyed looking at your “prescription” paintings too! I can’t believe you do them so quickly.

    You are one talented lady!

    1. Hi Columbia,
      You made my heart sing thank you for all you support and I love that these prescriptions give you joy and pleasure

  2. What a wonderful drawing and so fabulous that Stephanie is going to use it for her ebook cover.
    I was so touched to receive your beautiful rainbow photo – it certainly made me feel very special.
    Like Lisa, rainbows always give me a renewed hope and they remind me of the magic of the universe.
    Since we’ve come to live in the middle of nowhere surrounded by rolling hills and mountains, we are often treated to the most magnificent rainbows and they just take my breath away every time.
    Many thanks and much love Suzie,
    Heather x

    1. Hi Heather,
      My pleasure and wait till you see what I painted today, you kept popping up along with a Scottish flower. Yes rainbows have always been special in my life and I used to paint so many rainbow coloured clothes and fabric. it must be beautiful where you live
      Lots of love

  3. Suzie, such a lovely post with such pretty pics! I love rainbows! I always see them as a sign of hope. I also see them as my late grandma saying “hi” to me, giving me a shout-out. Her and I always enjoyed “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Judy Garland when I was growing up. We even played it as musicians. I will hear that song, along with its variations at times. The one that Hawaiian artist Iz did is very special to me (the one that combines “Wonderful World”). I have traveled to Hawaii a couple of times, and I adore it there (hope to live there one day). Well, hearing Iz’ version is extra special ’cause it feels like a message from my grandma and the Universe about my dreams. I have seen double rainbows at times in my darkest days. It always makes me smile and feel loved.

    1. Hi lisa,
      Great to meet you and i love you Rebel without a cause. Yes I love that song too and Rainbows are so special, saw one today when I was swimming in the rain. So it’s been a rainbow week

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