Why Just One Word?


   “It is with words as with sunbeams–the more they are condensed, the deeper they burn.”~Robert Southey 

Last year I didn’t settle for just one word, I initially chose abundance and then I switched to Faith and made it even more complex by adding in fun, abundance, intuition, trust and heart thinking this would give me FOCUS ( the word my head felt I should have chosen.

Big Mistake! With hindsight I realize anyone could see that was too much complication for any sort of focus.

How My Word for 2014 Came To Me

This year I was working like a lot of others on having 3 words. I thought that Love was going to be one of my words, I had already made the image for it! Then I was going to add Focus and maybe Abundance. At this point I realized I was still in my head, not my heart.

loveThen on Tuesday in meditation the word courage was given to me. It was like a whisper from my heart. I pondered on this and then yesterday I asked my guides were they sure about courage and they were very firm.

So I have decided that my power word will be courage.

I love the fact that the latin origin of the word courage is cor, meaning heart as in the Italian word coraggio. So, very appropriate, given my Heart Whispers, being called the Heart Whisperer and my desire to start a Heart Whisper Revolution not to mention some recent tests for a Heart Murmur which I am happy to report are positive. Just 2 more weeks of resting.

So how do I see Courage playing out and supporting me in 2014?
To get some clarity on this, I started by painting and then went walking with Des, talking about my word and these words came to me:

I need courage to stop looking outwards, to stop comparing myself to others, to go within, to reflect, to be still, to listen so that I can go without  authentically and effectively.

Today I finished the painting.

This courage will come from listening to the whispers of my heart, a spiritual and emotional courage. Courage will have me sharing my story, my art and my words in new and exciting ways the will create change for me and those who chose to join me.

And being ready to share some of my vulnerability.

My Invitation for others to share their words.

Yesterday I invited my friends and fellow-bloggers to answer the question I asked myself. The response delighted me.

The question was:

Do you have a power word for 2014? What’s your word? Why did you chose it and how will it make you shine in 2014?  Click to Tweet

These are their fabulous responses:

Anne Aleckson: Radical SELF-CARE  This year will be the year that I step into caring for myself at a whole different level.  Showing self-care shows my Heart and Soul that I now know that I am worth it and I am good enough and by stepping fully into that and living it out in the World I hope to model for those I meet that they are also enough and worthy.

Angela Aretmis:My power word for 2014 is ENJOYMENT. I drive myself very hard and have always been kind of a workaholic. While I advise people to slow down I rarely do, so this year I plan to begin taking my own advice to relax and enjoy my life more. I will schedule “fun” into my life from now on and make time to travel and socialize. I believe enjoying my life will bring more creative energy back to me and my business!

Betsy Henry: GRATITUDE as my word for the year. Whether I’m having a bad day or a good day, expressing makes me stop, step outside myself and acknowledge all the good in my life.  I always have more peace and mind, less stress, more optimism and feel generally content with life.  Feeling gratitude will help remain at peace with my job as a teacher and my “moon-lighting” job as Zen Mama!

Cathy Taughinbaugh: COMPASSION is my word for 2104. When others are facing challenges, reaching out and lending a helping hand can make all the difference. It will make me feel happier this year to focus on more compassion for others. I want to treat others how I would like to be treated and to remember that being gentle and kind can make the difference.

Corinne Rodrigues: My word for 2014 is ‘ME’. Now before you think, ‘How narcissistic!’, let me tell why it makes sense to me. I believe that I have always given second best to myself and this year I’ll focus on putting myself first – more focus on my needs – health, healing and development.

Elle Sommer; BLESSINGS is my word Suzie.  I intend to embrace my blessings by expressing and sharing my enthusiasm, by speaking my truth, by walking my talk, by dancing to my heart music and singing the songs of my soul.This is the way I’ll make every day in 2014 wonderful days to remember.

Ellie Walsh: AUTHENTICITY is my word again in 2014. I felt it was about being Authentic for me and to me … and Yes this last year has been all about that. I’m staying with that word! I like how it feels and I liked how it worked out in 2013!

Heather BestelSIMPLIFY Every time I think of my word I will be reminded on my intentions for 2014 and I can use it to evaluate my choices or situations and ask myself: “ will doing this or choosing this path simplify my life or complicate my life?”.Simplicity brings with it calmness, tranquillity and peace. Every time I take action I’m going to be moving more toward calm tranquil peace. Focusing on my power word will make decisions and choices much easier for me to make.

Hiten Vyas My word is PASSION because I believe that when I approach my work with passion, it makes me want to do well, naturally. As my heart and soul goes into the work, success seems to follow.

Karen Jolly My word is LEAP… I want this to be a year of taking action. I know when I take the time to tune in, tap in to my inner being, I get lots of inspired action and this is the year for leaping whenever it comes to me. This will allow me grow my business and expand myself daily in 2014!

Louise Edlington: FREEDOM is my main word for 2014 ashas been a word that runs through my life.  I like the freedom to move, to travel, to buy what I want, to help others when I want to. I have a bigger ultimate goal of freedom now and that is to live in a sustainable space, an eco home and to be less reliant on the structures of society. This word will drive everything I do. It gives me the big picture that I am working towards in my life and business. The very word is my personal dream board.

Paige Burkes: CONNECTION: This year I’m focusing on connecting more deeply with myself, my family and those around me.  Last year I was very focused on “doing” instead of “being” and I can feel it physically, mentally and emotionally.  Connecting with others is a critical way of being that brings joy and happiness to life as well as business.  Connecting with myself helps me to stay happier and more focused on what’s important to me.  Connecting with others shows how important and special I think they are.

Sandi Amorim WONDERLUST: an irresistibly strong desire to travel or wander While this usually pertains to travelling, for me it includes wandering into the inner realms; my psyche and soul, feelings, fears, beliefs, desires. Having realized this perhaps I DO have a word for 2014 after all!

Sandra Pawula “FOCUS” is my power word for 2014.  I took the VIA Survey of Character Strengths.  My focus word immediately came to mind after seeing my greatest weakness.  I want to let go of all that is unnecessary in my life and work so I can focus on the priorities and live with greater ease.

Vidya Sury: My power word for 2014 is “BLOOM”. I want to bloom as a writer, artist, photographer, craftswoman and above all, as an individual who inspires happiness in every life she touches.

Zeenat Merchant Syal: In the new year my word or my guiding word is “HEALING“. I am an empath and do a lot to help those around me, but in doing so have silently neglected myself a little bit. In this year I want to heal myself and all those around me. For when my heart is completely healed, I can heal others from a more purer, more heart centered place. I love how 2014 brought this “healing” strength with its waves of change. Thank you 2014! Thank you Divine light!

Have you chosen your word for 2014? 

Please share in the comments your fabulous word and how you came to choose it.

PS This is a great post from my friend Nicole Cody on how to chose your power word

Live with love, smile often and be forever grateful


 Listening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More Joy ♥ More Love ♥ More Abundance ♥

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