The Abundance Show Episode #15 with Debbie O Mewes


Blending The Spiritual and The Business World through the FEM Experience

Today I was talking with friend and colleague Debbie O Mewes.

Debbie is an entrepreneur with a spiritual connection.

Constantly creating and manifesting Debbie is a unique blend of the spiritual and the business world, a love of quantum physics & all things vibrational, with a passion for entrepreneurial ventures and all things Tech.

She is the ‘idea’ and tech person behind F.E.M. and with Debbie in the background who knows where FEM will take you!

Yes I have taken the 7 day challenge and although I have lots of experience I really gained new knowledge that has empowered me and helped me with my online business 

The Fem Goddesses

This is a snap shot of what you will get when you join FEM here:

  • ​FEM – Techniques To Releasing All Blocks
  • FEM – Master The Connection Between Your Mind & Your Reality
  • ​FEM – Develop Deep Gratitude & Experience The Shift In Your Life
  • ​FEM – Master Your Relationship With Money & Create A Millionaire Mindset
  • ​FEM – Activate Your Goals & Quantum Leap Into The Future
  • ​FEM – Creating You As A Brand Setting Up Your Voice, Style, Colours, Logo , & Memes,
  • ​FEM – Get Your Own Funnel & Design Tutorial To Represent Your Brand
  • ​FEM – Learn The Power Behind Social Media To Elevate Your Business & Master The Skills.
  • ​FEM – Uncover Your Entrepreneurial Superpower
  • ​FEM – Learn The Secrets Behind How Affiliating With FEM Can Create An Incredible Income Online For You!
  • ​FEM – Gain, Sisterhood, Support, Unlimited Opportunity & A Whole Heap Of Fun!


Join with this link and you will get a copy of Debbie’s book The Reluctant Psychic


Read about Nationally and Internationally acclaimed Psychic Medium Debbie Bozicevic-Mewes’s extraordinary life, her reluctance to embrace her gift, and the amazing adventures once she does!

As you read Debbie’s story you will find parallels with your own journey.  As an ordinary woman with what is considered an extraordinary gift, Debbie’s journey has been one of living in fear of being different to learning to embrace that which makes her different.  The gift of connecting to those in spirit has at times produced some funny stories, some heartwarming stories, and sometimes stories that defy belief!

This book will also guide you along your own journey and give you tips and tools to learning to connect to the other side and develop your own psychic abilities.  As you read through this book you will find your own awareness expanding and you will feel more connected to your own intuitive self.

Make sure you let me know if you join, so I can welcome you into the community 

Be You Become Abundant
love Suzie 

Why Me Time Can Create The Difference You Have Been Longing For?

Focus on FREEDOM by making sure you give yourself ME TIME each day
and then the KNOWING you are enough comes easily

Freedom is a gift you give yourself when you release fear and spread your wings. Click To Tweet

So important to take, what I am calling the golden hour each day, time that is just for you.

Today my body must’ve had a knowing. 🙂

I spent a large part of the weekend reading the 5 am Club Book by Robin Sharma

This book had been recommended to me to read as part of my training in my digital marketing platform.

When it was first mentioned I checked my local library and discovered it was in another library so I reserved it.

I collected the book a week later and then it sat on the coffee table, unopened. I flicked through it and thought no!                    When I first heard Eric talk about the first 20 minutes being to exercise where you really raise a sweat! No, this is not for me at that point I was having some challenges again with my back so, doing vigorous activity besides walking and my back exercises was not on.

Then in our Up Level training class last week I heard Eric talk about this again and a light bulb went on. Something he said about his morning routine sank in this time.  It made me go and pull the book out of our library bag. Yes I had put the book away to go back to the library, unread.

I started reading the book on Friday.

I got hooked……….

I spent a large part of the weekend lying out in the sun reading and adding to my notes app.

So much resonated for me

The importance of being different and how this will help you impact the world.

Yes, a passion of mine…

My mother’s words came back to me:
Anything to be different….

I used to love being different and somewhere I stepped away from that in a way that, has not served me and I kept looking outside for the answers. 

The answers, of course, are within 🙂 

Distraction takes us right away from our brilliance, our magic

I have some journaling to do on that! I caught myself in my distraction/procrastination mode in writing this article 

“Procrastination is, hands down, our favorite form of self-sabotage.” ~Alyce P. Cornyn-Selby Click To Tweet

What Got Me Hooked

The fact that two of the four central characters in the book I related to: an entrepreneur and an artist 

and then

This morning I naturally woke about 4.30am and I was about to roll over as I was planning to join the 5AM Club tomorrow after I finished reading the book.

I bounded out of bed. NO, I didn’t do 20 minutes of sweat raising activity. I did qigong and my back exercises and then I took me time, I journaled, meditated and read. This is the 20/20/20 formula.

Your resting heart delights as each day you make time exclusively, just for you Click To Tweet

Yes, I’ve taken me time today and will do that each morning as part of what I’m calling my golden hour as well as at other times during the day. 

Rest and regenerate….

I love this quote from the book:
” I work less,have more fun and yet I get way more done”

I have a knowing that this will really help me on my journey to freedom.

I do know I’m enough and if I’d sit more in stillness listen to and follow the whispers of my heart the true freedom I vision for myself will manifest.

What an amazing way to start the week.

Knowing you are enough allows you to let go and trust: then watch your life transform. Click To Tweet

I can feel the shift. I know as I did this online reading today I felt amazing, very focussed and full of energy and definitely knowing I was enough

I felt a shift in my energy and I’m also ready to become the hero of my own life.

I will be sharing this journey on my Facebook page, on Instagram, and in my new group; YOU ARE LOVE: Creativity, Self-Love, and Abundance for Wild Souls

Who wants to join me?

Just click on the link to grab a time in my schedule for a no-obligation chat.

with love and abundance

Suzie 💜🙏💜

The Weekly Reading for Self-love and Abundance for Wild Souls will be my facebook page on Sunday/Monday and will be sharing in the relaunch of my Ezine that will include the reading for the week. 

So What Do I Want?

reset-vibesSuch a simple way to reset one’s vibes by asking:
This is the question I ask when I allow my daily ritual boundaries to fall away!!!!!!
YES, that was me this morning.
I got excited to read the comments on my first 1-minute video that I let my guard drop and opened Facebook!!!!!!
So here I am now with my

Getting clarity to get back on the path that is leading me closer to financial freedom

✅ A Reset Button


✅Ask SO WHAT DO I WANT as my friend Lee wrote yesterday, WHAT YOU WANT, WANTS YOU
So often we forget how simple it is.
This one question can shift your vibes in a heartbeat
✅ Journal plus colored pens
✅ Today my Law of Attraction Cards
✅ Law of Attraction Bible by to turn all my desire statements into ALLOWING ones to bring me back into the flow.

✅A Reset Button
✅Ask SO WHAT DO I WANT as my friend and biz partner Lee Anne X Muirhead wrote yesterday,
So often we forget how simple it is.
This one question can shift your vibes in a heartbeat
✅ Journal plus colored pens
✅ Today, my Law of Attraction Cards
✅ Law of Attraction Book by Michael Losier to turn all my desire statements into ALLOWING ones to bring me back into the flow
✅ Ho’oponopono

I’ll see you live when I am in flow and high vibing 🙂
PS the card’s message is
“Every day for 30 days I will Intentionally intend”
Suggesting for the next 30 days the one reads out loud :

I intend to see, I expect to see, no matter who I am with, no matter where I am, no matter what i am doing, I intend to see what i waant to see.

This will change the momentum of your life expereince 

Very funny how the universe knows what you need in the moment!. This was perfect

Are you really clear on your daily boundaries?
Or maybe you like I was yesterday and end up down the rabbit hole 🙂

With love and in abundance

Suzie xx

Grace Chose Me

Did You Choose Your Word For The Year?


I have had an interesting time with the word I chose for this year

Initially I was going to choose love and abundance as one of my goals this year is to be fully on the path to being truly financially free.

I am doing this through love and abundance

Or as I say

Denise Wakeman shared her 3 words what she called her roadmap inspired by Chris Brogan whose 3 word process I have used in the past.

When I read Denise’s post I thought I’ll add in freedom to love and  abundance.

Then my soul sister and business partner, Yantra wrote a post on facebook about having a word for the year something, she usually doesn’t do.

Des read Yantra’s words to me while I was cooking .

Sacred was the word Yantra chose and as I was listening and thinking about my words the word Grace appeared and I was both surprised and at the same I experienced a feeling of peace in my heart.

I commented:
“thank you, I will journal on that.

Maybe GRACE encompasses love and abundance leading to freedom

This is amazing when you just listen to your heart and allow what is just there to be and accept it.

When I hear the word Grace I think of Brandon Bays who first told me that if you take one step towards Grace and Grace takes 1000 steps towards you.

This feel good and as this year my intention is to work with ease, flow and GRACE


That means also getting out of my own way and allowing the magic of grace to be expressed through me.

It was like my heart knew this was the year for this one special word

Grace- the gift of God being a free and unmerited favour of God expressed so beautifully in this song, the words written by
Amazing Grace 

There is a serenity that I am feeling in this moment

What word did you choose?

Does it excite you, maybe even something that will take you out of your comfort zone

I asked this question on my Facebook page and these were the words people chosewords 2019

Here are my words from past years

In 2018 Flow was my word

In 2017 I chose Trust again using my heart whisper cards as my guide

In 2016 I chose 3 words Dynamic, Bold, Focus

In 2015  it was trust

In 2014 it was courage

in 2013 it was abundance

In 2012 I started a series word of the week that was a great idea that I might revive one day

Looking forward to reading your words for 2019


Suzie xxx

heart-whisper-oracle cards



I was walking on the beach with Des and  talking about my new tagline BE YOU, GET WEALTHY and I said if people don’t like it that’s too bad!

Des said:

“Why are you calling in negativity?

What if you said ‘AND People will love it!’?
Would that attract the people who love it?

Not the people who will judge you or think less of you?”

Oops! A good reminder for this Abundance Queen and Law of Attraction expert 🙂

A good teacher, is what I am.

At times like this, Des says “You taught me all this.”

So here’s what I got from that exchange, stepping into our true self doesn’t have to be something to fear, something to fret about.

Who knows, there will probably be plenty of people who love to see what we are doing, people who will be inspired to take similar action in their own lives.

That’s the  ripple effect.

And in that way, when we step into our true self we’ll be thinking such positive thoughts we won’t have the bandwidth to  think about the people who mightn’t like it.

Just think about the good that we are doing, and how by what we are doing we are changing people’s lives.

Inspiring them to become totally true to themselves.

“If the trumpet does not sound a clear call, who will get ready for battle?” ~ 1 Corinthians 14:8

Be strong in taking your stand for who you are.

Don’t give negativity any unnecessary attention.

I am so good at helping other people shift their language, I sometimes forget about my own.

I help others make the shift from fear to love, from negativity to positivity.

And yet I slip up.

We are all human, and as the saying goes, “the plumbers house always leaks”.

Do you experience this disconnect, this lack of congruence, in your life, your family, your business?

Then welcome to the human race! 🙂

It’s not something to get stressed about, or beat ourselves up.

But we can always improve.

And the best way to improve is to focus more intently on the positive.

And I’m thinking, what other ways can we turn that negativity impulse around?

Maybe by making it a game?

Any suggestions? Ideas?

Well I am now off to do the  Magic Footsteps exercise from the book The Magic.

Then my beach gratitude rant
This is something that always raises my vibes

Are you ready to Be You and Get Wealthy in all areas of your life? 

Share in the comments 

With love and abundance

Suzie xxx

Love Yourself Into Abundance 





BE BOLD Follow Your Passion

Oracle Card Reading

This was the questioned I asked  before the reading:

What’s next for me to be aligned with ease and grace?
You see I have set myself a big goal 90 day goal for my Online Attraction Marketing business and it is just a bit scarry!

Here is the live reading 

The challenge is to be BOLD


How does that make you feel?

Then take action by tapping into your PASSION: being passionate in all that you do

Follow and listen to your heart.

Passion-oracle card

Believe that the impossible will become possible when you hold HOPE that the vision you focus on each day is coming to you.

Read you vision each day and create a vision board to remind you daily of what’s coming

Then YES  say yes to love, to life and to you


Who’s ready to be bold and step into really being you?

The You that is wealthy in all ways?

Are you ready to put you first?

Leave a comment below and share your vision

Be powered by love 

All  my love

Suzie xx

TO find out how message me accelerate Prosperity Save & Exit


This was this question I asked myself before I drew my oracle cards and meditated as I started the week 

how will wealth

The challenge is to LET GO

What will you let go of that will bring in the abundance, love and wealth you desire?

✅ What will set you free?
✅ BRING in all the wealth you desire?

Yes an ABUNDANCE of wealth in all areas of my life.
I heard last week from a successful  entrepreneur that

One of my first task is getting back to

✅ Create file and folder order on my computer
✅ Clear the photos and videos from my phone

This will create order and save precious time – two things I was aware of needing this morning when I was wanting to update my facebook banner.

✅ Clear my desk. I know I am creative so I tend to think this all doesn’t matter – but I know it does!.

When I ran my Textile Art business I had systems and I knew where my stock was, what I had to paint, who owed me money – and more.

Systems in and place and a successful business to boot.  🙂

ACCEPTANCE is the belief card for the week.


Really loving yourself too.

Then along comes TRUST as the action card.

YES it does take trust to step into YOU and claim the wealth that you both desire and deserve.

Each day take time to listen to those inner nudges, your heart whispers, and let them guide you on this new path to WEALTH in all areas of your life.

So you can take the NEXT STEPS and DREAM BIG

Yes, make those dreams real so you can create your abundant life.

✅ Write out your vision and read it at least once daily
✅ Create a dream board and put it on your computer, your phone and by your bed.

Now you are on the way to stepping up to your goal to:  


be you and get wealthy

Yes time to live your authentic life

Are you ready to be wealthy in all areas of your life? 

To be you and get wealthy? 

If that pulls at your heartstrings type me  or a 💜 in the comments
 or email me.
Have a magically wealthy week

Be powered by LOVE
Suzie xx

PS: This is the live reading from this week




Have you ever done this?

You had a big dream, one that is going to change your life and move you towards the freedom you desire and then BANG there’s a roadblock.

6 years ago I had a whole new launch ready for my Law of Attraction Training business. I had the website, the email lists, planned webinars, the funnel everything you need to get started with an online business, then it all went pear-shaped!

I found myself in Bed 4 in Med Ward 1 at our local public hospital here in Tweed Heads,

I was surrounded by a group of doctors and nurses.

The specialist apparently was telling Des and me what he thought was wrong. I have no recollection of the details, but I was told later that he said then that only 25% of people recover fully from the condition he had diagnosed.I had said “Well I will be one of them, the 25 %.”

The options, apart from full recovery, were not pretty, death, a life on dialysis or a kidney transplant.

I wasn’t to find out till much later just how close to death I might have been that day. I had in fact had a total kidney failure.

It took me a long time to recuperate physically and emotionally, it took away my confidence about my ability  to run an online business.

I lost my MOJO.

I lost my passion for anything except healing and cooking 🙂

Looking back I realised that I lost confidence in my dream of success, that journey to freedom that I had made all the vision boards for. I had even been to Canada to train with the Law of Attraction How to Guy; Michael Losier.

So, from  the time I landed in hospital till late last year – 6 years of healing, I had done some searching for a way to have a viable business., with both my art and abundance. I had even spent thousand of dollars on coaches, mentors and courses, but nothing quite jelled.

I learned a lot in the process and still I did not have a profitable thriving business.

Then late last year I was to meet a woman I was to get to know very well.

I went to the Daring and Disruptive Female Entrepreneurs breakfast here at Palm Beach.  This was Lee’s first time to this group and we hit it off instantly so much in common. What was funny was, that both of us nearly didn’t go that morning.

The universe had other plans.

I next saw Lee agan when she came to have a Heart Whisper reading with me.

We friended one another on Facebook. I would see her posts pop up occasionally and then one day one really got my attention.

She wrote that she had drawn a line in the sand, was talking about big dreams both for herself and others, no longer playing small.

Asking: Who wants to wake up every morning with peace in your heart?

That spoke right to my heart

I sent her a message  asking what she was doing.

Lee sent told me that she had plugged into an affiliate marketing platform and shared a link to a webinar that outlined the business she had joined.

The more I found out about the platform the more I realised that this could be the answer to my dreams and finally be moving onto the path to freedom.

What I found was a heart centred online affiliate marketing business with a 90% automated marketing platform, people were earning 5 and 6 figure incomes that seriously caught my interest.

Des and I looked closely at the business and decided it was great fit for what we had been searching  for. Plus there was a supportive heart centred community.

We had both for many years been looking for, the perfect online business, yes spent thousand of dollars in being coached and through trial and error.

release all fear

This felt good!

Now I wake each morning excited.

I am excited  because this is a business that rewards people in a matter of months, even weeks, compared to other businesses and platforms we have experimented with, where there is a much longer lead time before you were similarly rewarded, if ever.

What I love is:

  • That it works on social media and attraction marketing.
  • I found my heart centred tribe
  • It is where entrepreneurs, mums, dads, people of all ages and from all walks of life are making 5 and 6 figure incomes
  • International travel is an option again
  • We can recreate our abundant life
  • it will set me free to do my art and inspirational products 

The big bonus for me is that this will give me the time and financial freedom to have time for my art

Live your life Powered by Love

Do dare to dream again

Love and abundance


PS If you would like to know more contact me or click the image below.


Ready For freedom

Will You Choose The Path That Your Heart Wants You To Walk? 

What are you ready for. …….?

FREEDOM was the message I drew from my Heart Whisper Oracle Cards

Yes I am ready to live in total freedom

I decided it was time to ask for help.

Time for a conversation with my guides:

G: Yes today is the day to give yourself the gift of freedom that comes when you release all fear and spread your wings.

S:I feel I have been doing that

G:In your head maybe, but not in your heart! Look at how easily you get distracted.

S:Wow that was a blow that landed right on my heart, Yes I could cry or beat myself up!

G:I know you set your intention, now is the time to feel into that intention like you did on Sunday and let the emotions flow – really feel it and release all the fear! 

You talk about living the Dream lifestyle where you have Abundant Health, Financial Freedom and Inner Peace – the Freedom Lifestyle – and we are seeing you playing at this STILL! It is time to take focused action, let go of the overwhelm of having too much to do.

You keep hiding your art and not putting it up for sale. This is blocking your Abundance Flow too. But you know that.

You have been given a way forward that is perfect for you and Des

This fulfills the dream you have both had for maybe 10 years or more, of having a laptop lifestyle, where you can work from anywhere in the world.

Yes you do live in paradise, you show this to the world most days.

But this comes with limitations as you choose to settle for less and just get by.

Yes everyone thinks you have it all, you don’t need money!

Remember a colleague once said that to you, and you were stunned. Yes we all need money for the energy of it that allows us to be free and create chnage. To make a difference 

Your positive outlook, inspirational posts, free readings etc are wonderful, They just don’t pay the bills.

No more settling!

It’s Time for you to renew your vision and take daily action to make that your actual reality.

You have manifested the Heart Centred Community you desired.

So now is the time to be totally True To You and share the gift you have been given. There are so many people looking for a way to manifest their dream lifestyle too. How exciting is that?

S: Yes I am excited and I know as the week goes on I still have the excitement of my vision from last weekend, for the next 3-4 months, but I allowed other stuff to stop me! This is a pattern. 

It’s time to step up and live my dream. I can do this.

Thank you guides and I know you will be on my case 

G; Yes now is the time to call on us each day, we will guide you. No more looking outside, go within. You must get back into flow. 

As Mahatma Gandhi said: “Each one has to find his peace from within.”READY FOR FREEDOM

So what is the practical course of action to make this real? 


Earlier this year I took the time out to reflect on my business as it was not working, nor bringing me the joy, or money.

Yes I love sharing my cards and going live. I needed more than that. 

I watched as my friend Lee, a business woman who shared her story of never having enough money, and how that had now changed for her.

I watched as she made in one month almost $20K, with a 90% automated platform.

I was ready to change my life. As an intuitive artist and healer, the story of the business Lee is now doing spoke to my heart.

It is aligned with my values and has a community of amazing people with real support. I may not have made $20 K yet , but my life is already changing

There are amazing health results people are having, and a strong emphasis on personal growth. 

I love the platform where I don’t have to be the tech whizz, that’s all done for me , that’s the 90% automated platform

I am on my way to the Freedom Lifestyle I vision each day

Freedom takes guts

Freedom to help and inspire others to create their abundant lifestyle

Freedom to travel and live the laptop lifestyle

Freedom to be true to me

Freedom to do what we want, when we want, to have the Dream Lifestyle where we can make a difference to our lives and those who choose to join us.

All my love


If you would like to know more about this business then just comment ‘FREEDOM’ below or contact me  and we can chat




Are You The Hunter Of Your Dreams?


Are you ready to leave your comfort zone to discover your true self?

These journaling prompts come from today’s reading from Simple Abundance

I picked this book up last Friday at the Lifeline Book Fair and have used it everyday since- a wonderful first morning read to raise the vibes to abundance..

I love the story that Sarah Ban Breathnach shared the story of May Kingsley who in 1893 went on safari in Africa after the death of her parents to find herself and discover her purpose.

To leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition

This is when you will discover yourself.

This touched my soul

I am trusting my intuition to guide me on my new journey.

The one I am taking in my business.

Yes I am leaving the city of my comfort. 

city of comfort

Stepping up to be the Intuitive Creative Businesswoman, putting back on the entrepreneurial hat I wore when I had my very successful textile art business.

I will still be powered by love.

This comes by opening my heart to love yes listening to my intuition. I can be on the freedom train, empowering myself and empowering at least one person each day to reach in and discover their true purpose and be on their own freedom train.

The one full of love, joy and gratitude.

Of physical health, financial health and inner peace.

I’m excited to be writing this and writing my future life.
What will my heart whisper to me today, I wonder?

Yes I woke with a SMILE
And greeted the day with love and gratitude
This allows the JOY that comes each day as I take ME TIME
This creates a life of FLOW
Where I do choose HAPPINESS as I begin each day
Excited at what will manifest as I let go of all that has been stopping me over these past few years and now allows me to move forward with total FOCUS.
I am on my true heart path now
I am creating the life of FREEDOM both within and without.

I love this reading today.
It has my heart smiling and bursting with joy.

This affirms for me that in trusting and following my intuition, I am honouring my mantra for 2018 of being true to me and staying in the flow 

I am you going on a safari, a new journey.
A journey of love, joy, friendship and it is so exciting to be moving closer to the physical health, financial health and inner peace.
This is empowering and does create the ripples of change.

What will be your safari?

Open your heart to love
Dare to dream again
All my love
Suzie xo

Maybe you see yourself in this picture?  If so reach out and email me or leave a comment below.

Heart-of-abundance- readings

Be Fearless As You Flow Towards Freedom

Create-freedom-reading Journaling to freedom *

Do you really believe in you?

I decided to let my heart guide me and shuffled my heart whisper cards

Yes listen without fear.
Meditate each day and listen for the whispers of your heart.
This allows you to open your heart to FLOW and
TRUST in you,
yes believe in you,
the magnificent you– a have a song somewhere called the Magnificent You by  Marcia Breitenbach, here is the first verse. 

Awaken now to your beauty
Don’t hide behind fear anymore
Release the you that wants to fly
So free
The magnificent you

Trust in your message
Your purpose
Then when you are fully powered by love
The FREEDOM will come

Do you really want to create freedom? *

This question triggered my whole being
My answer is a hell yes
I want to create the freedom that empowers me and you
I want the freedom that creates change with love and kindness
I want my messages of freedom that, are powered by love to touch at least one person each day
I want to create the freedom that  brings
Physical Health 
Financial Wealth
And Inner Peace.

Where you have the choice to be, do and have all that your heart desires.
Then I believe we are 
Being the change we wish to see in the world. Gandhi’s words that have resonated for me for so many years. I sometimes say this to myself  Be the change you wish to be!

I started my book Emergings- A Meditation on the Emotions of Change with this quote
And the quote I ended the book with the quote I read this morning in the book:  Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy 

We shall not cease from exploration,
And the end of all our exploring,
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time. ~ T S Eliot

I have been procrastinating about updating my book Emergings and republishing it
This book was written when I was making a career change  back in in 1988.

That took me from safe secure teaching as a college lecturer, to becoming an entrepreneur and running a highly successful 5 figure business from my textile art.
Fascinating that in 2018, 30 years on  I am making another major business change in pursuit of freedom.

flow towards freedom

Are you ready to create freedom in your life, now? 

Love heals all
Open you heart to love
Dare to dream again
All my love
Suzie xo
* This is one of a series of daily journaling prompts I started last year as the Daily Whisper
I share one most days on my facebook page, my group and Instagram. 



Yesterday was a game changing day for me and when I woke up this morning  I had no regrets and was still excited.

A great sign.

What do I love about change?

This was my journal prompt today 

What flowed from my cards and my pen:
The INNER PEACE that comes as I

FOCUS What I really really want and see it as a given

then the PROSPERITY flows.

I am excited that I have had a draw a line in the sand moment and embraced change with joy.

With the full moon eclipse today 31st Jan 11.24pm AEST this is a perfect time.


I this read on Kim’Falconer’s post:

“Start now by noticing ‘tolerations’ that you would like to let go. Venus is involved so think love, art and $$$.

Where can you see change in your life?”

I am letting go of the push that I have been feeling in my business over the past few years

My theme for 2018 is  BE TRUE TO ME and BE in FLOW

I feel as I release what no longer serves me or brings me joy, letting go of all fear., the what if this or maybe that!

The new door that has opened for me will be the gift that give me the Financial Freedom I vision each day. I have been here before and know that it is a much more secure place to be in.

It is also the place where I can have a bigger impact on helping others create positive change and their own financial freedom

I am loving what I am doing.

The awesome heart centered community

Can’t wait to share this with you. 
It is a special time 

Are you ready to create positive change? 

Just comment below or email me if you are ready to create change in your life .

Remember Love heals all

Open your heart to LOVE: DARE to DREAM again!


all my love

Suzie xxx

Step Onto The Path of Love. Open, Listen and Expect Miracles



Can You Expect Miracles When Your Are Blocking Your Inner Knowing?

My question to meditate on was
How will I break my blocks to selling on a daily basis?

So when I drew the Expect Oracles card with the message

Then picked up my pen to journal. These were the words that flowed onto the pages of my journal:

So each day step onto your path of love, that means doing the daily inner work that empowers you and keeps you aligned to your purpose. The daily journaling and visualize all the happy, loving heart whisperers around the world, They are fully loving themselves and seeing their lives changing each day through the power of love that comes from working with you, your products and services.

Find new services and products to offer them and build on what you have.

The new Heart Whisper tee shirts and jewellery that is on the drawing board.

Keep it simple and use the resources at hand, You have so many products sitting in the wings,

You must break my pattern of free! Free is great, now is the time to receive in new ways.

Make it easy for people to work with you and buy from you. Start today!

Wow that was a download that I nearly didn’t post, but i thought in sharing that, as well as opening myself to expect miracles it might help one of you out there that struggles in the are of selling your message.

What area of you life are you hiding your God given magic away from ? 
Open Your heart To The Power of LOVE : Listen, heal and prosper
all my love
Suzie  xxx
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Heart Whisper Oracle Cards

Branding Breakthrough: Yes, Do Be True, Brand You!


The Branding Merry-Go-Round

In a process that’s been going since March  finally my brand came together. If you have been reading and following my blog this year you will have noticed there have been just a few different looks as I explored who I am and who I serve.

There was the bright bold look with the hard to read font called BlowBrush that I fell in love with. Chris Ducker thought I had dropped back to the 80’s when I bravely put my new website design up for review on a live call with him.  There were also members of my heart whisperers tribe who said it was too hard to read. I have since learned that as much as I love to be different and stand out from the crowd 🙂

That in this day when access the web by mobile,  what you have on the screen MUST look good, re readable and be responsive. I realised graphics didn’t work on mobile.

brand board

This brand board was when my focus was going to be more on art. I had gone from  Heart Whisperer to ART to Law of Attraction/Abundance . I even changed The Heart Whisper Circle to the Abundance Attractors! There have been a series of banners too.



In July guided by the whispers of my Heart, I made the switch back to the Heart Whisper Circle. Heart Whisperers who had left the group because of the previous change, returned. I did leave the abundance focus on my website. 

Then in early October my heart gave me the message in response to drawing the flow card: “Well you are not in the flow”  this was a breakthrough moment and I started to relook at what I needed to change on the website. I rewrote my copy to match my new mission:

 to teach people to learn to listen to the Whispers of their Heart and inspire them to create ripples of change  that then brings more love to themselves, their lives and the world.

All done and dusted?

Not quite……..

A lightbulb moment


Two weeks ago  I was doing a live  reading in the Heart Whisper Circle, for which only one Heart Whisperer was online, my BTBY ( that’s Be True, Brand You) bestie Jacqui be ( some of you might have met her in my Free Become More Abundant Video series) Although her reading was brilliant, I was feeling a bit flat, so I reached out to Jacqui and we skyped. We tossed around a few ideas that I took to the beach with my beach coach and husband Des. Walking on the beach I told Des how I was being drawn back to the tagline Abundance, Creativity and Self-love for Wild Souls that Leonie Dawson came up with on a coaching call in The Shining Life and Business Academy. I had used it a year or so ago, but something was missing. 

We talked it over, played with words and then……….

Des came up with Wild Heart Whisperers: A playground for Abundance and Creativity.  

I skipped along the beach- this felt great. I knew I had made a shift.

The new wild Suzie Cheel Heart Whisperer look was born.  First we got out the punk style photo that had been an afterthought when we did the photoshoot. Des saw this graffiti wall and thought Kimra Luna from Be True Brand You, would love this background of punk culture.  We really took it just for fun.


The black background emerged came about through serendipity. It was a gift from the universe.

When I was adding a shape into the new banner in photoshop, where I thought the background was white 🙂 When I added the rainbow heart to the black background it all made sense. It was clean and stylish. My new look had arrived.


I feel I finally have come home. I have found a way to intertwine my Heart Whispers, my art, my readings, a new Heart Whisper Portrait service, with my Abundance/Law of attraction coaching.

it has also given me a new way of making my brand recognisable, using the black with my heart whisper signature painting

when you listen

Yes there has been one more change as the Heart Whisper Circle became Heart Whisperers and my friend Anne Aleckson, who has been watching all my changes this year said when she saw that change she said, she approved.

If like me, your branding journey includes a few byways, don’t give up.

I have to say that being part of Be True Brand You have been the game change for me

Trust your heart to guide you. 

Maybe a Heart Whisper Reading will help you with your Branding breakthrough? i would love to help you. 

All my love
Suziesig1Live with love, smile often and be forever grateful
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Suzie, you bring so much sparkle and joy to the world…you are my role model for vibrant living

Elle Sommer

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