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Do you know about afformations?  I know I had seen the word, but had never taken any real interest. Recently I was invited to interview Afformation founder Noah St John as part of the launch of  The Book of Afformations.

On Tuesday morning I met Noah via skype. what fun, as you will see and hear from the interview we laughed a lot.

I had started to read the book and had watched a few videos to become acquainted with what I was to discover was a simple tool the many people have found has changed their lives in a positive way. Stories from people quitting smoking after years of trying, losing weight, increasing business and improving ones finances and the stories go on. The new book  includes 200 stories of success from people using afformations, the book ,the mobile app and the other tools that you can get to enhance your learning. I am going to explore Afformations: The Missing Piece to Having Abundance and I will report back in a month or so on my progress. 

I could have titled this post why your affirmations are not working for you, only I am going to let Noah tell you his story of how he had an epipthany 16 years ago and the first afformation was born.

The interview below is 26 minutes and there were a few visual glitches in the first 5 minutes, the content is great though 🙂 There is a mp3 you can download

Download MP3 ( right click and save as)

The book trailer gives you an overview of the book which Noah says was written for you if you:

  • Want to live a more abundant lifestyle
  • Want to be free from money worries
  • Are struggling to overcome procrastination, self-doubt, fear, or any other bad habit
  • Want to boost your health and self-confidence
  • Would like better financial results in your career or business
  • Are seeking to find the balance between your faith, your family, and your career
  • Are looking for more purpose and passion in your work
  • Want to attract the man or woman of your dreams
  • Want to find a better, easier way to live the life of your dreams

You can buy the book here with all the bonuses if you get a book for a friend or two.

Your life is a reflection of your thoughts – what I call the thought-seeds you plant and give energy to. ~ Noah St John

What thought seeds will you plant and give energy to today?

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21 Responses

  1. This is so incredible and the video is so educative. I love this post. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

  2. Such a great article! Thank you for sharing this. It will bring inspiration to everyone. We need afformations to create change…

  3. This was a fantastic interview Suzie! I went to amazon to buy the book, then realised I’d already bought it, but not read it …… ha ha. Looking forward to more interviews!

  4. Questions are at the heart of the work I do, so I’m always interested in how people frame them and what kinds of questions help people reflect in new ways. “Afformation” is certainly an interesting word – and likely to be seen as a misspelling more often than not! I had to look at the word several times to make myself stop seeing “affirmation”! Maybe that’s part of the point – how we look at something influences are understanding of it.

    1. Hi Judy,
      Yes the misspelling is one that I have noticed and people do a double take. i found how Noah described the basis of the word being from the Latin formare. I know Des- a student of latin related to that. I am finding it interesting to reframe my affirmations and feel an energy lift and almost like my heart smiling. I have just been for a walk with my ipod and have the afformations I recorded playing and i speak them – I will keep you posted on my progress xx

  5. ha ha the ethers ate my comment! oh well! I was saying that I thought that afformations were just misspelled affirmations! I can’t wait to learn what you learn from this!! <3 <3 <3 Mimi

  6. Hi Suzie – Afformations – that’s a new word for me! I watched some of the video — will come back for the rest. Thanks for bringing us this twist on affirmations.

    1. Hi Susan,
      Seems like it is something new for many people- I have to say it was something that had come onto my horizon a month or so ago. It is a new way of looking at ways to create change

      1. When I remember to use them they are very powerful. Not quite afformations but along the same idea is asking “How can I?” and “What’s another way?” They both help to activate the part of the brain to look for answers.

    1. That it great, yes it is exciting and you will be amused, the morning I was interviewing NOah I drew the angel card New Partner- the message was to pay careful attention to the new people we send into your life!!!! Like you I am excited as I have been travelling with the brake on and this spoke to me too. xx

  7. Hi Suzie,

    Great interview! What Noah is saying sounds really familiar. I remember meeting someone very much like him a few years ago explaining these ideas to me. I’m wondering if it was him! My boyfriend at the time had been entertaining some out of town guests over dinner, and I think he may be one of them 🙂 Very cool ideas!


  8. Very interesting. I have heard him speak before but I really like the concept. I had heard about changing how you ask the questions to put your brain to work on finding a solution too. For example, I’m not fond of exercising. To change that ask the question “Wonder how I could learn to enjoy exercising?” Or What would it take for me to enjoy exercising? I may have to check this out further. Nice interview

    Julieanne Case
    Always from the heart!

    1. Hi Julieanne,
      Thanks I am happy tou liked the interview- I had fun. yes I have just changed a whole lots of my affirmations and goal to begin with why. So yours would now read Why am I enjoying exercising? or Why am I now fond of exercising- I am excited about the shift I have felt energetically when i have reframed my words. 🙂

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