Creating Freedom, love, Abundance and Prosperity in JulyI started the day in gratitude and love especially as I woke with the knowledge that all my resting and healing was now manifesting in a positive way.
Not to mention how the last 2 days of June saw the Law of Attraction in Action

So much to be grateful for

💜 A soul activation from fellow soul sister Jacquie Amos on Saturday, so in sync here
😇 Healings x 3 yesterday at the Rainbow Warriors Wellness event at Kirra
Thank you, Tammie Irvine – The Energy IntuitiveSherrie Taylor. And
💰 I won in the prize draw, from Gina’s Charms that I had put out the intention for before I went 
Thanks, Tara Tucker for drawing the winning ticket 💜
Then another prize was a session with Lyndall Sundberg I was calling in-I had 2 tickets 😃 I didn’t in and on offer was a $150 session for $25 so there was more abundance 🙏🏽🙌

I then focussed on what would the new month of July bring for us

I am excited, here in Australia this is the start of a new financial year and one that I know for us is going to be empowering, expansive and full of love and abundance.

Yes a juicy July 

Have the courage to follow the path of your heart!



Embrace your path with love and you will find the gift your heart knows is within. Share on X

Time to really listen to those heart whispers, the nudges from your soul


A card I wanted to put back-

You find tranquility within when you take the time to be in nature each day.

So important as with cold, rain and my back the morning beach walk has taken a back seat 🙂 

That will change: to have the feet back on the ground daily brings calmness and grounds to me. 



Freedom is a gift you give yourself when you release fear and spread your wings. Share on X

This is the month as you follow your heart to let go of the fear that is stopping you shine and can cause sabotage, blocking, hiding your true self even……

And as you do this you open onto the 

LOVE that is you

Each day do as you wake whisper the words I love you to yourself, hug yourself and give yourself an inner Namaste

As we do this we open the doors to


When you release all thoughts of lack, of not being enough, abundance flows. Share on X



Heart Whisper reading

Prosperity flows When we do follow the path of our heart…….. Share on X

I sat in silence looking at the cards, feeling so grateful and had a sense of knowing that I was ready for a FRESH START

Something I have been writing about in my journal the past 2 days 

Thank you, Universe for delivering this empowering reading

The time now for the plan for July to make it really full of 


Yes excited, will have so much to share with you later tomorrow and moving forward into July 

What was your reaction when you first saw this reading? 

I would love to read what your heart whispered in the comments 


Suzie  💜 🙏 💰 🌈 🔥

Book your moving forward to abundance and prosperity reading for July below

Heart-of-abundance- readings

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24 Responses

  1. That’s a beautiful photo of you, Suzie! You look so radiant and empowered. I’m curious why you wanted to put back the “nature” card? I love to spend time in nature. I always find clarity in the quiet and beauty. I love the upbeat feeling in this reading.

    1. Thank you Sandra- Des’s cousin did a photo shoot for us and the photos are amazing re the Nature card, I know it was a strange reaction given the healing power I find in Nature. I had had a tough week or so healthwise, lots of rain and obviously, my body needed Nature. Plus as you say the clarity on gets in the quietness of nature
      Thank yes feeling so much more upbeat now xo

  2. I show love to myself every single day. It is so important. It’s something that no one else can take a way from you. To love yourself comes first.

  3. What a lovely message for July Suzie. You are such a bright spark in my life. I love coming to your page and being filled with your light and energy. Love Elle

  4. Suzie, Gratitude is like medicine for the soul that manifests in the body. You have an awesome card spread for the week. For me, July is a re-start month. I restart my projects with the goal to finish what I started earlier in the year with the intention of manifesting success from the correct source. I am going to state my intention here and now to compete the Book Proposal for my second Dreams book and have it sent into my agent my mid-July so she can send it out to publishing houses. From my mouth to Universal Mother’s ears.

    1. Kathleen I loved reading this and what a wonderful intention and I love this From my mouth to Universal Mother’s ears.
      Seeing it as done for you xo

  5. Empowering cards indeed, Suzie! July is a special month for me for various reasons and I am happy to see the message in the cards you drew. Congratulations on the much-deserved abundance–may you manifest and receive more and more! Wishing you wonderful fresh beginnings in the months to come! Love to you!

  6. July is always a big re-set month for us: my husband has a long meditation retreat and I am at home with a bit of a retreat of my own. I t hink I feel the most connected with your freedom card as I have set myself up for a bit of a yoga bootcamp for the month.

    I always enjoy reading your reaction to the cards you draw.

  7. A great spread Suzie! I have noticed an increase in abundance recently as you have. I am also looking forward to this month of reconnecting with family/friends and a deeper connection within.

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