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On Saturday I was on Skype with Ann-Mhayra Aleckson talking about her written entry to The Next Greatestl Speaker competition. After I had helped Anne with some rearranging of her words I started to share a feeling with her. Anne stopped me mid sentence and said she felt I was making a judgement and that I was back in an old mode of mine: “I can figure this out!” I was back in my head and needed to make the shift back to my heart. I had moved from the BEING mode back into the DOING mode. Wow that was a wake up call. Over the past year my friend Stephanie often has reminded me that I just need to BE! . It was time for me to get into allowing the flow mode. Just Being

It’s amazing the way the universe opens up when you do allow yourself to be, and listen to your heart’s whispers. First I decided it was time to walk on a different beach. Most Sunday mornings for the past year we have walked on  Fingal Beach. This Sunday we went to a new beach, the beautifully named Dreamtime Beach.  As I was walking I stopped to write in the sand the word BE.


After the walk I decided to do a meditation and I did what Anne had suggested and asked my guide Lily for help.I was quite surprised that my guides had some very wise words and ideas to pass onto me. I then took out my journal and wrote down what I had heard. I then knew that I was going to have to make some changes to how I was being.

write away your fearOne of the first things that I wrote was the names of the guides that were with me besides Lily my current daily guide, (thanks to Angela Artemis and her book and meditations “The Intuition Principle ), there was Archangels Michael and Gabrielle and my runner guide Jojo that Sonia Choquette gave me last year. I felt very supported. They told me that they felt I was ready for more guidance. The first thing I was to do was to paint 10 more hearts as this will allow the messages to flow for the Heart Whisper book and cards that are to come….. You can get your weekly Heart Whisper here to start your week with an opening heart


Just Being.

Are you taking time today to just be?

Live in abundancebe the change and make a difference TODAY!



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  1. I think I have not followed my heart most of the time.
    I am this type of person who always care about my mind’s whisper and not my heart.

  2. I enjoyed reading your post on just Being. It can feel discomforting to not do, especially if it is already in our habit to be engaged in constant activity. I find it easiest to just Being when I am in meditation. Then again, sometimes, being in a state of creativity – which is doing – offers me the kickstart to Being.

    It is nice to get to know the names of your guides. I have been getting wonderful experiences with my team lately 🙂

    1. Hi Evelyn

      Seems we are in sync again- yes in meditation i just be and like you when i am painting stitching and being creative- can get lost in making online graphics too.

      Yes it is great having a team onside i still find i have to nudge myself to call on them 🙂

  3. To be or not to be, that is the question! It’s only in the past 10 years plus that I have been awakened and found that I have been using my mind most of the time and was not attuned to my heart. Thank you for this reminder- which I must admit should be given every now and then. I have to tone down my thinking- which is often full of useless daydreaming and worries that stop me from being me, just being, now.

    1. Hi Rob
      thanks for dropping in and for you honesty-I am thinking we all need a daily reminder to connect to our hearts. Life gets busy and out heads take over. We need to stop, take a deep breath and just be and be in the now be present.

  4. Hi Suzie,
    Just being sounds simple enough until we actually do it. It seems that most of us our mind/doer people and when we aren’t doing something it feels weird. It takes me some time but I eventually get into the being mode when I do something creative like drawing, or cooking.

    Sonia Choquette gave you a guide? I took an online intuitive training course offered by Sonia back in 2003. She is one of my favorites. 🙂

    1. Hi Justin

      Welcome wonderful to see you here. Yes the doing/being challenge. Yes i understand the cooking painting analogy where we do just be. I was interested that you used the word creative there- do you not feel creative when you are writing? I am fascinated about how people define creativity- I believe there so many many more ways we can be creative and then that allows our essence to shine through. I think you ma have inspired a new post 🙂

      Yes I love Sonia’s work and have done 3 of her courses online and it has been through those i have been given guides from her. I would love to meet her too.

    1. Yes Sandra just being is a challenge still for me. I was amazed to notice myself back doing a day or so after writing this. I am finding more mediation helps- using the insight timer has been empowering for me ♡♡♡

  5. Suzie ….

    I Love it! I know for me I slip back into the DOing mode … when I am judging me. And if I am judging me … it’s because I have that old story of self worth … I’m not good enough. Then off I go into DOing mode … as I have to DO something about it! Its a merry-go-round … Well actually its a not-so-merry-merry-go-round! 😉

    Thanks for sharing this … as you’ve raised my awareness level up a notch or two. And thanks for sharing your guides. I absolutely understand that level of communication and connection.

    Looking forward to your Heart Whispers…

    Big Hugs!

    1. Ellie
      I love the its a not-so-merry-merry-go-round! I have just found myself in that mode today……….get back to being and your life will flow…… maybe I need to inprint that on my screen.

      Yes sharing with and about my guides opens up my writing to being me the authentic one- not the one who worries about what another might think

      Yes those heart whispers- I have them on my list 🙂 I am excited about this project.

      Thanks for your inspiring comment



  6. I love this, Suzie!
    What a wonderful reminder that we get so used to DOing, it can be easy to overlook.
    And when we’re BEing, aren’t we in magical action that takes us to new levels and dimensions?

    Also Kudo’s for opening up to the help from your Guides, new and established!

    1. Thanks Annette,
      That makes my heart sing, especially your comment about the guides. Des asked me would people understand and I said I felt it was time to just be open and share more of what’s happening for me.

      Yes I was doing earlier today and now I am resting as I almost did myself an injury! Being is where I need to be right now 🙂

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