I Am So Happy I Am Alive!


July 16th was a special day for me. It was the day last year that I found myself in hospital with a kidney failure. This was an out of the blue event and quite scary as I had almost, well really no kidney function, I could have died. I apparently was told by the renal specialist on that morning that only 25% of people recover from what was then labelled Glomerulonephritis and has since been given the wonderful label of Anca Negative Vasculitis.  Des told me I said well I’ll be one of the 25% and then put my focus on meditating my way to health and getting home. As well as using the law of attraction. One year on my life has changed and so have I:

My blood tests last week showed  my kidney function was at 81 on GFR . Back in August last year I been told by the specialist that the best I could hope for was 69. I believe that  my kidneys are healed and I feel so blessed that I did not need ongoing dialysis much less a transplant and that I am alive.

So on 16th July thus year I spent the day celebrating  being alive. I have Joy Holland from Facets of Joy to thank for asking me, when we were talking on Skype last Saturday, how was I going to celebrate. I hadn’t thought of celebrating this milestone. I said to Joy that  the sun shining would make my day. We had had a week or more of rain and I was missing my beach walk and my daily Vitamin D hit. So this is how did I celebrate:



How are you celebrating your life today?

Live in abundancebe the change and make a difference TODAY!


Suzie Cheel

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23 Responses

  1. Oh Suzie,
    I’m so glad you are ALIVE too and in my life.
    I’m sorry that you had to go through such an ordeal to learn all those things and I think the Universe was reminding you and nudging you to share your journey, your light, your passion and your message with the world. I hope this time you’re listening LOLOL.
    Many hugs and much love gorgeous lady. I’m loving watching your adventure and I’m proud to have you in my life and shining so very brightly.

    1. Heather you make my heart sing, I am too so proud to have you in my life and love how you are there for me . yes the universe is nudging me and it is wonderful to have you nudge me to move forward with sharing my journey etc with the world. yes this time I am listening and looks like the universe is creating the time and the space to make sure I do listen LOL
      Hugs and love
      Suzie xx

  2. All I can say is “WOW” Suzie! I smiled all the way through the article and the video. Your love and joy is contagious and made me sparkle. I also enjoy see you in brilliant royal blue, blue being the color associated with the kidneys and the water element in Chinese Medicine! We are so blessed that you are here with us sharing your healing journey, your love, joy and gratitude.

    1. Sandra that is awesome thank you your comments make my heart sing. I didn’t know that about Royal Blue and kidneys and water- it is a colour i love- I did buy it as purple but it is much deeper than that.
      Thanks for sharing your wisdom

  3. The way you reacted to your crisis is admirable. Congratulations on all the changes you made in your life. You definitely have a lot to be grateful for this year! ~Cathy

  4. I am very happy to hear the great news. It is nice to know the steps that you have taken in your healing journey. There is every reason to celebrate!

    I wish you showers of blessings. May you experience wellness each and every day!

    With love,

    1. Great to see your smiling face Evelyn

      Thanks for your showers of blessings I really appreciate them and I feel so blessed i have so many friends like you who have been there to support me along the way. It continues to be an intersting time of change in my life

      love Suzie xxoo

  5. Wow …. 1 year! Seems like just yesterday and at the same time … it seems so long ago!
    Speaking with you tonight … made me realize all the different stages and changes you have gone through this year.

    From day 1 – you were determined not to let this get the best of you… And what I see 1 year later is the best of you has emerged through this!

    I am celebrating my life … your life and how our lives are entwined!

    Bravo to you my friend! Sending you Big Hugs! 😀


    1. Ellie you brought tears to my eyes as I read this, your friendship has been so important to me on this journey. Thanks for reminding me of this and for your support, sometime tough love 🙂

      Yes celebrating ones life is a gidt we give to ourselves

      with love and hugs ♡♡♡

  6. Congratulations Suzie it is lovely to see your smiling face back out there enjoying life. It has been a journey for you these last 12 months and I believe there is a book awaiting to be written about this journey. Keep smiling and painting Suzie as you are a ray of sunshine in people’s lives every time you do.
    Lots of love
    Pam Brossman

    1. Yes Pam there is a book waiting to be written and more creative projects to unfold. Thank you for making my heart sing with your wonderful comment. I know it is time to start painting again. Currently spending that morning time on healing the bones project and meditation

      love and hugs

  7. Thank you for sharing your story! What a wonderful way to celebrate. It’s such a great reminder to enjoy the life that we have and don’t waste any opportunity for a celebration 😉

  8. Thanks for sharing I’m so glad you pulled through. 15 years ago I was told I’d 1month to live but after a bone marrow transplant, chemo and radio therepy I’m still here so yes I celebrate life every day:)

    1. That is a wonderful story Dianne, i can imagine that you do celebrate each day. I Just visited your blog and you reminded me of my mum who was a very prolific knitter and crocheter expecially for charity.

      Thanks for dropping by ♡♡

  9. Suzie,

    Iam very happy for you to have pulled through the most difficult stages in life. Kudos to your strong will power.

    While I can definitely imagine the amount of suffering you would have gone thru at that time, Iam sure with this now you have gained immense strength and an indomitable spirit to cross the bridge.

    Have a blessed life ahead!

    cheers, SV

    1. Hi SV,

      Thank you, I have learned so much more about myself, funnily enough you are so right getting in touch with my spirit has been immense

      cheers ♡

  10. Love your outlook on life! It’s obvious to me that this has made a HUGE difference in how things are for you. Gratitude is contagious…thank you for sharing.

  11. hey Suzie, i am so glad that you pulled through, and have new insights in your journey.

    I would not presume to completely understand, but perhaps I may have shared a similar experience; for about 5 years i needed a walking stick, or had trouble even sitting down, due to spinal problems.

    yet getting through this does make one a lot stronger, and more importantly, wiser. perhaps its a cliche but we may learn the most through adversity.

    here’s wishing you a long and quality life : )

    1. Hi Evan,
      Thank you yes we do learn from adversity, sometime i would like the universe to be a little gentler with the messages.

      Yes i feel for you with the spinal challenges . This is my first real experience of consistent back pain. It must have been tough.

      What did you do to recover?

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