Trust your hunches. They’re usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level.
Joyce Brothers

trust-intutitonThe universe started the week with giving me the message Trust Your Intuition card from the Healing With The Fairies Deck and I then found myself in several situations where trusting my intuition was tested. 

I had a meltdown on the financial front that brought up lots of fear and some of the why didn’t I , what if? questions that don’t serve me. It also allowed a lot of emotions that i had been suppressing to surface. All good fun! I have now been able to see the positive in this and be grateful. When we are grateful there is often a silver lining that isn’t evident when we are in the why or poor me mode.

So this has been a big week of trust for me and as I have listened to the whispers of my heart, felt the knots in my gut, there have been lots of tears and I have been able to release a lot of fear and “stuff” that has been blocking me moving forward with both my life and my business.

 As my mentor, Marney said to me “ all that you are letting go of (either physically or emotionally) the things you are saying “no” to, that allow you to say “yes” to more!”

This was like music to my ears as this week I have been getting ready to launch my Etsy Shop and The Love You Love Your Life Movement.and I could still feel part of me holding back, really if the truth be known, procrastinating! This is an ongoing project and I must allow things to unfold and not push for perfection! Trust Suzie!

Trust yourself, then you will know how to live. ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

Letting the heart and/or the gut rule and telling the head that it is not going to win this time does take trust.

I also needed to be trusting with my creativity. I had been planning all week to paint a trust heart for this post. Each day went by and I still hadn’t ventured into my studio and here it was Friday! Today I picked up a paintbrush for the first time in maybe 2 months and following my friend Nathalie’s shared her “meditation in action” I was inspired to pick up a paintbrush and allow my intuition to take charge, I picked some colors, then a brush and allowed the patterns to form. 


I was quite surprised as what I had painted. I thought maybe a heart would emerge- not to be! An abstract flowed and when I looked out the window and saw the flowering Strelitzia, I was amazed as I wasn’t conscious of looking out the window before I started to paint.

When we trust who knows what magic we will manifest?

How has Trust shown up in you life this week?


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  1. Wow! Your painting experiment shows that we have so much within us that we don’t even register we know. Intuition is often this, a tapping into a whole load of information we didn’t know we knew! Lovely blog, very natural style 🙂

  2. Well you inspired me to write a poem this week 🙂 I am really good at following and trusting my intuition these days thankfully – most of the time. I am about to follow my intuition again as I tweak my prices etc. I followed a coaches advice and it didn’t feel right – so the work dried up lol. Back to what feels right for me!

    1. That is great Louise, I love you wrote a poem and I know that feeling about doing something another has suggested that doesn’t feel right and maybe not aligned. . I like how I am guided to follow my energy and move forward with joy.

  3. Hey Susie. I look forward to reading your posts via our shared Facebook community. Your heart to mine. I love the painting and the uncanny resemblance to the bird of paradise flower. WOw!

  4. Thank you for this great post! I try to listen to my intuition, and you are right, that it is easy to have a “pity party” if we allow ourselves to go down that negative downward spiral. You painted beautifully, and I am glad it opened up your trust!

    1. Welcome Charles,
      Trust is like anything else, it takes practise and patience with you. A good idea is to record instances of when you have trusted yopur gut and how that made you feel:)

  5. I’ve had experiences of trust and opening up this week – thanks to your introduction to Marney. As I explore entering into her program, I find myself relying on intuition and trust to figure out what’s right for me. Interesting what you wrote about holding on vs. letting go, as I mentioned that in my application and have written on it many times. (I’m so much better at holding on!) I celebrate the letting go with you now!

    1. Hi Judy
      judy I think we are all good at holding on, sometimes we think it is safer 🙂
      The more I let go the freer i feel.
      I am excited that you have applied to MMM- Marney is amazing
      Congrats on the trust and openoing up
      Love Suzie

  6. Amazing painting Suzie, wow, what a talent you are. I’ve loved your site from the moment I first came to you, the energy just bursts off the page and into my heart.

    I had a couple of ‘out of the blue’ challenges to deal with last week and it wasn’t until I decided to ‘love’ them that they sort of melted away. Being able to put our fears and doubts onto one side for a moment totally allows our intuition, or God, or whatever you believe in, to have room to move and breathe and whisper into our hearts, leading us to managing the situation and viewing it from an entirely new perspective.

    Kudos Suzie.


    1. Hi Elle,
      You have uplifted my day, I love that the energy bursts off the page, Thank you
      Yes loving the challenges is a great idea, sometimes I simply forget that , thank you for the reminder
      love and hugs to you my friend

  7. Wow – your meditation painting is terrific Suzie, and your Trust painting and your beach trust – you are trusting yourself to move forward with your new projects, and though it’s been a tough week – Just look how you shine. Intuition is definitely in the air this week!!
    Beautiful Suzie – and congrats on your shop – your scarves are very yummy 🙂

  8. Suzie – enjoyed your post and fell in line with some things I had been feeling lately and letting go. It’s exciting when you do let go and trust to see what emerges. Makes me wonder why we hold on so tight to begin with.

      1. I’m celebrating with you Suzie in your new opportunities and adventures and I’m sure you’ll discover more to let go.

        I’m excited to hear how the 21-day Deepak Chopra and Oprah meditation challenge goes for you.

  9. Loved this inspirational post, Suzie, thanks for sharing it. What a great painting you made, superb colours!

  10. Hi Suzie, as usual, your writings are an inspiration! This time you invite us to trust our gut feelings to discover those hidden talents in us. I love your painting especially its meaning and connection with the beautify flower in your garden. A beautiful miracle to reward your trust! My trust showed up three times this week going to the Apple store for help with a persistent technical hurdle telling my mind to give up with my new project. My trust rewarded me providing the right trainer at the last minute. Your post made me realize all of these events. Thanks for writing it!

    1. Thanks Delmy,
      Your comment makes my heart sing i love the words you have written. Like that your trust rewarded you and that you didn’t give up on your project

  11. Suzie,

    Learning to listen to my intuition more is big for me this month. I appreciate your story and the encouragement to trust. Sorry it’s been a bit of a tumultuous time, but you seem to be handling it gracefully!

    1. Must be in the air trusting one’s intuition thanks you for you feedback Des mightn’t have agreed with you that I was handling it gracefully- too many meltdowms,, mainly tears that i feel have been a long time coming
      with love

  12. Hi Suzie, I am blown away by your intuitive painting. I can see a healing aura in it…I am not suppose to give a meaning to it because when we use this method, it is for “us” and not for others (well it;;s our choice to share and I love that)…Meditation in action is liberating and healing…Here’s the description of this wonderful method you have used:

    Under the layers of thoughts, images are constantly being born and wait for delivery. If you let yourself respond to images, not to words, images enter your creation freely and easily. They procreate and multiply, throwing their seeds to the wind until infinity. You will delight in watching them grow and reveals themselves.

    Isn’t this amazing! I love it and I am so thrilled you have picked up your brushes.

    Sending Love,


    1. Nathalie,
      You make my heart sing and thankyou for being the inspiration that did get me to pick up the paintbrush.
      Thank you for the explanation of Meditation in action- yes it is liberating and healing- Painting is healing. I will be interested to see what i paint next and be delighted,
      Is this a process you have developed? I like ” Under the layers of thoughts, images are constantly being born and wait for delivery.”
      with love and gratitude
      Suzie xo

  13. Hi Diane,
    I love that we seem to be in sync this week, this morning I have woken up for the first time this week feeling live all the releasing and vulnerability I have experienced this week has me moving onto another level of my being.
    Thanks for sharing
    with love

  14. I have become aware that my gut instinct is spot on and that trusting it is always in my highest and best vision. I had a lot of interesting things happen this week as well that brought me into trusting my gut and letting go. Shed some tears myself as well. It must have been the week for that. Enjoyed the article Suzie! Thank you.

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