Finding Balance

I was excited to read on Facebook from a comment by Rich German at the weekend that the movie of one favorite books Eat,Pray,Love had been released. Unfortunately I have to wait until October 7th before it hits the screens here in Australia. After watching the movie trailer I got my copy of the book off my bookshelf and started to reread. I would love to just take the day off and sit in the sun and be transformed by rereading this book. Something to program for this week- an hour a day in the sun. Watch the trailer and share and thoughts you have ……

This is a story of  Elizabeth Gilbert’s journey of self discovery, of transformation, of change, making choices, finding balance and inspiration. Elizabeth on page 29 of the book talks about finding balance and wanting what the Greeks call kalos kai agathos, the singular balance of the good and the beautiful. She felt that she had been missing this and was asking for “how to balance the urge for pleasure against the longing for devotion…….well surely there was a way to learn that trick” I will now schedule an hour a day to reread this book and I will share my aha’s in another post.

In a recent interview, Julia Roberts said the message of the movie is that sometimes we just need to give ourselves a break and not be so hard on ourself….. something I know I need to learn to be 🙂

Elizabeth’s journey  is one I know I can both relate to in many parts, not to mention that Italy and Bali are 2 places I love and India one I still have to visit. I do love both to eat and cook the food of  those 3 cultures.

Have you read the book? Seen the movie? Have an AHA?




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