Are You Really, Really Listening To The Whispers of Your Heart?

This is the painting that I did for the Listen card from the Heart Whisper Daily Guidance Oracle Card Deck. It was the card I drew today as the focus for the day that inspired the meditation I did  in the Heart Whisperers group.

Here is the meditation ( 6 mins) or you can download the MP3 here

The questions that can arise when we meditate on our heart are :

Do you ask for guidance from your heart ?

You might call this your intuition, your guides. So often I find that we have this inbuilt guidance system that helps us to make the shift from what I call:

The Headland to the Heartland

When we get still and listen we so often can easily make that shift. We can be easier love ourselves more fully.

Then the next question that might arise is :

Do you trust the whispers that you hear?

Fore some people this will take time and it does take practice.Often I find clients ask me this: How do I know I am not just making it up? I find that what comes when we get still, just be and give ourselves me time the guidance flows from within and makes you feel good. There can be an inner glow. What I recommend is to keep a journal of these whispers and then you have a reference to reflect back on. The more we do this the more we open to trust and believe in ourselves as well.

In the meditation I asked you to ask what action will I take now to follow this guidance.

Do you then take action on those whispers?

My message today was to start putting my art out for sale. I have been being asked if I am selling my paintings, plus I made a commitment to my mastermind to put them out this week. Here was the start of getting them all out

Heart Whisper art

YES now the answer is yes I am and starting with the listen painting. This is a watercolor painting which will be sealed. It will come with a backing board reading to frame. It is A5 measures 148 × 210 millimeters or 5.83 × 8.27 inches and here is the link to order. This painting is $50 USD including postage. There is only one original painting and I will be making the design available on my Red Bubble Store

I would love to hear in the comments the whispers you received and what action you will take 

Share in the comments below or come and add to the conversation in the Heart Whisperer Movement on Facebook

All my love

 Live with love, smile often and be forever grateful
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36 Responses

  1. Thank you for this inspiring message Suzie. Learning to discern the whisper of our heart from the dictates of our head is one that is a lifelong endeavor. I tell my clients to follow your heart and then use your head as a way of remembering that the heart is command central! Much love xo

  2. Suzie, learning to listen is actually the first meditative practice I ever had. It was all about listening for the farthest sound. What a wonderful way to shift your energy out from my busy mind to the cosmos, the divine. It’s magic, the way it works. When I’m listening out, I’m no longer listening to the crap inside my head.


    1. I remember that meditative practice too. I always listen for the sound of the sea. I love that “When I’m listening out, I’m no longer listening to the crap inside my head.” so well put xox

  3. I love those
    Questions, they are so powerful. And I love they word whispers, I teach women to listen to the whispers of their body because if they don’t it gets louder with disease and health issues.

  4. Beautiful message, Suzie! It’s a bold step to start selling your art. I paint sometimes, and I give the paintings away as gifts. I don’t know how I would feel to not know where they go… You are very brave and generous!

    1. Mihaela thank you I used to have a textile art business for 15 years so used to selling my art, have just been very slow starting to sell online. When I sold in galleries I didn’t know where my art went often, xxx

  5. I especially loved with you said “..when we get still, just be and give ourselves me time the guidance flows from within..” So bang on! Since becoming more and more acquainted to angels, I have realized those inner heart whispers can also be gentle angelic guidance.
    xoxo, Z~

  6. Suzie, you’re a wonderful reminder to get in touch and stay in touch with our heart. It’s so easy to be in our head all the time, thinking of this and that. I think we get seriously sidetracked by not paying attention to the messages from our heart. I always look forward to coming to your site because your colors are so loving and vibrant. I love how they make we feel.

    1. Joyce you comment has my heart singing , thank you. yes we do get sidetracked ( me too) by ignoring out heart whispers. Thanks for adding to the conversation xxx

  7. Thank you for this beautiful reminder to switch our minds off of automatic, and intentionally tune into messages of self-love. How we talk to ourselves makes all the difference in how w feel and experience life. Becoming aware of my inner voice and using my power to support and encourage myself has drastically improved my life.

  8. I love the today message – “Listen!” Loving someone, and especially yourself, means LISTENING… Moving from the Headland to the Heartland… beautiful message thank you, Suzie!

  9. Beautiful meditation Suzie – my favorite kind. To move from headland and into heartland is so extremely valuable. I continually visit and reach deeper and envelop myself in white light. Thank you.

  10. I love this message, Suzie! We have so much power within us if we will only take the time to tap into it. One of the miracles I regularly experience is waking up in the morning with a startlingly clear message running on auto-pilot in my head. Sometimes it’s a possible solution to a problem I’ve been working on, and quite often it’s like my mind is dictating a story or article to write. It is the craziest thing, but I have read that others often receive these messages when they wake up. It’s like our brains use sleep time to clear the way to solutions. Amazing stuff, and I’ve learned to embrace it just as the way you receive your messages. Thanks for another beautiful post my friend!

    1. Marty, what a joy to come here first thing this morning and read your comment yes my heart is smiling and singing. I love your waking up messages- mine come usually when I am walking on the beach. Yes our brains to use sleep time to give us gifts of clarity and love that we al share our different ways. Thanks for adding to the conversation xxx

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