Interview with Dr Krystal Couture on the Be Purely Balanced Podcast

I love this interview with Krystal recently. Listening back we talk about 

  • Healing
  • Creativity
  • Meditation
  • Self love 

Color and more 

Krystal describes the color and energy she feels as she interviews me , we should have taken a screen shot.

Color and Expressive Arts

I paint my hearts and then write about them

Krystal asked me how others can tap into this expressive art and I reassure people that it doesn’t have to be painting.

We all have a way to be expressive through writing, cooking, gardening, sewing and stitching and more.

For those who feel  stuck, get a deck of cards and a journal. 

Each morning ask yourself a question, draw a card and then pick up your pen and allow words to flow onto the paper. This will help your creative juices flow. 

it also strengthens our self love muscle. 

Listen here

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Tapping into your heart – The reading 


Ask: What does my heart want me to know today

The Reading ( is at 42.20)

Purely Balanced reading

Focus card: COMPASSION

When you listen to the whispers of your heart, you are being kind to you and compassion flows

Question: How can I be kind to me today

Action card: PLAY : Take some time today to allow your heart to find some fields of love to play in.

Moving Forward : TRUST: Calm comes when you let go of the struggle, listen to and trust the whispers of your heart.

Trust your Heart, Trust yourSelf , Trust your Path.


Krystal asked me when I was going to do a challenge in my facebook group – the Heart Whisperers to encourage others to share their expressive side

The Creative HeART Challenge will be in August

Live in the Heart Whisperers Group join here to be notified

I loved the interview

“What a light you are,  what a radiance you are,  sharing your art is such a powerful way.

This interview raised every ones’ vibration”  were the words Krystal signed off with.



Live your life  powered by love

DARE to DREAM again!

all my love

Suzie xxx 

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