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Moving forward and letting go means asking for help and this can stop us moving forward. Now it is time for me to let go, so I can move forward and I am asking you to help me in this process. After 16 months on a journey to vibrant wellness after a close shave,  I know I have to let go to move forward. I need to start putting myself put there, it is so easy to hide behind illness, etc. As I prepare to do this I can feel a sense of excitement at the new adventures I am seeing ahead. More of than later:)

Making the video you are about to watch was fraught with challenges to say the least. It was too a real test of patience – the first video vanished from the computer, I then found the video  wasn’t uploading to Youtube. After 3  tries it finally was there! Ready to share with the world, no no quite.  I saw a typo, so I deleted it, fixed it and the uploaded again.. The universe was really testing me. In the past I would have yelled, stomped my feet, got angry, etc…. I knew I had made a shift. I was letting go!

Do You Find It Hard To Ask For Help? from Suzie Cheel on Vimeo.

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Do you have a story of how you asked for help that propelled you forward? I would love to hear from you in the comments below or on the Inspiration From The Heart Tribe page.

With gratitude, love and in abundance always


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13 Responses

  1. I certainly have the same difficulty to. I believe that it is the fear of rejection that keeps me from asking. While I have worked on it to some extent, I still have some way to go.

    I will certainly share about your work on social media 🙂

    Wishing you love and abundance,

    1. Hi Evelyn,
      Maybe it is a Capricorn trait too- Ellie Walsh and I talked about it when I first published the post? Asking for help and developing patience have been 2 big areas I have been working on this past year and still it is not easy. Yes it is too for me a sense of rejection what also cones up for me is what will people think as I know i still hide some of my more vulnerable parts. 🙂
      Thanks for sharing for me I do appreciate you

      with gratitude love and in abundance

  2. Video is something I’ve been putting off (at least the kind with my face and voice included as you have done), but an important tool I need to incorporate into my blog and other activities. Thanks for providing some inspiration on this front. I really like the way you set the background for taping. It works so well with your wardrobe too.

    1. Wonderful your are inspired to step into the video arena- it is fun and your tribe get to see you. The background is one of my art quilts on a portable clothes rack so easy to move around to
      Thanks for visiting

  3. A.S.K.s™ Always Seek Knowledge through support ~ one of the biggest things I’ve overcome. I know when I’m challenged I look to see if I’m asking for the support I want and need. great post!

  4. Knowing that you have to let go and ask for help is the first step in the journey of moving forward. We are so much alike, wanting to be so independent! Humans were made to connect and depend upon each other. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Letting go … Letting go…. Letting go …. I know – you know I am needing to let go more and more. Thanks for reminding me and all of us! Now instead of blowing up I ask myself the questions – How can I see this differently? How can I experience this differently? How can I feel different about this? Helpful questions … that help me to let go and gain a new perspective!

    Big Hugs to YOU!!

  6. Hi Heather
    Thank you for you love, support and being there for me- has been so important to me . I love modelling patience- yes I am amazed myself at my shift around this area – one of my biggest lessons.
    with love

  7. Dear Suzie:
    You are such a bright and shining star with your many talents. Thanks for leading the way in letting go.
    About eleven years ago I was a single parent and became very ill with an inner ear virus. I had to go off work and my son was very young. It took awhile to find out what was wrong and to heal. So many friends and family members stepped forward to help me. It was hard to be dependant on others but I was motivated by my young son who needed me.
    Sending hugs and love, Tanya

  8. Oh Suzie,
    What a powerful message you’re sharing with us – thank you so much. Not only are you inspiring us to ask for help but you are modelling patience – something I know you found challenging. It’s such an honour to watch your amazing journey.
    Much love
    Heather x

    1. Hi Heather
      Thank you for you love, support and being there for me- has been so important to me . I love modelling patience- yes I am amazed myself at my shift around this area – one of my biggest lessons.
      with love

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