I was walking on the beach with Des and  talking about my new tagline BE YOU, GET WEALTHY and I said if people don’t like it that’s too bad!

Des said:

“Why are you calling in negativity?

What if you said ‘AND People will love it!’?
Would that attract the people who love it?

Not the people who will judge you or think less of you?”

Oops! A good reminder for this Abundance Queen and Law of Attraction expert 🙂

A good teacher, is what I am.

At times like this, Des says “You taught me all this.”

So here’s what I got from that exchange, stepping into our true self doesn’t have to be something to fear, something to fret about.

Who knows, there will probably be plenty of people who love to see what we are doing, people who will be inspired to take similar action in their own lives.

That’s the  ripple effect.

And in that way, when we step into our true self we’ll be thinking such positive thoughts we won’t have the bandwidth to  think about the people who mightn’t like it.

Just think about the good that we are doing, and how by what we are doing we are changing people’s lives.

Inspiring them to become totally true to themselves.

“If the trumpet does not sound a clear call, who will get ready for battle?” ~ 1 Corinthians 14:8

Be strong in taking your stand for who you are.

Don’t give negativity any unnecessary attention.

I am so good at helping other people shift their language, I sometimes forget about my own.

I help others make the shift from fear to love, from negativity to positivity.

And yet I slip up.

We are all human, and as the saying goes, “the plumbers house always leaks”.

Do you experience this disconnect, this lack of congruence, in your life, your family, your business?

Then welcome to the human race! 🙂

It’s not something to get stressed about, or beat ourselves up.

But we can always improve.

And the best way to improve is to focus more intently on the positive.

And I’m thinking, what other ways can we turn that negativity impulse around?

Maybe by making it a game?

Any suggestions? Ideas?

Well I am now off to do the  Magic Footsteps exercise from the book The Magic.

Then my beach gratitude rant
This is something that always raises my vibes

Are you ready to Be You and Get Wealthy in all areas of your life? 

Share in the comments 

With love and abundance

Suzie xxx

Love Yourself Into Abundance 





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25 thoughts on “BE YOU AND ……..PEOPLE WILL LOVE IT!”

  1. It’s really good to catch ourselves when we tend to look at the negative instead of positive possibilities. I’m all for being realistic at the same time. Some people won’t like the new tagline and that’s okay. Everyone has different interest and needs.

  2. Wonderful example, Suzie. Sometimes, I also “forget” to consciously choose my perspective. It’s uncanny how easy it is to slip back into negative, defeating thinking patterns. When a wise friend reminds me to see it another way or I reframe, I’m like “Oh yeah!” Glad you have your Des. I love it that he says “You taught me all of this.” 🙂

  3. Suzie, while I highly appreciate what Des said, and am so glad you have someone who is right there to remind you to stay positive, you’re only human. Although we try not to focus on what others think, from time to time we’re going to find ourselves thinking along that line. Recently, in my Group Coaching Program, when we got to the Module on mindset around money, I found myself changing from Wealth Mindset to Abundance Mindset. 

    Nothing essentially wrong, however, I made the change knowing that some persons have a negative attitude towards wealth but connect more easily with the term abundance. Great new tagline. Love how you’re always making adjustments for the greater good.

    1. Yvonne Understand what you are saying about wealth, I then think of wealth as being all encompassing and alway our health is our wealth which is such a huge focus of my life and business, you have sparked my Monday question on my page 🙂  
      Suzie Cheel recently posted…BE BOLD Follow Your PassionMy Profile

  4. Love your new tag line. Great wealth comes when we live our lives authentically. But, what I really love is your sense of humor and storytelling gifts! This is a wonderful post with an important (and timely) message. Thank you.

  5. Hi Suzie~ I love how Des is always there to reflect back to you what is in your heart! I think it is amazing to observe the relationship you share and the support of each other’s growth you provide! I think I will check out “The Magic” as I’ve not heard about it until now! xoxo

  6. Great take-away points from your conversation with Des. The family of fear will happily inhabit our minds if we invite them in. It’s important to change our language as you suggest Suzie. It takes time but if we affirm people will love what we have to offer – we put ourselves in a much more positive mindset to move forward. xx2

  7. As someone who teaches authenticity and vulnerability in your marketing, I LOVE THIS BLOG POST! Thank you for giving your readers (including me) permission to be ourselves. I also love gratitude practices – so helpful for the right mindset. xoxo

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