Like me, you might have owned and used a variety of cards and decks for many years.

And, like many people who have contacted me lately, you might be thinking you’d like to create your own deck.

Which is why I’m hosting a webinar on the subject.

It all started for me back in 2002, when I became an Angel Intuitive Practitioner with Doreen Virtue.

Back then, I bought Healing With The Angels, Messages from your Angels, Healing With The Fairies, and Mermaids and Dolphins. This is still one of my favourites.

Over the years since then I have gone on to acquire many different decks.

Some are like best friends, some rarely get opened.

Many I have gifted on to others.

Prior to that I only had Louise Hay inspirational cards and a deck of Tarot that a friend had given me.

(I’ll let you in on a secret. I’m not a fan of Tarot and it’s not a system that speaks to me.)


Through Doreen Virtue, I learned to trust my intuition in using cards, a lot more than I had previously.

With many decks you are given the interpretation of the creator for the meaning of the card.

My preference is to provide minimum text, with the interpretation being more up to the intuition and current state of mind and heart of the user.

11 years ago, when I was healing from my kidney failure, the Healing With the Angels cards were my saviour.

Each morning,first in hospital and then at home, I would mediate, draw 3 cards and then journal.

With Healing from the Angels cards there is just a picture and one word.

This allows you to tap into your heart’s wisdom and really listen.

If you need more external interpretation, the accompanying guide book can provide that.


Through my healing journey I rediscovered my passion for my creativity and I started to paint a series of forty five hearts, as a way to heal.

As I shared the paintings, I was finding that each one had a message.

I then started a 30 day challenge – A heart every day.

And once I started I just kept going. That 30 heart paintings became 365.

One for every day of the year.

First I turned these into The Weekly Heart Whisper E-zine and then the idea of creating my own Heart Whisper Daily Guidance deck, incorporating a selection of those paintings, excited me.

So four years ago my own deck was born and is used daily now to guide many people including Artists, Entrepreneurs, Creatives, and Business Leaders, as well as people who just love cards.


This won’t be for everyone Why might it be for you?

This webinar will be a “toe in the water”, which will help you decide whether you want to further and join my paid workshops, where you can learn how to create your own deck.

And one promise I make now is that as well as those workshops providing a serious, step-by-step guide to creating your own deck, we will be having a lot of fun!

When is it?

Monday 9th November
TUESDAY 10th November AEST 10AM ADST: 11 AM
If you can’t make this time there will be a replay

BRING YOUR QUESTIONS: Remember no question is silly

Looking forward to seeing you on the webinar





Boldly turning your vision into your reality?

Now is the time

Maybe you are like me?
Allowed life to stop you from sharing your gift?🎁

In my case behind the anguish and anxiety that came through downsizing and upscaling our home🏚

Embarrassed at my hoarding
The boxes and containers still to be unpacked 🗃
The decisions to be made

The clothes to get the Marie Kondo Experience 👗

Not too mention the computer clutter

Feeling shame?
Honestly yes!

So I stopped showing up daily
No daily love vibes
Abundance Show on hold

My back with all the bending, packing, etc, decided to make sure I stopped.

Yesterday I realised I had put my vision on hold

A line in the sand moment

I was listening to a training with one of my mentors, Kristie X Ord .
Kristie was sharing how when she became really focussed on her vision then her business and life shifted.

Her vision is her lived reality NOW

I had put my vision on hold and at the same time being selfish in not sharing my gifts.

This morning I read these words from Jeff Agostinelli
“Your vision is too important to not turn into a reality.
There are people right now who are praying for help and guidance. And I absolutely believe that we are the answer to somebody’s prayer.”

That hit home.

I am the answer to so many people’s prayers yet while I hide no one benefits

I had started to write this post when up popped these words from Elizabeth Anne Walker

“What would happen if your vision became your reality?

Yes it is time to as the card BOLD that flew out from the deck as I shuffled


Then I turned over the top card DREAM BIG:

dream-big-cardSo yes now is time to gently and consistently return to my business while creating a magic space to live in, time to rest, reflect, heal, and be in flow. Thank you Sommer

Are you Boldly turning your vision into your reality?

Drop 🔥🔥🔥 if this is you

Want to step boldly into your vision? 

Join me in my Manifesting Abundance Through Self Love group 




🚫 “I’m not really that good.”

🙅‍♀️ “I’m not worthy of this.” 

🙅‍♂️ “I’m not enough.”

👂“Who will listen to me?”

I know those thoughts and feelings.

Yes, I have experienced them all and more. 

I hear these and similar expressions from clients. 

I read them in comments on my Daily Love Vibes when I do readings… 

There is a better way, but you need to be ready to believe it!

YES YES YES There is a way out of these FUD feelings.

Feelings of Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.


The FUD factor

The FUD factor can stop us from being who we are meant to become. 

We keep looking outside and suffer from comparisonitis

FUD stops us from being the change we wish to see in the world.

🛑 It stops us from knowing we are enough.

🌟 Shining our light. 

💸 Blocks our flow of abundance

💰 Yes money too!

👑Being the best we can be. 

🔥 Then you never live your passion.

💌 You don’t share the message you came here to deliver



✅ Are you ready?

Join me in my Masterclass

🔨 NAILING THE IMPOSTER SYNDROME: Catch It – Pin It Down – Deal with it

Join my Facebook group to get the details for the Zoom room, where we will all be live and you will be able to interact with me.

Yes, do please answer the questions when you join so I can invite you to the private room and we can meet.
With love and abundance 

Suzie xxoo

Check out Manifesting Abundance through Love Recalibration Meditation


Choose Love In Every Moment



❤️ dissolves fear

🧡 empowers

💛 opens new ways to be

💚 builds confidence

💙 allows in abundance

💜 brings inner peace

💗 takes away anxiety

❤️ keeps immune system high and clear

🧡 raises your love vibes

💛 brings inner pease

💚 creates ripples of change through love

💙 increases gratitude

I am sure you can think of more too

Meeting Preston Smiles– author of  Love Louder last week at Freedom Fest opened my heart so wide.

preston smile

It confirmed 💯 my mission to be Leading With Love and colouring the world

No more holding back

Time to step up and empower other leaders to find the inner love, releasing any imposter syndrome

We are all more than enough

Once we implement the tools I share with you and that I have been sharing with other Heart-Centred  Creative and Elite Entrepreneurs we change how we be in the world.

We change how we show up

Were stop looking outside for

  1. confirmation
  2. the magic bullet

Comparisonitis  and FMO are past fears

In a conversation with a client yesterday this was confirmed when I asked how her self – love daily practise was.

She replied that she was so with it, had embodied it  and had incorporated it daily into one of her other practices.

I could feel the joy in her voice.

This was not there 3 weeks ago when I first did an Intuitive reading for her

It excites me to see how quickly with support we can shift how we feel and love about ourselves.

My mission to open hearts to love was confirmed and I am stepping up fully into my purpose

I love what Juliet said when she asked what is the one word that is your gift to yourself and the world…

I said love and she replied  you are the love vibration for sure! 💜

Yes I am here to raise the level of love in the world so we overcome the fear that paralyses so many and stops us sharing our gifts and shining our light

Comment I’m in if this resonates for you and you are ready to put in the work that will change YOU, your life and your business.

I see you and your magic

Love and gratitude

Suzie 💜🙏💜


Heart Whisper Circle




When you wake up you think “It’s just all too much!” 

You roll over and go back to sleep.

And then when you wake up again it’s still there.

The feeling of overwhelm has NOT gone away.

That was me the other day.

I did decide to do my normal 5 AM morning routine, which had suffered a bit over the holiday period.🏖

Today I thought, meditate first, which I did, but still, the analytical brain was full-on. 🧠

“How am I going to grow this online business of ours as we planned?” 

“How am I going to fit in everything I have planned for my other, business-related projects?”

This was to be the year to give up HOW and flow!

Then I draw the Heart Whisper card for the day – asking what is it I will share today.

Expect Miracles was the card I drew,  with the message:

Magic happens when you take time to sit in stillness and listen. Click To Tweet

And the heart whisper wisdom I heard was:

Today take time to be still and reflect on the future you for 2020. Click To Tweet


I was not doing well with the sitting still part: I decided to do a walking meditation.👣

So I head out, start walking, and through the earphone, I hear that the battery in my phone is flat!


Not going so well up till then.

I’m happy to say things were about to improve.

As planned, we head for the beach.🏖

The beach is where I get clarity and get inspired – Des is my Beach Mentor so I know there will be a solution.

So why the overwhelm?

It started yesterday when I spent a couple of hours of painting.

I enjoyed it so much.

I’ll post more about that later, maybe tomorrow, but for now, I’ll just say I think that triggered a conflict in my mind about which I wanted to spend more time on now, be more focused on now – our affiliate marketing business or my art and Heart Whisper Mentoring and Oracle Card business.

So back to this morning on the beach and Des is asking me about my overwhelm. I do my best to explain and he asks me how long I was painting for yesterday.

I had no idea.

You were in the zone, he said.

That’s a surefire sign you are doing something you truly love.💜

Why he asks, don’t I focus mainly on my art and Heart Whisper business and he will take primary responsibility for the affiliate marketing business, hopefully with some backup support from me.


What about other intentions and commitments we’ve made?

That can all be handled, Des says. 😋

This is clearly the way forward if that’s what I really want to do.✈️

And I do.


Made my heart sing.💓

Tomorrow I’ll probably jump out of bed as soon as I wake! 

PS I did 

Now I am off to map out the next 90 days and treat myself to one of my Annual Heart Whisper Readings

with love

 Suzie xxx
Heart Whisper empire


Has that ever worked for you before?

If not, why would it work now?

I know, you are looking for the one key that will open the door for you to abundance. 🌈

I’ve been there, done that, more often than I recall.☹️

The problem with that is you are still looking outside yourself.

Looking for a way to finally have the freedom to truly make a difference.

That one more course, one more training program that will create success might exist.



But it will only work for you if and when you do the hard work of going within.

So often your desire for change has you looking outside yourself for the answers
Yet the answers are within your beautiful self💜

Take the time to dive deep and get crystal clear on your own vision, and then truly embrace it.🔮

Even if it seems scary.

Because when you embrace and embody that big vision you have deep in your heart that show other freedom seekers a way to be more of who they really want to be.

How do I know, you ask?

Well I’ve been there!

Yes just one more training, one more qualification to add to the list I already have

A Masters of Applied Science (Social Ecology) which did admittedly have me connecting online back in the day before the world wide web. The forerunner to my passion now for connecting with Social Media.

What else?
Trained Teacher,
Reiki 1 and 2,
Law of Attraction Facilitator,
Vision Board Coach,
Angel Intuitive,
🖼Colour and Design,
🙏Ho’oponopono Certification
Not to mention all the personal development ones ………


I hear my heart yell

“None of those have made you rich!”💰

It did give me lots of tools and great experiences.

But the breakthrough did not come until I embraced the truth that I AM ENOUGH , just as I am and learning to truly love and value myself.

Time to really know you are enough?Yes it is time to believe you are more than enough Click To Tweet

Come join my private community Limitless Abundance where we explore knowing you are enough and more 




You Are Afraid To Talk About Money After All It’s Not Spiritual Is It?😇

Do you know that in not talking about money YOU are blocking your ability to receive your true worth?

You happily give your gifts and talents away 🙂 

Thinking this is how you will become abundant

You know you change other people’s lives but, you are still are stuck with just getting by, just surviving.

Hanging onto some idea of karma and a dream of one day being rewarded with the wealth that you secretly desire!

Living in LaLa land 🌈

The worth for yourself is up the creek!

I know you think your self-esteem so okay, you do the mirror work, when you remember.

If your self-esteem was so high you would openly be receiving of :

self worth



the value of your wisdom

the gifts that you share with the world and

Be charging accordingly

But in the back of your mind self doubt drops in and your inner doubter whispers you are not good enough and deep down you embrace this lie

There is a way through this but first you must own the challenge

It starts with your self-worth and knowing and feeling you are enough

Join me in
3 days to shift your heartset and mindset into a vibration of knowing you are enough.


You will receive unique tools and tips to open your heart even more so you shift and unblock any FUD – that’s fear uncertainty and doubt- thoughts, words and actions that are blocking your abundance, your wealth and limit the freedom you desire to make a true difference in the world.

This will guide you to pinpoint the areas you must address to make 2020 your best year yet 

Looking forward to seeing you shine  #iamenoughexpansion

Register here to get all the details and free meditation to get you started 



The Abundance Show Episode #15 with Debbie O Mewes


Blending The Spiritual and The Business World through the FEM Experience

Today I was talking with friend and colleague Debbie O Mewes.

Debbie is an entrepreneur with a spiritual connection.

Constantly creating and manifesting Debbie is a unique blend of the spiritual and the business world, a love of quantum physics & all things vibrational, with a passion for entrepreneurial ventures and all things Tech.

She is the ‘idea’ and tech person behind F.E.M. and with Debbie in the background who knows where FEM will take you!

Yes I have taken the 7 day challenge and although I have lots of experience I really gained new knowledge that has empowered me and helped me with my online business 

The Fem Goddesses

This is a snap shot of what you will get when you join FEM here:

  • ​FEM – Techniques To Releasing All Blocks
  • FEM – Master The Connection Between Your Mind & Your Reality
  • ​FEM – Develop Deep Gratitude & Experience The Shift In Your Life
  • ​FEM – Master Your Relationship With Money & Create A Millionaire Mindset
  • ​FEM – Activate Your Goals & Quantum Leap Into The Future
  • ​FEM – Creating You As A Brand Setting Up Your Voice, Style, Colours, Logo , & Memes,
  • ​FEM – Get Your Own Funnel & Design Tutorial To Represent Your Brand
  • ​FEM – Learn The Power Behind Social Media To Elevate Your Business & Master The Skills.
  • ​FEM – Uncover Your Entrepreneurial Superpower
  • ​FEM – Learn The Secrets Behind How Affiliating With FEM Can Create An Incredible Income Online For You!
  • ​FEM – Gain, Sisterhood, Support, Unlimited Opportunity & A Whole Heap Of Fun!


Join with this link and you will get a copy of Debbie’s book The Reluctant Psychic


Read about Nationally and Internationally acclaimed Psychic Medium Debbie Bozicevic-Mewes’s extraordinary life, her reluctance to embrace her gift, and the amazing adventures once she does!

As you read Debbie’s story you will find parallels with your own journey.  As an ordinary woman with what is considered an extraordinary gift, Debbie’s journey has been one of living in fear of being different to learning to embrace that which makes her different.  The gift of connecting to those in spirit has at times produced some funny stories, some heartwarming stories, and sometimes stories that defy belief!

This book will also guide you along your own journey and give you tips and tools to learning to connect to the other side and develop your own psychic abilities.  As you read through this book you will find your own awareness expanding and you will feel more connected to your own intuitive self.

Make sure you let me know if you join, so I can welcome you into the community 

Be You Become Abundant
love Suzie 

Why Me Time Can Create The Difference You Have Been Longing For?

Focus on FREEDOM by making sure you give yourself ME TIME each day
and then the KNOWING you are enough comes easily

Freedom is a gift you give yourself when you release fear and spread your wings. Click To Tweet

So important to take, what I am calling the golden hour each day, time that is just for you.

Today my body must’ve had a knowing. 🙂

I spent a large part of the weekend reading the 5 am Club Book by Robin Sharma

This book had been recommended to me to read as part of my training in my digital marketing platform.

When it was first mentioned I checked my local library and discovered it was in another library so I reserved it.

I collected the book a week later and then it sat on the coffee table, unopened. I flicked through it and thought no!                    When I first heard Eric talk about the first 20 minutes being to exercise where you really raise a sweat! No, this is not for me at that point I was having some challenges again with my back so, doing vigorous activity besides walking and my back exercises was not on.

Then in our Up Level training class last week I heard Eric talk about this again and a light bulb went on. Something he said about his morning routine sank in this time.  It made me go and pull the book out of our library bag. Yes I had put the book away to go back to the library, unread.

I started reading the book on Friday.

I got hooked……….

I spent a large part of the weekend lying out in the sun reading and adding to my notes app.

So much resonated for me

The importance of being different and how this will help you impact the world.

Yes, a passion of mine…

My mother’s words came back to me:
Anything to be different….

I used to love being different and somewhere I stepped away from that in a way that, has not served me and I kept looking outside for the answers. 

The answers, of course, are within 🙂 

Distraction takes us right away from our brilliance, our magic

I have some journaling to do on that! I caught myself in my distraction/procrastination mode in writing this article 

“Procrastination is, hands down, our favorite form of self-sabotage.” ~Alyce P. Cornyn-Selby Click To Tweet

What Got Me Hooked

The fact that two of the four central characters in the book I related to: an entrepreneur and an artist 

and then

This morning I naturally woke about 4.30am and I was about to roll over as I was planning to join the 5AM Club tomorrow after I finished reading the book.

I bounded out of bed. NO, I didn’t do 20 minutes of sweat raising activity. I did qigong and my back exercises and then I took me time, I journaled, meditated and read. This is the 20/20/20 formula.

Your resting heart delights as each day you make time exclusively, just for you Click To Tweet

Yes, I’ve taken me time today and will do that each morning as part of what I’m calling my golden hour as well as at other times during the day. 

Rest and regenerate….

I love this quote from the book:
” I work less,have more fun and yet I get way more done”

I have a knowing that this will really help me on my journey to freedom.

I do know I’m enough and if I’d sit more in stillness listen to and follow the whispers of my heart the true freedom I vision for myself will manifest.

What an amazing way to start the week.

Knowing you are enough allows you to let go and trust: then watch your life transform. Click To Tweet

I can feel the shift. I know as I did this online reading today I felt amazing, very focussed and full of energy and definitely knowing I was enough

I felt a shift in my energy and I’m also ready to become the hero of my own life.

I will be sharing this journey on my Facebook page, on Instagram, and in my new group; YOU ARE LOVE: Creativity, Self-Love, and Abundance for Wild Souls

Who wants to join me?

Just click on the link to grab a time in my schedule for a no-obligation chat.

with love and abundance

Suzie 💜🙏💜

The Weekly Reading for Self-love and Abundance for Wild Souls will be my facebook page on Sunday/Monday and will be sharing in the relaunch of my Ezine that will include the reading for the week. 

So What Do I Want?

reset-vibesSuch a simple way to reset one’s vibes by asking:
This is the question I ask when I allow my daily ritual boundaries to fall away!!!!!!
YES, that was me this morning.
I got excited to read the comments on my first 1-minute video that I let my guard drop and opened Facebook!!!!!!
So here I am now with my

Getting clarity to get back on the path that is leading me closer to financial freedom

✅ A Reset Button


✅Ask SO WHAT DO I WANT as my friend Lee wrote yesterday, WHAT YOU WANT, WANTS YOU
So often we forget how simple it is.
This one question can shift your vibes in a heartbeat
✅ Journal plus colored pens
✅ Today my Law of Attraction Cards
✅ Law of Attraction Bible by to turn all my desire statements into ALLOWING ones to bring me back into the flow.

✅A Reset Button
✅Ask SO WHAT DO I WANT as my friend and biz partner Lee Anne X Muirhead wrote yesterday,
So often we forget how simple it is.
This one question can shift your vibes in a heartbeat
✅ Journal plus colored pens
✅ Today, my Law of Attraction Cards
✅ Law of Attraction Book by Michael Losier to turn all my desire statements into ALLOWING ones to bring me back into the flow
✅ Ho’oponopono

I’ll see you live when I am in flow and high vibing 🙂
PS the card’s message is
“Every day for 30 days I will Intentionally intend”
Suggesting for the next 30 days the one reads out loud :

I intend to see, I expect to see, no matter who I am with, no matter where I am, no matter what i am doing, I intend to see what i waant to see.

This will change the momentum of your life expereince 

Very funny how the universe knows what you need in the moment!. This was perfect

Are you really clear on your daily boundaries?
Or maybe you like I was yesterday and end up down the rabbit hole 🙂

With love and in abundance

Suzie xx

Grace Chose Me

Did You Choose Your Word For The Year?


I have had an interesting time with the word I chose for this year

Initially I was going to choose love and abundance as one of my goals this year is to be fully on the path to being truly financially free.

I am doing this through love and abundance

Or as I say

Denise Wakeman shared her 3 words what she called her roadmap inspired by Chris Brogan whose 3 word process I have used in the past.

When I read Denise’s post I thought I’ll add in freedom to love and  abundance.

Then my soul sister and business partner, Yantra wrote a post on facebook about having a word for the year something, she usually doesn’t do.

Des read Yantra’s words to me while I was cooking .

Sacred was the word Yantra chose and as I was listening and thinking about my words the word Grace appeared and I was both surprised and at the same I experienced a feeling of peace in my heart.

I commented:
“thank you, I will journal on that.

Maybe GRACE encompasses love and abundance leading to freedom

This is amazing when you just listen to your heart and allow what is just there to be and accept it.

When I hear the word Grace I think of Brandon Bays who first told me that if you take one step towards Grace and Grace takes 1000 steps towards you.

This feel good and as this year my intention is to work with ease, flow and GRACE


That means also getting out of my own way and allowing the magic of grace to be expressed through me.

It was like my heart knew this was the year for this one special word

Grace- the gift of God being a free and unmerited favour of God expressed so beautifully in this song, the words written by
Amazing Grace 

There is a serenity that I am feeling in this moment

What word did you choose?

Does it excite you, maybe even something that will take you out of your comfort zone

I asked this question on my Facebook page and these were the words people chosewords 2019

Here are my words from past years

In 2018 Flow was my word

In 2017 I chose Trust again using my heart whisper cards as my guide

In 2016 I chose 3 words Dynamic, Bold, Focus

In 2015  it was trust

In 2014 it was courage

in 2013 it was abundance

In 2012 I started a series word of the week that was a great idea that I might revive one day

Looking forward to reading your words for 2019


Suzie xxx

heart-whisper-oracle cards



I was walking on the beach with Des and  talking about my new tagline BE YOU, GET WEALTHY and I said if people don’t like it that’s too bad!

Des said:

“Why are you calling in negativity?

What if you said ‘AND People will love it!’?
Would that attract the people who love it?

Not the people who will judge you or think less of you?”

Oops! A good reminder for this Abundance Queen and Law of Attraction expert 🙂

A good teacher, is what I am.

At times like this, Des says “You taught me all this.”

So here’s what I got from that exchange, stepping into our true self doesn’t have to be something to fear, something to fret about.

Who knows, there will probably be plenty of people who love to see what we are doing, people who will be inspired to take similar action in their own lives.

That’s the  ripple effect.

And in that way, when we step into our true self we’ll be thinking such positive thoughts we won’t have the bandwidth to  think about the people who mightn’t like it.

Just think about the good that we are doing, and how by what we are doing we are changing people’s lives.

Inspiring them to become totally true to themselves.

“If the trumpet does not sound a clear call, who will get ready for battle?” ~ 1 Corinthians 14:8

Be strong in taking your stand for who you are.

Don’t give negativity any unnecessary attention.

I am so good at helping other people shift their language, I sometimes forget about my own.

I help others make the shift from fear to love, from negativity to positivity.

And yet I slip up.

We are all human, and as the saying goes, “the plumbers house always leaks”.

Do you experience this disconnect, this lack of congruence, in your life, your family, your business?

Then welcome to the human race! 🙂

It’s not something to get stressed about, or beat ourselves up.

But we can always improve.

And the best way to improve is to focus more intently on the positive.

And I’m thinking, what other ways can we turn that negativity impulse around?

Maybe by making it a game?

Any suggestions? Ideas?

Well I am now off to do the  Magic Footsteps exercise from the book The Magic.

Then my beach gratitude rant
This is something that always raises my vibes

Are you ready to Be You and Get Wealthy in all areas of your life? 

Share in the comments 

With love and abundance

Suzie xxx

Love Yourself Into Abundance 





BE BOLD Follow Your Passion

Oracle Card Reading

This was the questioned I asked  before the reading:

What’s next for me to be aligned with ease and grace?
You see I have set myself a big goal 90 day goal for my Online Attraction Marketing business and it is just a bit scarry!

Here is the live reading 

The challenge is to be BOLD


How does that make you feel?

Then take action by tapping into your PASSION: being passionate in all that you do

Follow and listen to your heart.

Passion-oracle card

Believe that the impossible will become possible when you hold HOPE that the vision you focus on each day is coming to you.

Read you vision each day and create a vision board to remind you daily of what’s coming

Then YES  say yes to love, to life and to you


Who’s ready to be bold and step into really being you?

The You that is wealthy in all ways?

Are you ready to put you first?

Leave a comment below and share your vision

Be powered by love 

All  my love

Suzie xx

TO find out how message me accelerate Prosperity Save & Exit


This was this question I asked myself before I drew my oracle cards and meditated as I started the week 

how will wealth

The challenge is to LET GO

What will you let go of that will bring in the abundance, love and wealth you desire?

✅ What will set you free?
✅ BRING in all the wealth you desire?

Yes an ABUNDANCE of wealth in all areas of my life.
I heard last week from a successful  entrepreneur that

One of my first task is getting back to

✅ Create file and folder order on my computer
✅ Clear the photos and videos from my phone

This will create order and save precious time – two things I was aware of needing this morning when I was wanting to update my facebook banner.

✅ Clear my desk. I know I am creative so I tend to think this all doesn’t matter – but I know it does!.

When I ran my Textile Art business I had systems and I knew where my stock was, what I had to paint, who owed me money – and more.

Systems in and place and a successful business to boot.  🙂

ACCEPTANCE is the belief card for the week.


Really loving yourself too.

Then along comes TRUST as the action card.

YES it does take trust to step into YOU and claim the wealth that you both desire and deserve.

Each day take time to listen to those inner nudges, your heart whispers, and let them guide you on this new path to WEALTH in all areas of your life.

So you can take the NEXT STEPS and DREAM BIG

Yes, make those dreams real so you can create your abundant life.

✅ Write out your vision and read it at least once daily
✅ Create a dream board and put it on your computer, your phone and by your bed.

Now you are on the way to stepping up to your goal to:  


be you and get wealthy

Yes time to live your authentic life

Are you ready to be wealthy in all areas of your life? 

To be you and get wealthy? 

If that pulls at your heartstrings type me  or a 💜 in the comments
 or email me.
Have a magically wealthy week

Be powered by LOVE
Suzie xx

PS: This is the live reading from this week