Creating Abundance in April


Welcome to April The month of ABUNDANCE Yesterday I decided to draw a goddess card and it was Freya: BOLD Then today I wrote: I release my fears, I am no longer settling Because I am BOLD! Today I was called to draw a card first from one of my favorite decks, that I attracted […]

When Louise Came To Visit

When Louise Came To Visit

Question: How will I stay focused on my why, today? Yes Suzie you strayed yesterday and lost the plot! What if this or may that. Words from my Emergings poem came to mind. The anguish of What if this or maybe that? Procrastination over which path to take: Two steps forward one back Round and […]

Joyful June: It’s Time to Play, Be Bold and Be in The Flow

joyful june

The June Abundance Heart Whisper Reading The Heart Whisper Oracle card reading sets the focus for June. Starting with the Play card that keeps coming up for me. This is both about taking timeout to play and also bringing the love of play into out life and businesses. This can lead to being and feeling and having more  abundance and joy in you […]