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Are You Embracing Your Hearts Desire? Part 1

Although I usually wake up early in the morning,for the past month or so I have tended to pull the covers up and dose off again. Not today! When I woke up at 4.15am, still dark, instead of rolling over, I jumped out of bed and headed straight to the studio to paint, I felt a new energy.

I have been struggling with working out what is my heart’s desire in terms of my life’s purpose. I knew my purpose and my soul’s journey was all about love, the universe had delivered that message loud and clear back in July 2011.  

Yesterday Des my partner, soulmate and the love of my life ,as well as my beach coach has suggested that my vision was all in my head, not something I was feeling and suggested I journal and then paint as that is how I get clarity.

When he asked late yesterday had I written anything out I said no. I said I had been listening to Sonia Choquette’s online course Creating Your Heart’s Desire  and I had been reviewing my journal from the course. I felt excited, yes I felt an energy shift from the discussion that started on the beach walk with me feeling overwhelmed to now when I feel excited and energised.

This is how I expressed my heart’s desire in words in my journal after I had been meditating: My true heart’s desire is to experience total freedom and this comes when I shine my light on the world and share my gifts that truly colour the world, create change and empower others through love, to create and live the life they truly desire. I do this through my art and my words.

I was excited the words I had written I felt were reflected in the painting I had done earlier this morning. The painting  said to meyes this is my heart’s desire, full of love, of colour, of abundance, of life, of change and there was a dancing spirit. Then the rainbow.

heart desire

I now feel that I am moving towards creating my true heart’s desire and I will be sharing with you in the next article the various ways and tools that I am using to create my heart’s desire and to stay on course and maintain focus.

How do you express your heart’s desire?

with love

Suzie Cheel.

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41 Responses

  1. Love your art and words Suzie, so vibrant and emotionally rich Beautiful post. Funny to think how we have lived so long without tapping into our heart’s desires. So glad you have found yours. My heart’s desire is to use my gifts as a healer and bringer of beauty to guide women to find the riches in their souls and live in that.

    1. Hi Jen,
      Thank you you make my heart sing 🙂 love your- especially the riches of their souls. I think sometimes when life changes in both a big and a small way that our heart’s desires change too

  2. Hi Suzie! I found you in the Academy. I love the happy colors of your website and blog posts!

    Great message as well. My heart’s desire is to spend my time doing what I love and inspiring women to create lives in which they can thrive. I express myself through art, writing, and connecting with people one-on-one and in small groups.

  3. Suzie, I love this post. I can relate! Aren’t you lucky to have your mate egging you on, and questioning you. Lucky you! Keep these wonderful paintings coming, they are such an expression of you. J x

    1. Welcome Julie
      Thank you for you encouraging comment, the painting will keep coming and seeing you here I just reminded myself that I have a book post to do for you- on the to love list. Yes I am blessed to have Des
      Suzie xx ♥

  4. Your colors seem to have both a lightness and a depth. I think the combination is part of their beauty plus, of course, the fact that they carry your beautiful spirit. How wonderful that you were woken by excited, creative energy! I can’t wait to see how your gifts will color the world – your light is already shining. Thank you for spreading your love through color.

    1. Judy,
      you have my heart singing and a big smile on my face. I love that what i belive i am here to do is shining through- who would have thought after i was told at 12 not art for suzie as i couldn’r draw !
      be love
      Suzie xx

  5. Hi Suzie,
    What I found particularly touching about your post was the “shine your light” concept. I try and do whatever I am dong with love..of course I am only successful about 10 percent of the time because being a single working mom I am mostly rushed and flustered..and yet I remind myself over and over again during the day to just do whatever I am doing.. with love.

    1. Hi Gayle
      Welcome to Love You Love your life. Congrats on shining you light- 10% is brilliant some people never get to 1%. Yes love is the answer .
      Just a note take out the try and use just do and you might find yourself at 205 before love
      Be love

  6. Your artwork always speaks to my soul Suzie. How do you do that? I think most of us need to get out of our heads and into our hearts more often…our heads too easily get caught up in the current facts of life whereas our hearts…aah now they connect to all creation. And that’s a lot to choose from! 🙂

    1. Elle, what beautiful words, my heart does sing as I read your words and I can’t answer your question It is something that is a knowing and my messages that come from my heart seem to touch so many souls. it is my gift to you and the world
      Yes head to heart so often the stumbling block that keeps us from truly connecting with our hearts desire. I know it is about getting still and listening.

  7. That is just beautiful Suzie… another beautiful reminder of how exquisite colour is….love your sharing.

    I express my hearts desire in many ways writing and dancing are what come to mind today. Cheers Di

  8. Dear Suzie
    I’m looking forward to your next article and finding out your tools to keep on track with following our hearts desires. I like to express my hearts desires by surrounding myself with natural and beautiful things, especially animals as they are so full of love xxx lotsa love Suzie!

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      thank you I think i will make a video showing one new tool I have started this week. Yes the beach for me always opens me into love and abundance and a great place to express one’s hearts desire. Funny, not so much animals for me- although seeing a whale and a dolphins and pelicans always delight me
      Love to you xx

      1. Ooh a video sounds fun! What beach is it that you go to alot? I do miss the beach being inland where I live at the moment. But I am feeling that I will be moving again next year and will be nearer to the sea again 🙂 I would adore to swim with Dolphins one of my dream holidays. I have a wonderful retreat where I would have lots of healing and swim with Dolphins in the Bimini seas so that is my next uplevelling goal!! xxx

  9. Hi Suzie, I always love your artwork. This one seems to be special, though. It appears to be lit from behind. My heart’s desire is to help people in the world of work. I’ve been in recruiting for 17 years and seen all the little things candidates do that crush their chances to get the job they want. So this week I started a second blog. It’s my “feel good” blog. I didn’t fully realize why I did this crazy thing until I read your question in this post and started thinking about it. So thanks for asking!

    1. Susan i am delighted that my question gave you an answer. Yes this painting seems to have resonated with many people, today I am going to test it as my new banner. Recruiting is a rewarding job and imagine you have many inspiring stories to tell 🙂
      i look forward to reading you new blog as feeling good keeping our vibes raised enables us to live our heart’s desires
      Namaste xx

  10. Beautiful painting Suzie and a great message about heart’s desire. Desire is something we often overlook, but so wonderful when we slow down and really listen, see and feel what it is we want to experience. Thank you for sharing!

  11. So interesting Suzie, embracing and expressing your hearts desire don’t have to be the same thing, and like Des suggested, our visions can be in our heads and not expressed – really food for thought …and amazing to see the difference in you once you FELT the difference – I think your beautiful picture says it all 🙂

  12. I believe we do need to know our hearts desires and our God given gifts. My gifts are helping others and I have a strong desire to do that.
    Your painting above is so colorful.

    1. Hi Beverly,
      Thanks for your comment and visiting I appreciate you, yes we all do need to know what that god given gift it- sometimes unless it is really grounded we go off course i find

  13. cant wait to read whats coming! Your painting feels really fun to me. I like fun 🙂 Expressing your hearts desire feels like a tough question. I know how I tap into it and feel it but expressing it makes me think of how I show that it/myself to the world. I kinda feel like I just DO that by being me. Its is there is all that I say and do and of course in my coaching, but perhaps I need to think on this a little more. Now I a REALLY looking forward to your next post. Maybe there will be some inspiring ideas there for me to get more focused.

    1. Thanks Kate,
      I will be interested as to whether what I have planned ends up int the articles! Also I think it is time for a video.
      Yes you do just do it- follow your Heart’s Desire by being you and from reading you blog this years i think you are on track 🙂 Does it make you feel good?

  14. Hello Suzie, I love that you have shared part of the “vision in your head”. The colours (or colors) in this lovely art piece is indeed exciting and full of energy. Thanks again for reminding me of the healing power of color and art. Light & Love! Phyllis

    1. Hi Phyllis,
      I love it when my post triggers something for you. Yes i like this painting to and thinking of using it in my new banner. Yes color and art are bog healers

  15. I love this painting Suzy! Shared on Pinterest . . . Isn’t it beautiful how creativity always changes, how new ways to access the Muse always appear? I can’t wait to read your next post about ways and tools to create my heart’s desire!

    1. Hi Martine,
      Thanks I have to say the painting delighted me too and thanks for the share. I too am looking forward to sharing my tools as i have started a new one this week.
      Yes creativity does allow the Muse as you say to appear.

  16. Suzie, this is beautiful! I’ve been working through stuff to do with my heart’s desire and purpose as well and I also feel like I’m moving toward it (I’m working on something new that expresses it).

    1. Hi Leanne,
      How wonderful to see you here and i love your Gratitude blog. , is this the new expression?
      Love that you are working on your Heart’s Desire and moving forward and keep me posted

      1. Thanks :). No, it’s not the new expression, just something beautiful that I believe in :). Hugs to you, too!

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