Listen to your heart and be bold enough to follow it instead of doing what other people want you to do-Joyce Meyer

When I think of being bold my mother’s words come back to me : “You are so brazen”! Brazen means to be bold and without shame. At the time I was fearless and found it easy to be bold and didn’t think about the shame.

What Changed?

Somewhere along the way I developed what I call the FUD FACTOR

This is not a good look or feel and I doubted my own brilliance, got fearful  and I did begin to get feelings of shame. As I write this, memories of really putting myself out there, stepping out of my comfort zone, and just being me return. Wow so what happened?

Des tells me I got tired and bored. I was running my Suzie Cheel Handpainted textile business and the selling climate changed. I started to look outside myself more and more. I got dazzled by so called “gurus”  I stopped listening to and  following my heart. Following my heart had taken me from safe secure employment as a trainer of Child Care Workers into the Textile Art world. I started spending money with various gurus and looking back today, I know that these”gurus” were not authentic and definitely not coming from their hearts.

I began to see so many people who “I thought” were starring and seemed very successful in what they were doing. Not always so I discovered when I have talked with them, they suffered from being in what I call FUD factor land.


Yesterday I feel like I broke free of the FUD Factor by being bold:  I have a fear and do doubt myself in sending out emails asking for help, I also have resisted promoting my friends products as well as my own in solo emails.  Yesterday I sent out an email titled Expect a Miracle to my whole list.

This is one crazy idea- yes expect a miracle!-I was doing QiGong this morning when this idea to ask you all for help flashed across my mind. I have resisted sending out an email just asking you to vote for my book Lucky To Be Alive My Year of Living Positively that will help thousands of people who have life threatening illnesses.
I am a messenger for change and this is the story of how I changed my life and recovered from a near-death experience.

Today is the last day- actually last 6 hours of voting time left and I have 1038 votes.
Now for the craziness- if 700 of you voted and clicked the 5 stars that would make 3500 extra votes and that might just get me across the winning line. Unlikely I know but a girl can wish 🙂

 “Freedom lies in being bold.”  -Robert Frost 

I discovered after I had sent out this email, that I had shared Wayne Dyer’s inspirational image on my facebook page yesterday,synchronicity at work.


Yes miracles do happen and are very freeing and exciting.  One of my fellow Law Of Attraction fellow facilitator Cynthia Manner shared my email on our private group and then Judy Garey took up the challenge inspired by my email. It was exciting and when the contest closed 5 hours later  my book had moved to 6th place with 1193 votes, I then imagined what would have happened if I have chosen to let go of my FUD factor and asked for help from a wider audience earlier! Today I am smiling. I will also receive a prize.

This was a wake up call for me and the best thing was that I didn’t beat up on Suzie. I was excited I had broken though my resistance to sending out emails, yes I do send out my weekly Heart Whisper and that feels great. I do it with  joy as I am giving and the feedback I get is amazing.  I know it is uplifting and inspiring.  Yesterday I also received many email responses to my email.- I love it, keep them coming 🙂 So I found a way by being me, to share and ask in a manner I feel comfortable with.

What was stopping me?

I hate, yes hate long emails, sales letters etc and always feel I have to learn a new way of being. I now know that is not me. Well I knew all along I just lost faith in me and what I was doing and that held me back big time.

 Des said when I shared the email with him : “ Ah the real Suzie is back, you have written from your heart” . You can expect more heart felt messages from me. 

I feet great, I had a wonderful few hours meeting new people and know that when the time comes to market my book I will have a ready and willing team to support me. To top it off I was asked to be one of 21 experts in an up coming tele-summit and be interviewed for a positive change radio show. Yes I will be sending emails out to let you know 🙂 without fear and worry!

Thank you

Be Bold

Being bold
Allows fear to fall away
Uncertainty fades
Doubt dwindles
Your brilliance begins to shine
Feelings of joy and happiness return
Change comes as you make the choice
To listen to you heart.

What will you do to be bold today?

All my love

Suzie Cheel



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34 Responses

  1. You have a great attitude.. I believe in miracles, they seem to happen when your hope is at its lowest. Reminding us that we never know…..

    bless you

  2. Hi Suzie, what an inspiration you are! I am totally with you on using images I am like you and often let self-doubt creep up in my mind…I will follow Megan’s choice to use being as a mantra all weekend!

    1. Hi Nathalie,
      Thank you you always make my heart sing. Yes be bold- I think you are. We need tools and habits and as we strengthen them the self-doubt fades
      Lots of love
      PS love your paintings

  3. This article has definitely taught people how to get the best inspiration for a success in their goal. Hopefully there will be so many people will get success in what they were doing after they follow your advice. Frankly I haven’t found the good article like this in anywhere except only yours. I appreciate what you have been sharing to us here.


  4. Suzie, I love the be bold sentiment. From my book: “I’m just a broad wannabe!” Broads may be brazen, just like you as a child, but they rule the room. Great big bold broads that I admire: Mae West, Phylis Diller, and Margaret Thatcher (may not have liked her politics, but that gal had pair!).

  5. I love the FUD factor. It’s so descriptive even in the way it sounds coming out of my mouth. Congratulations on your book 🙂 I am super happy for you and excited that next time you are feeling inclined to maybe reach past your FUD you will find it so much easier!! High 5!!

    1. Kate great to see you back.
      You had me smiling as I read this. Fud factor came from my partner Des Walsh one morning on the beach.Yes it is going to be so much easier from now on and I now have to put the time in to finish the book
      I have just read your post on asking for help- did you see the one below my reply Be Asking

  6. Suzie I get that many people need images. I’m not usually a pictures person but I am visual. If the paragraph is too long I’ll not likely read. If I feel a site is too cluttered or too sterile I’ll be turned off.

    I have decided to start adding pictures to my blog posts!

    Thanks for being you!

    From my heart to yours!

  7. Suzie, I am doing the happy dance for you! Yay for you to realize you needed that inside to inside connection with everyone – even gurus. I am so blessed that the “gurus” that surround me are genuine people who care more about changing lives than launches. I celebrate this breakthrough with you – and look forward to more inspiration in your words and pictures!

  8. Suzie, what an inspiration your words and pictures are! I especially like what you wrote – I started to look outside myself more and more and got dazzled by so called “gurus.”

    Yes, there are “gurus” who don’t operate from integrity, but there are also a lot who are genuine and desire to help change lives. I am so blessed to be in the company of those kind of gurus! It’s that inside to inside connection that is needed and yay for you! You discovered that and for that I am doing the happy dance, barefoot on the beach, blowing bubbles and shouting “Yes yes yes!”

    1. Welcome Trish,
      Wow what a wonderful spirit you are and love your energy- yes to happy dances on the beach.
      I agree and I know some beautiful heart centered gurus too. yes it is all learning and openng on our paths to freedom,
      Thanks for your enthusiasm I love it 🙂

  9. So beautiful Suzie. When your message comes from the heart and you have something to share that resonates with the recipients, you’re on the right path. How exciting that you took the step to reach out & ask for help and the Universe delivered positive results.
    Keep on sharing from the heart and being bold.
    Here’s to your sweet success.

  10. This is so exciting to see your miracle happening Suzie. Being Bold, and asking for help are not easy for me, and I’m sure many others – but I think you hit it on the head when you say writing/speaking from the heart is the way to attract those miracles.
    I love your FUD drawing – it’s so beautifully done 🙂
    another vote coming up ~ HOPE YOU HIT THE TARGET 🙂

    1. Hi Jacs,
      Whay is the asking such a challenge? Yes when we really learn to love and accept ourselves the asking becomes easier as does the receiving.
      thanks for you wonderful positive feedback.
      Thanks for the vote- I feel like a winner even though I came in 6th- i have so many gifts and feel very blessed

  11. I am going to start being more aware of the FUD factor (love the easy acronym). Isn’t it amazing how many miracles occur when we are just simply open to them? Love your message, Suzie.

  12. Awesome Suzie! You have always been an amazing and upbeat person.With all I have been going through since last Fall with my health, I Believe and expect Miracles too.Asking for help has never been easy for me, but I had to do it when I got sick. Love this post!

    1. Hi Beverly and welcome
      I am sorry to hear you have had health challenges. Yes I agree we must believe in and expect miracles for our healing journeys otherwise we can get caught up in others people( medical) stories. yes asking for hekp is still a challenge for me- did you see Be Asking?

  13. What a wonderful and inspirational message Suzie. Is it a miracle that both of us wrote about miracles this week in our blogs. I believe God/The Universe is spreading the word to believe in miracles and it all starts with YOU! You truly are a miracle and I can relate to the FUD factor. Lived with it pretty much of my life, trying to fit in and be like everyone else.

    I love your BEach messages each week! Many blessings to you!

    1. Yes in sync- was surprised when i went to you blog ad saw you had written about miracles.
      Yes the FUD factor is something to move away from. thank you
      namaste xo

  14. This is awesome. We all experience the FUD factor. My favorite “experts” are the ones that are vocal about the fact that they still do have FUD moments! It’s always an inspiration to see people see and recognize that!

    You mentioned long emails and my first instinct was “oh no, when I write, I write!” Then I remembered, “Be you!” It is who I am. It is so refreshing to know and accept who we are! I love that you are on that amazing journey too and sharing your messages!

    Go YOU!


    1. Awesome Michele
      Yes BE YOU so important as i have realised.
      BTW I do read some long email if they have images and I am told right at the beginning what to expect.
      thanks for your insights

  15. This was just so inspiring. I guess we all have to go through the FUD factor in our lives sometime. Like getting refined to become the gold of the highest brilliance.

    Looking forward to more such inspirations.


  16. THanks Suzie. Yup, we grow up and become afraid for some reason. Did I miss it or do you define the FUD factor somewhere? Can you please spell out what that stands for? Great post. via UBC.

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