Yesterday was a game changing day for me and when I woke up this morning  I had no regrets and was still excited.

A great sign.

What do I love about change?

This was my journal prompt today 

What flowed from my cards and my pen:
The INNER PEACE that comes as I

FOCUS What I really really want and see it as a given

then the PROSPERITY flows.

I am excited that I have had a draw a line in the sand moment and embraced change with joy.

With the full moon eclipse today 31st Jan 11.24pm AEST this is a perfect time.


I this read on Kim’Falconer’s post:

“Start now by noticing ‘tolerations’ that you would like to let go. Venus is involved so think love, art and $$$.

Where can you see change in your life?”

I am letting go of the push that I have been feeling in my business over the past few years

My theme for 2018 is  BE TRUE TO ME and BE in FLOW

I feel as I release what no longer serves me or brings me joy, letting go of all fear., the what if this or maybe that!

The new door that has opened for me will be the gift that give me the Financial Freedom I vision each day. I have been here before and know that it is a much more secure place to be in.

It is also the place where I can have a bigger impact on helping others create positive change and their own financial freedom

I am loving what I am doing.

The awesome heart centered community

Can’t wait to share this with you. 
It is a special time 

Are you ready to create positive change? 

Just comment below or email me if you are ready to create change in your life .

Remember Love heals all

Open your heart to LOVE: DARE to DREAM again!


all my love

Suzie xxx

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12 Responses

  1. Appreciating this question, “Start now by noticing ‘tolerations’ that you would like to let go. Venus is involved so think love, art and $$$.” Happy you are letting go of pushing with your business…me, too. I want to go “merrily, merrly, merrily, gently down the stream.” xo Namaste

    1. Thank you Lore. NO more push- my body revolts i have worked out. Yes this is the year for being in flow and I am excited about the changes I am making. Yes to merrily merrily merrily…. namaste xxoo

  2. This year is one of ‘trusting the flow of life’, for me. I would like to think I am constantly letting go of old things and letting new things come. Sometimes this is challenging, especially when nothing seems to be showing up…or at least not fast enough for me. 🙂 On this super moon, I am releasing my need to know the outcomes and am trusting that all my choices are leading me forward. I love your three card prompt, as it resonates with me as well. Inner peace and focus leads to abundance. Beautiful, Suzie. <3

    1. Hi Beverley- seems like we are on a similar path of trusting in the flow of life and releasing the how? Oh yes I understand the not fast enough too . I think for me this is where the unattachment comes in. 💜💕💜🙏

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