Is the Real You Shining to the World?

The Challenge of Achieving Simplicity Part 5 I have had another roller coaster 3 weeks on my rebranding journey and The Challenge of Achieving Simplicity🙂 I know I wrote 3 weeks ago that I had uncovered my passion, I spoke about it at The Spirited Women’s Entrepreneurs about the challenge of change Then I started talking to some of […]

Patience Uncovers My True Passion


The Challenge of Achieving Simplicity Part 4 Hold onto your hats , there is more change! I know I thought after last week I had the clarity to move forward fearlessly on my rebranding journey. I knew that there was a niggling doubt surfacing, Des could tell my heart wasn’t totally singing. Then I started talking with the […]

The Challenge of Achieving Simplicity: Part Three


Lesson In Branding From The Big Guys The journey continues and branding was at the fore for me this week. I had been working on my brand and asking these questions: How do you feel about your brand? How do other people feel about your brand? How do you see my brand? What values do you relate […]