Be free

Be Free, Let Go, Just Be

What is my heart whispering


Be free, let go and just be

This was the message from my guides

When I allow myself to JUST BE

Let the whispers of my heart guide me

KNOWING I am enough, allows me to let go.

Letting the love flow

Really knowing that I can.

EXPECT MIRACLES  when I fully love myself 

Release any negative thoughts I have about myself

The more I love myself the more I allow the ABUNDANCE to flow.

I can now manifest my dream life as I move toward true freedom.

Do you believe you can manifest your dream lifestyle?

Do you desire more abundance?

Vibrant health

True Wealth

Inner Peace

Is this you? 

THE PROCESS I USED TODAY for my daily oracle reading: 

I centered myself after I had a session with my guides.

I shuffled my cards and the first one I drew was

JUST BE: Amazing given the message above that I got from my guides

I was guided then to split the deck in three and take the top card from the lower third: KNOWING,

I repeated this, shuffled again and split the deck in three again, this time taking the card from the middle


Then I heard just one more and I turned over the next card and it was


Each week I am being given different ways to use the cards the more I trust and listen to my intuition.

I love it!

Have a magical day

Live your life powered by love

Dare to dream again

with love and abundance

Suzie xo

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18 thoughts on “Be Free, Let Go, Just Be”

  1. Really tuning into our heart whispers are key to living life on your terms. I love how you found yourself back in this space and the soul guidance you received to make a shift that’s right for you!

  2. As I’m sure you remember, it is not easy to maintain proper mental/emotional balance while the knees are healing. Living in “three steps forward, two steps back” this post was perfectly timed for me. I think I’ll “just be” today.

    1. So true Andrea- yes I remember- this time last year knee in a brace 🙂 Although I did practice my resting and patience skills agai, . Enjoy just being xo

  3. Happily shared with the group MIRACLES. As always, I appreciate how you connect with your guides and use your oracle cards, Suzie. I also SOOOOOO like the picture of you and Des on the beach.

  4. Your statement about releasing all thoughts of lack caught my eye, Suzie. It’s true, when we let go worrying that we don’t have enough, that’s when we see the abundance already present in our life and welcome more of it in the form that we need or desire.

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