be big

  Don’t get too big for your boots!

Keep your light under a bushell.

Don’t blow your own trumpet!

Who do you think you are?

Yes BE BIG! 

Are you easily able to step into being big in all aspects of you life. Or do you hear those words that I heard as a child, a teenager? I did from my mother many times. Thinking big, bragging was frowned on, seen as being conceited and selfish.

Two weeks ago I had decided to join Laura Hollick’s  International Soul Art day. I had taken part last year and found both a vibe raiser and a freeing process full of love an gratitude.

Soul art 2012

Yesterday I completed this years Soul Art Journey that I started back on Friday May 10th. This  soul art piece has gone through 3 main stages since the first body mapping.


Body mapping was Step 2 of what was a five step process.  After watching Laura’s intro I was drawn to capture my heart area, my T6, my arms and my third eye. My initial reaction when i looked at the map Des had drawn around me, was wow this is big!

I worked predominately with paint after initially planning and being prepared to use collage. My painting surface was impromptu- some butchers paper attached to a flattened cardboard carton.

I saw my head as being golden and on Take one  it was too orange, there might have been more painting from the head than the heart. I wrote afterwards that day that my art was about transformation and balancing chakras. One of the messages my art gave me was “Be Bold, step up”.

After I had finished painting Take 1 I felt that it was not complete.  For the next week I kept looking at it and knew there was something else that was to emerge. There was also some procrastination at play. Last Saturday was the day I thought I will complete it! Still nothing emerged. Sunday I took a Day for Me, visited an Art Gallery and started the week recharged. Now some inspiration would flow!


On Tuesday after doing some work on my mission and my vision I walked back into my studio and added to the work thinking it was then complete. (TAKE 2) When I took the photograph of the work I saw a darkness that did not sit well with me. I slept on it knowing that in the morning I would look at it with fresh eyes.


Yesterday morning after meditating, I headed into the studio and started painting with joy and inspiration came. I added layers of paint that brought feelings of love, joy and freedom. I now felt that it was complete and while I had embraced the bigness I had found a softness that was lacking in the early stages.  I was happy and felt fulfilled. I then submitted it and answered the questions that go with the entering your art to the  Soul Art Day Gallery: You can read what I wrote and see the 3 images together at Soul Art Day Gallery

I know from this process this is very significant for me, yes big! When I shared that I discovered from doing the Soul Art exercise and that I had some work to do on playing a bigger game. my friend Stephanie said : “Well you already knew that!” The bigness of the imagery reflected back to me that it ss time to step up it is time to share  my art, my inspiration, my products, my message to a much wider audience and let the world know I am back in business. It is time to create the ripples of change that do make a difference in the world. My world and yours:)

I then spent some time reflecting and the book The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz  came to mind. I first read the book back in the late 80’s and it is still is on my bookshelf 20 plus years later. I bought it when I was embarking on a big career change and I did think big then as I was leaving a safe secure job to embark on setting up a business as a textile artist. I think it is time to again think and act big. Yes new step is take action with a detailed plan! Time to revisit my 2013 goals and my Biz planner

♡ Do you play big in your life? Do share I would love to hear your story♡

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Be love

Suzie Cheel

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