be big

  Don’t get too big for your boots!

Keep your light under a bushell.

Don’t blow your own trumpet!

Who do you think you are?

Yes BE BIG! 

Are you easily able to step into being big in all aspects of you life. Or do you hear those words that I heard as a child, a teenager? I did from my mother many times. Thinking big, bragging was frowned on, seen as being conceited and selfish.

Two weeks ago I had decided to join Laura Hollick’s  International Soul Art day. I had taken part last year and found both a vibe raiser and a freeing process full of love an gratitude.

Soul art 2012

Yesterday I completed this years Soul Art Journey that I started back on Friday May 10th. This  soul art piece has gone through 3 main stages since the first body mapping.


Body mapping was Step 2 of what was a five step process.  After watching Laura’s intro I was drawn to capture my heart area, my T6, my arms and my third eye. My initial reaction when i looked at the map Des had drawn around me, was wow this is big!

I worked predominately with paint after initially planning and being prepared to use collage. My painting surface was impromptu- some butchers paper attached to a flattened cardboard carton.

I saw my head as being golden and on Take one  it was too orange, there might have been more painting from the head than the heart. I wrote afterwards that day that my art was about transformation and balancing chakras. One of the messages my art gave me was “Be Bold, step up”.

After I had finished painting Take 1 I felt that it was not complete.  For the next week I kept looking at it and knew there was something else that was to emerge. There was also some procrastination at play. Last Saturday was the day I thought I will complete it! Still nothing emerged. Sunday I took a Day for Me, visited an Art Gallery and started the week recharged. Now some inspiration would flow!


On Tuesday after doing some work on my mission and my vision I walked back into my studio and added to the work thinking it was then complete. (TAKE 2) When I took the photograph of the work I saw a darkness that did not sit well with me. I slept on it knowing that in the morning I would look at it with fresh eyes.


Yesterday morning after meditating, I headed into the studio and started painting with joy and inspiration came. I added layers of paint that brought feelings of love, joy and freedom. I now felt that it was complete and while I had embraced the bigness I had found a softness that was lacking in the early stages.  I was happy and felt fulfilled. I then submitted it and answered the questions that go with the entering your art to the  Soul Art Day Gallery: You can read what I wrote and see the 3 images together at Soul Art Day Gallery

I know from this process this is very significant for me, yes big! When I shared that I discovered from doing the Soul Art exercise and that I had some work to do on playing a bigger game. my friend Stephanie said : “Well you already knew that!” The bigness of the imagery reflected back to me that it ss time to step up it is time to share  my art, my inspiration, my products, my message to a much wider audience and let the world know I am back in business. It is time to create the ripples of change that do make a difference in the world. My world and yours:)

I then spent some time reflecting and the book The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz  came to mind. I first read the book back in the late 80’s and it is still is on my bookshelf 20 plus years later. I bought it when I was embarking on a big career change and I did think big then as I was leaving a safe secure job to embark on setting up a business as a textile artist. I think it is time to again think and act big. Yes new step is take action with a detailed plan! Time to revisit my 2013 goals and my Biz planner

♡ Do you play big in your life? Do share I would love to hear your story♡

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Be love

Suzie Cheel

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34 Responses

  1. Said it before, and I’ll say it again —> U SOOOO ROCK!!! Keep Playing Big Suzie! But also remember BALANCE . . . for YOU . . . that IS Playing Big, because when you look after yourself holistically — as in Body, Mind AND Spirit, you are free to play your biggest YOU!

    I adore you!!!!


    1. Thank UUUUU my adorable friend, who knows me so well. Interesting since i have finished that painting, i noticed myself taking more time to sit in the sun and stop chasing all over the net:) Having the healing weekend was great too. Yes step by step and I feel so full of joy
      Love you
      Namaste ♥♡♥

  2. I am absolutely in awe of your amazing pictures Suzie – I just love how you are so connected to your heart, mind and soul and are able to express yourself in your Soul Art Picture – it is quite beautiful. and so is your hands and arms from 2012. The colours are so harmonious.
    Be Big – yes, has to be done – I heard all your phrases as a child too.
    Would you consider allowing me to use some of your images in my blogs and fb posts Suzie – I see they are already branded to you, but where possible I would mention you as well?
    Your post is full of inspiration today 🙂

    1. Hi Jacs,
      Your comments absolutely delight me, as it seems I am conveying to others much more than i am seeing!
      Amazing how those phrases come back to us.
      I am delight that i have inspired you
      Namaste ♥♡♥
      PS will email you re images

  3. Hi Suzie! Love your Soul Art and Collage and am inspired to focus more on similar activity. I’ve done some similar projects in the past and somehow have let them go without intending to do so.

    1. Hi Caroline and welcome,
      Thank you I am delighted that I have inspired you to rekindle your creative spirit.. Sometimes finishing is a challenge and when we do we grow and often breakthrough a block.
      Namaste ♥♡♥

  4. Congratulations on finishing your Soul Art Journey Suzie – finishing a project is always a joyous occasion to celebrate, but this sounds like such an inspirational experience. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Hi Marquita,
      Yes finishing is something that I really benefit from- I have many unfinished projects and I think my next BEach Inspiration is going to be finishing 🙂
      Yes it was an inspirational experience and one of growth for me
      Namaste ♥♡♥

  5. As always Suzie – totally amazing and inspiring. Yes, we have played small for many years but we are now totally turning that around. The more we step into our power and open ourselves to being vulnerable, the bigger we can play!

    1. Hi Diane
      Thanks love your support and inspiration for my work, thank you
      Yes this is my years for steeping into my power and after a while I can finally feel the excitement rising
      Namaste ♥♡♥

  6. Hi Suzie!

    Your artwork is beautiful and it sounds like it was an amazing experience–you are inspiring me to start painting again and combine that with meditative work. 🙂


    1. Hi Christina,
      Thank you yes it was an amzing and a learning experience that is helping me move forward.. I am delighted to read that you are inspired to pick up a paintbrush again. Iam using my paintings as part of meditations I am making
      Namaste ♥♡♥

  7. Congratulations on completing your journal..That’s fabulous! What a beautiful achievement! Your art is joyful and communicate deeply with us the growth and the essence of your spiritual body. I could look at it for hours…but I gotta go…LOL Thank you for sharing your magnificence with us!


    1. Hi Nathalie
      How wonderful, your comment touched my soul. and delighted that you can see maybe what i didn;t- great to have your work viewed and commented on my another souls sista
      Namaste ♥♡♥

  8. Hi Suzie,
    This is interesting and yet scary particularly the 3rd eye! In some cultures, one of which I am in believe that the third eye is evil all the more surprised that there can be other interpretation on it.

    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      Interesting I have hear that- I have heard from Indian Cultires about someone having evel eye and I have seen this in someones eyes. For me this is the opening of my 3rd eye m opening up more to my intuition and my spirit.

  9. Sounds like you have a good friend in Stephanie. Sometimes our friends see our gifts more clearly and help us acknowledge our strengths. I’m grateful for those who support me in playing a bigger game, which I’m starting to do now – creating a marketing program for (freelancers & solopreneurs) that I’ve had in my mind for more than a year. Wish me luck.
    Thanks. ~Debra

    1. Hi Debra,
      wonderful to see you again. Yes Stephanie is a great friend and tell it like it is nit always easy to take but such a gift. Yes getting support playing a bigger game is crucial- it’s finally accepting we can’t do it all alone.
      Know how you feel I have been sitting on a course and products for far to long- let;s both create the courses that will change lives
      Be Love ♥♡♥

      1. Yes Suzie, let’s both go for it.
        We make work for ourselves, but we’re not by ourselves. Community it so important, which is one reason why I’m putting this program together for solo-preneurs – so they know they’re not alone.
        Here’s to your sweet success.

  10. Wow, those are amazing paintings. Yes, I have some hesitant feelings about being big. 🙂 I’m so glad you are addressing this topic. We need this encouragement to have a healthy sense of confidence and pride.

    1. Thanks Sandra and thanks for dropping by.
      Yes we do need encouragement and we then need to believe the praise others give us whuch then goes back to having healthy self-esteem and loving and accepting ourselves.
      Yes i need to address this topic for me and so glad it is helping others
      Be the Love that is you ♥♡♥

  11. Loved the Be Big post as well as all the colorful images. Be Bold and Step Up hit me especially. Thank you.

  12. THIS is what being fabulous and fearless is all about for me and why I get my group members to celebrate their fabulousness on Fridays on Facebook. Yes, I grew up with all those messages and luckily NEVER say them to my daughters. Your art is so joyful btw 🙂

    1. Hi Louise,
      Thanks i love that my art gives you joy, ot took me a while to get to the joy within this piece.
      Wonderful you don’t say those words to your daughters. I will remember to come celbrate my fabulousness today
      Be Love ♥♡♥

  13. I love the art – love the boldness of the colors – very nice! As far as playing big – yes, I do. I find sometimes I have to temper my boldness because, well, it just gets exhausting. My passion and my work is helping others broadcast their message on social media. When I get excited about their biz and they are not – big problem! I tend to want to take on too much and have found I vet my clients more thoroughly now. Their interest and energy has to match mine in order for us to work well together. Boldness and bigness did not always come easy to me – being comfortable in my own shoes as I get older has helped.

    1. Welcome Laura,
      Thanks. Interesting your comment about being exhausting. I sometimes find playing small zaps my energy. Yes being true to you , more comfortable with who you be and loving oneself makes life easier all round. Wow working with people who don’t love their Biz would be draining- great to see you are changing that.
      I am delighted to meet you
      Be Love ♥♡♥

  14. I play big with my daily views on the news. Rather than say, “Who am I to talk about such things?” I try to share what I think about what’s going on outside my comfort zone.
    Love your journey through the production of your art.

    1. Hi Francene
      I love what you have shared- playing big can chnage our view not just of ourselves also the world
      yes it continues to be an interesting journey
      Be Love ♥♡♥

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